Sprinkling weed on the pizza did not work

When my brother and I were younger, he did a lot of really crazy and stupid things.

We spent a lot of time together, because we were living in the farm country and we didn’t have anyone else to talk to.

It was just my brother and I. Most days, our parents didn’t get home from work until 7 or 7:30 at night. My parents brought home take out and my brother and I saw them for an hour before we went to bed. Sometimes they had to work late and they left money on the table so we could order pizza or subs. I didn’t really mind when my parents left money for us to order, because we got anything we wanted. There weren’t a lot of places that offer delivery like there are now. We would have had amazing choices if we were alone today. Most of the time our options were pizza or subs. Every once in a while we got food from the Chinese place. It was really expensive and much more formal than my brother and I liked. One time my brother and I were alone on a Friday night and we got pizza delivery. I was in the shower when the pizza arrived. I came out from the shower and my brother had the strangest look on his face. The sausage pizza was open on the table, so I sat down and had a couple of slices. After the first couple of bites, my brother told me that he sprinkled marijuana all over the pizza. I started chewing a pizza and I can taste the marijuana. He promised the marijuana was going to get both of us high, but all it did was make the pizza taste terrible.


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I like the chocolate chip better than the peanut butter

My girlfriend and I went to the dispensary to pick up an online order.

  • We were both in a hurry, but there was a representative from one of the edible cookie manufacturers in the lobby and the guy was giving away free samples.

My girlfriend and I stood there for 10 minutes and listened to his advertising sales campaign. At the end of his speech, he told us that the products were absolutely free to try and he told us that the flavor of the samples he had was chocolate chip and peanut butter. My girlfriend picked the chocolate chip and I picked the peanut butter, so both of us could try both of the flavors. The sales guy actually gave one of each flavor to us, so we had a full dose of each cookie. I thought the flavor of the chocolate chip and a bowl was a little bit better than the peanut butter cookie. The flavor of the chocolate chips added a sweetness to the cookie that was better than the peanut butter cookie. Both of the cookies were very tasty. The edible cannabis company won’t have any problem selling those items around here. People go nuts for their edibles. The cannabis store has a sale on edibles twice during the week, because there are so many people that absolutely want to get their hands on the gummies, cakes, cookies, and tablets. I wish the guy would have given us a handful of the cookies to take along with us. The two small cookies I had just made me want a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies.

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My husband can be very stiff

As soon as the guy offered marijuana to my husband, he told me to get my coat, because we were leaving

My husband and I went to a bar with some old friends. They moved across the country five years ago, but they happened to be in town for a couple of days and they called us to see if we wanted to get together. We met for drinks at an old bar that we used to visit when we were in our twenties. The bar still looked the same. There were stains on the floor and all of the booth seats were dirty. The bathroom looks just as dingy and rundown as it did 30 years ago. There were only a couple of places to sit and the bar no longer allowed smoking inside of the building. We had to go outdoors on the patio to smoke. We stepped outside so my husband could smoke a cigarette. His friend joined him and outside on the patio, they offered my husband a toke of a marijuana joint. My husband is not the type of person that would smoke marijuana and the fact that the guys offered it to him made my husband very upset. As soon as the guy offered marijuana to my husband, he told me to get my coat, because we were leaving. I didn’t know if Jack was serious or not, but I know to move when he tells me it’s time to go. I know my husband can be very stiff sometimes, but I was very surprised by the way that everything happened. It was such a strange occurrence and I don’t know why my husband freaked out so much over a little bit of weed.

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The cookies tasted like butter, sugar, and cinnamon

My girlfriend works at a marijuana dispensary.

Every once in a while, she brings home free samples.

