Cannabis edibles make me productive at work

Usually, I consume the cannabis edibles in the afternoon, and by the time I am driving home in the evening they have worn off

In the current struggling economy, I’m among those fortunate to still have a great job that works for them. Many of my friends are concerned about their jobs, and know they could get fired any time. My job offers me some level of security in this office. Besides, the pay is decent, the benefits are great, but the job security is the crown. However, the office can be depressing at times. I definitely don’t like it here, and if I didn’t need a secure income to provide for my family I would quit in a heartbeat. However, for me to keep showing up on time & doing all my assignments, a little extra help from cannabis edibles comes in handy. At home I prefer smoking cannabis, because the edibles tend to make me sleepy, but at the office they relax me the perfect amount so I can focus on my assignments. However, this is not a big deal here. In fact, being a little bit sleepy in the office is great. Oddly enough it has made me more successful at work. Since the cannabis edibles reduce my stress & anxiety I am able to perform better with my sales calls, which make me more popular with my coworkers. If I knew cannabis edibles had so many benefits I would have started doing this a long time ago. Usually, I consume the cannabis edibles in the afternoon, and by the time I am driving home in the evening they have worn off. Afterwards, I start getting high for real! Smoking cannabis is for fun & enjoyment at home, but the cannabis edibles are used to keep me productive and happy at the office.

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Cannabis and meditation save the day

A few months ago I seriously considered punching my boss in the nose.

It is funny how I would be resting on the desk in my cubicle, and blankly zone out while staring at the laptop screen, daydreaming and planning on beating him up. While it was clear not everything was her fault, and she was just the bearer of terrible news, I still got annoyed. After sometime I was able to calm down & leave for the day, but I knew I had to make a change, but the frustration and rage can’t be allowed to build up, lest I explode. I decided to visit a trusted friend, Jim. He is the lead budtender at the local cannabis dispensary. The aim was to ask for some wisdom, then Jim recommended meditation & cannabis edibles, in equal measure. As usual, he was right. According to him, this is a holistic approach to self-care, and all one needed to do was smoke cannabis and meditate. Failing to meditate is equivalent to covering up the problem. I needed to enjoy the cannabis, relax, and then focus inwardly. This meant spending a few hours in self reflection white enjoying the gift of tranquility. It is obvious that finding inner peace isn’t easy,but cannabis made it a lot easier. After spending a few quiet hours deep in meditation, pausing only to smoke more cannabis, I automatically felt renewed & reinvigorated. Since then I smoke cannabis every day, and make sure to meditate every evening after work. This way I am able to release all the tension & stress before it builds up to toxic levels. Jim may be a budtender at the cannabis dispensary, but I treat him like a guru for all the great advice he gives.

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My kids know my secret

When the children were on Springtime Break this year, we didn’t have enough money for a vacation, so I told them they could invite friends over for a major sleepover weekend. We figured that buying snacks, drinks, and other entertainment for a few kids is still way cheaper than taking a trip to the beach. My partner was kind enough to supervise them, ensuring nobody got out of hand. As all this was happening I slipped out back to the workshed, which is where all my cannabis and smoking gadgets are. Usually, cannabis is my go to choice of product so I use a lot of it, but never do it around the children. As such, hiding away in the workshed is the way to go for me. This is also in an attempt to ensure that the secondhand cannabis smoke doesn’t disperse to other people. When the kids had their fun, I was content enjoying my fresh batch of cannabis. As you might have guessed, the new strain of cannabis was bright green in color, so it tasted distinctly like bananas. I don’t even like eating bananas, but this sativa was absolutely delicious! This was when I heard the youngsters come out into the yard to play a game. One of the kids smelled the cannabis smoke from the shed & asked what it was. One of my kids remarked, “that’s where my dad goes to get high” My jaw dropped instantly! I had no idea that the kids knew I smoked cannabis. Clearly, it seems that my “secret” was not so secret after all. I couldn’t help but wonder if they would ever ask me about it, or if they had simply accepted it?


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How long does it take to get medical marijuana.

I knew there was one more marijuana dispensary in our area, and I had heard they had marijuana delivery services.

After finding out how long it took to get medical marijuana, I wanted to know how long it would be before I could get marijuana delivery services. During the first visit to the marijuana dispensary, I had to talk to her about why I wanted medical marijuana. I told her and then she recommended several things for me to try. She suggested I stick to something that had less THC and more CBD, but it was my choice. Once I finished talking to her about the marijuana products, I asked her when I could get set up for marijuana delivery services? She told me they didn’t currently offer marijuana delivery services, but if they did, it would only be in a very small area. She asked where I lived, and she shook her head. She told me the area would only encompass about 4 square miles. That’s only two miles in any direction. I lived nearly ten miles from the marijuana dispensary. She told me that if they ever expanded their dispensary, they may start going further out for marijuana delivery services, but that wouldn’t be any time soon. I was hoping to not need to drive into the dispensary all the time, and now that hope had been dashed. I knew there was one more marijuana dispensary in our area, and I had heard they had marijuana delivery services. I called them, but I got the same answer. They couldn’t deliver any more than in a five mile area. I either had to move into town, or keep driving for a while. My lease was up in two months, maybe I’ll choose to move.

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School Reunion required a trip to a cannabis dispensary

The reunion was getting ugly & somebody just had to do something.

So me & my high college wife Sam jumped in her car & headed to the local cannabis spot.

It had been such a long, long time since I had been to the dispensary that I didn’t certainly know my way around anymore. For sure, there weren’t any cannabis dispensaries back when Sam and I were in high college. And the city had grown so much that it was now this sort of trendy, small city… Sam had stayed there so she was all in when I recommended some recreational marijuana; Cannabis products are legal for anyone of age here, and have been for numerous years now. But that’s not what brought me back to my house town. It was my 25th high college reunion that brought me back. The committee who put it all together certainly went out of their way to make it great. I was so impressed with the turnout & indeed, it was fantastic to see everyone. That said, it got boring so quick. And I was for sure not interested in being stone, freezing sober for a night of too much back-slapping. So off Sam and I made the choice to go to the local cannabis spot. It was easily so nice to spend some time with someone that I’ve easily stayed close with all of these years. Sam has turned out to be quite the dear friend. It was so much fun easily shopping for marijuana for sale together. When Sam and I were dating, my friend and I wouldn’t have known the right end of a joint to light. And yet, here Sam and I were getting a bunch of cannabis edibles for any & all who wanted to partake in them. Sure enough, it was those edibles that saved our 25th high college reunion.

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Cannabis is part of my recent fitness craze

I knew I couldn’t avoid the inevitable. At some point, I knew that I was going to have to address the status of my piss-poor health. I was just hoping that a heart attack didn’t beat me to it. Thankfully, that hasn’t been the case so far. But there are afternoons with this modern focus on fitness that I wonder if my heart is just going to curl up and die. Thanks to trips to the local cannabis spot, I’ve got a tool to lean on when it comes to reclamation, perspective & perseverance right now. The main thing for me is to simply not give it up. And man, it’s so hard. I’ve never been confused with being athletic although I was somewhat active at least. That is until I hit my late 30’s & my life became so much more sedentary. This was the most immense thing for me. That & indulging my appetites with every whim. But with a little help from sativa strains & indica products, I’m able to continue to keep on with my fitness pursuit. For real, like I want to be fit & be active as I get older. Being close to 50, I know too that’s it’s sort of now or never. And I see why given how taxing this has become these first few months. The indica strains though sure help my body reclaim & give me vastly improved range of motion. Then, the sativa strains I get from the local cannabis spot keep my head focused. There is just something about sativa products that makes me smile, in the moment & not afraid of what’s coming next. With trips to the local cannabis spot, I’m going to hit my fitness goals for sure.


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Should I use an online marketer for my social media ads?

I had been studying quite a lot about using online social media ads.

I remembered my friend Dan using social media ads to announce the drop of her up-to-date children’s books.

I thought Dan did all the social media ads on her own, plus thought I could do the same thing. When someone mentioned using social media ads for the cannabis dispensary where I worked, I almost gave my assistance. I told the manager how proper I was with social media ads. She was so up-to-date to the cannabis dispensary business, but she was pretty sure that all of our social media ads had to be placed professionally. After talking to Dan about her social media ads, she told me she used an online marketing business. They created a website plus an ad campaign on social media websites. It was expensive, but it really helped her sell enough books to be on the bestseller list. She thanked me for the info, but said she would deal with it through the online marketing business. I asked if I should call the online marketer for him. I was sure the supplier Dan used would have a cannabis dispensary marketing specialist. She asked me if I would like the task of assistant manager. Anyone who was as quick to help with online marketing as I was, should have a position that had more responsibility than checking the ID when someone came into the building. I was thrilled I didn’t need to do the social media adverts or talk to the online marketing business. I had enough to do taking care of inventory plus assisting with the training of employees.