Last week she brought home some really awesome treats that were super tasty and delicious. She had a bag of edible cookies. Each one of the cookies had 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. My girlfriend said the cookies would be absolutely perfect for nighttime sleep really. I regularly have trouble sleeping and I usually take something at night. Sometimes I take melatonin and other times I take a natural sleep remedy. I also smoke pot from time to time. My girlfriend thought I would really enjoyThe cookies, so she brought me home a bag of the ones that were supposed to taste like snickerdoodle cookies. My mom makes snickerdoodle cookies and they are my favorite snack that she makes. They have a really nice nostalgic feeling. The Snickerdoodle flavored edible marijuana cookies did not disappoint me. I could taste the marijuana and every bite, but it was subtle and not overpowering. I love the flavor of the butter, sugar, and cinnamon. The cookies were just sweet enough to be a cookie, but they could have easily passed for a biscuit as well. I also got very high off the 10 mg cookie. It must have been the addition of the CBD, because 10 mg of THC doesn’t usually make me feel so loopy. I woke up the next morning after sleeping 12 hours and I felt great. I guess they work pretty well. I certainly won’t complain about the bag I got for free.
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My mental health is way better since I started using recreational marijuana

Smoking pot has changed my entire life.

I have always struggled with depression. When I was a kid, I thought about running away and I contemplated suicide. My brain was really messed up and neither one of my parents took the time to figure out why I was so sad and depressed. In high school, one of my guidance counselors told my parents that I was suffering from severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder. When my parents found out that the counselor gave me a special test, my parents got upset and took me out of school. I finished the rest of my senior year at home and got a diploma in the Homeschool program. I spent a year working at the grocery store in town before I realized that I really wanted to go to college. I applied to the Community College and I was accepted. I spent two years at the community college and then I applied to a university. I didn’t have a lot of money and neither did my parents, so I qualified for a bunch of financial aid and grants. I also qualify for a scholarship. I moved away from home for the first time in my life and it was a seriously eye-opening experience and so was recreational marijuana. Smoking pot has changed my entire life. I decided to go to a college that is located in a place with recreational marijuana. I started smoking pot as soon as I arrived on campus. I haven’t found anything else that has ever helped my mental health more. I’ve tried every prescription pill, but nothing comes close to weed.


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I’m excited at new marijuana companies opening in my state to provide competition

For too long I’ve watched nascent industries stagnate with a lack of competition.

I remember when Amazon was dominating the online shopping market while other retailers were stuck 10 years behind them.

Now there are so many options for quality customer service and fast delivery from online merchants that Amazon is no longer the top option on my list. Between the flourishing market of online retail businesses and coinciding emergence of buy-now, pay-later services, it has never felt better to be a digital shopper. I had dwindling credit and struggled to find a credit card company that would accept me when I signed up with a buy-now, pay-later company that offers credit after you made a few successful orders first. While they’re just one company these days offering services that let you split purchases into four payments in a six-week time frame, they’re one of the few that actually gives you positive credit for each purchase. That’s assuming you’re accepted into their special credit program, but it’s easy once you’ve made a few purchases with their app first. Lately I’m even more excited by new companies in a different industry—medical marijuana. For too long there has been minimal competition among cannabis dispensaries in my state and it has resulted in a market with high prices and minimal options for quality and potency. I’m eager to see what these new marijuana companies are capable of bringing to my state’s medical cannabis market once they’re finally open. They’re established companies from the bigger marijuana markets out west, so the hope from many of us weed heads is that they’re going to give our state a flush of quality cannabis at lower prices than what we’re used to right now.



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Don’t give up with cannabis if your first products sampled don’t work

Trying antidepressants when I was 20 was an uphill battle from the start.

  • After struggling to find a psychiatrist who would take my parent’s medical insurance, then I had to find one that was empathetic to my unique plight.

Once that was finally accomplished, we had to go through a list of various drugs and decide which ones to try first. If you have a family history of psycho pharmaceutical dosing, doctors will often stick with that drug or other similar to those which your family members have tried with success if there aren’t any reasons to pick one drug over another. Unfortunately, giving me the same antidepressant as my sister yields negative side effects. It just didn’t give me the same relief that it gave my sister, so we had to try something else. I went through five or so medications before finding and settling with the eventual one that I am on right now. But if I had stuck with the regimen, I would have quit antidepressants altogether without finding the one that I like the most that I”m on right now. Remember to always remember this effect when consuming drugs. Cannabis is similar in this regard, as you might not have amazing effects with all cannabis products but it can be daunting if you don’t at first. This happened to me before I was able to try some top shelf quality cannabis from out west. It was on another level compared to the marijuana sold in stores in my home state. We definitely get good cannabis in these parts of the country, even if much of it is important from out in California or Colorado.