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My website needed a ton of work.

I felt like my full-time task wasn’t being the supply manager, but calling my web development team to keep making swings.

I have worked as a manager at the same cannabis dispensary for almost three years now.

I thought that my task would be a bit easier once I had a full team plus my online marketing team knew just what I expected from them. Lately, there have been a ton of swings in how my friend and I do business, then due to the pandemic, my friend Ed and I had to change how my friend and I did business. I had to call an online marketing supplier to have them change our lobby rules. Ed and I needed to let people know there was no contact delivery plus opportunity up. Ed and I opened a drive-thru window so people didn’t need to come into the dispensary! Every time some small change came through from the parent business, I had to notify my online marketing business rep. I finally broke down plus asked my boss why the parent supplier wouldn’t put the information out to the online marketing supplier plus have them do the swings for us. I was sure that the parent supplier knew who did all the marketing for her franchises. She said it was up to the manager’s judgment. Now I had to make swings because Ed and I were offering delivery services. It was going to be easier for shut-ins, because they could go to the website plus get all their marijuana products. Ed and I would send someone out to give their marijuana products. I liked this was something up-to-date Ed and I were offering, but I felt like a nuisance to our online marketing business, because they were learning about who I was just from the sound of my voice.

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Cannabis and the potential for inner peace

Somebody once told me that being miserable is not typically necessary.

And sometimes, being miserable is a choice.

I easily wanted to punch that jerk in the neck as I recall. But then again, I was in the depths of misery and depression myself so I simply couldn’t see that so much of that suffering was indeed self imposed. Thanks to having access to cannabis products freely as well as legally, I’ve started to peel away layers of misery. My associate and I all have some things in our lives that my pal and I have to deal with as well as some of those things can be so very painful. But thanks to being able to buy sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot, I’m not leaning into the woe and suffering. For the longest time, I have identified with woe and suffering much more than I have ever identified with joy. That’s a result of how I was brought up plus the fact that I’ve had to deal with my honorable share of struggles and challenges thus far in life. Still, it’s only the present moment that my pals and I are easily able to experience. So making the choice to not carry misery further than I need to has become essential. Thankfully, I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to changing one’s perspective with a little help from the sativa strains. Shopping for marijuana for sale easily is the 1st kind of release of negativity for me. The folks working for the local cannabis spot are all so kind as well as compassionate, however just finding the cannabis products reaffirms the delight as well as goodness that is already available to us all. For sure, strong sativa strains as well as sativa dominant hybrid strains have helped me shift from the darkness to unlocking all that delight that is so available if you look for it.


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The family trip is fun thanks to cannabis dispensary

The idea of going with the family for their ski trip was daunting.

But now that Kim and I were married, I just didn’t see any way I could turn down the invitation from Kim’s parents.

Mercifully, there was a cannabis dispensary right next to the ski hotel. Kim as well as I met at a gathering in school. Turns out, those immense parties were quite uncomfortable for both of us as Kim and I were hanging outside in lawn chairs. I was not then nor have even been particularly smooth. But I did have a pinner joint of some great sativa in my shirt pocket. So I offered to share it with her as well as her eyes lit up. Kim and I have been pretty much inseparable since that evening. Still, Kim and I come from easily different backgrounds. I’m from the south as well as am quite comfortable in the sun, salt as well as waves. Kim is from the north as well as her family is immense into skiing. They have typically enjoyed a big, family ski trip each year with a trip out west. I had been invited but begged off because the family intimidates me as well as I deeply hate being cold. Yet, when I found out that where they go is in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, it was a godsend. For sure, I still easily hated the cold. And I never got the hang of skiing at all. But holy cow, how great was it to be in front of a roaring fire with a charming cannabis edible as well as a mug of steaming hot chocolate? That’s pretty much right where I stayed for the entirety of the family ski trip. And with access to the local cannabis spot, it sure didn’t hurt my feelings at all.