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Cannabis drinks used to be much more expensive than they are now

Sometimes the novelty of a new product will drive its starting price far above its real value.

A market determines the value of an item over long periods of time as customer behavior levels out and we see exactly how much people are willing to pay for a particular product.

This is even more complicated when there are multiple competitors offering similar products simultaneously. You’re not always given an easy decision as a consumer if one product is nearly identical to another in every way besides their cost. So you have to watch carefully as a market tests a product like that in real time. The cannabis industry has seen a lot of products come and go over the years. The ways cannabis oils are made have evolved and you can find more solventless products than ever before with rosin being so popular nowadays. You aren’t necessarily limited to cannabis distillate oils that are made with ethanol as a solvent and botanical terpenes as a cutting agent instead of cannabis-derived terpenes. One product—cannabis drinks—used to be extremely expensive at all of the cannabis stores in my area. They were a novelty and thought to garner $40 in value compared to cheaper marijuana edibles. Thankfully you can find the same cannabis drinks nowadays for only $10 from the same weed stores selling them for $40 a few years prior. I think that even with expensive products, sometimes you just need to have patience for the prices to fall naturally. It’s often a matter of time because the market adjusts the price accordingly.


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You cannot have a physical overdose on medical cannabis products

There were some nuggets of truth to the brainwashing that happened in 1990s anti-drug classes in elementary and middle schools, but I remember being fed many lies as well.

First of all, I was shocked that they insisted that alcohol should exist in its own category, separate from “drugs” like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

On top of that, we were told lies about cannabis and what it would do to the human body. They would tell us a single joint was as bad as an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes, which isn’t even supported by the alleged “research” that informed that lie in the first place. Those studies assert that a joint equals 2.5 to 5 cigarettes, but there are issues with this as well. That research only looks at comparative tar levels in tobacco versus marijuana broadly speaking, but it doesn’t account for all of the chemical additives that are found in cigarettes to keep the tobacco burning through the entire experience. Many of these compounds produce carcinogens when heated and inhaled if they’re not directly carcinogenic themselves. If you grow marijuana organically without pesticides or other harmful chemicals, you end up with a relatively clean plant when heated and inhaled, at least compared to mass produced tobacco products. I wish the lies had stopped here, but we were once told that you could also overdose on THC. From all of the research that has been done over the years, there has never been an LD-50 determined for human consumption, which would determine the lethal dose and the amount to get halfway there.
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The cannabis drink exploded in my car

Sometimes being a delivery driver is a real pain in the butt.

I bought a new car a couple of months ago and I have been working really hard to keep the new car smell.

I work as a marijuana delivery service driver and that is the only thing that I have transport in my car. I don’t even keep a bottle of drink in the front seat, because I don’t want to take any chances. I saved for six months so I could buy this car and put down enough money for a low interest rate. There was no way that I was going to see it ruined in the first couple of months. I was at work on Friday and I had a couple of orders down by the beach. One of the orders contained three edible cannabis drinks. The edible cannabis drinks were soda pop flavored like root beer, lemon lime, and cola. I grabbed the cannabis drinks from the refrigerator when I walked out of the marijuana dispensary with the delivery order. I put the bag of items in the back of my car on the floor. That is how much I worry about staying. I don’t even put the bags on my back seat. I had a giant pothole on the interstate and the bag started moving around. All of a sudden, I heard a loud explosion and I was soaked with soda pop. One of the cannabis drinks exploded in my car on the way to the delivery. I had to stop on the side of the road so I could clean up the mess and then I went right to the car wash.

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