I work at the lounge on Friday and Saturday nights

I have a full-time job Monday through Friday and I work during the day.

  • A couple of months ago, my car broke down and I had to use my credit card to pay for the repairs.

The bill for the repairs was almost $800 and it completely maxed out my credit card. I knew it was going to be difficult to pay the bill every month, so I decided to pick up a second part-time job to help pay for the credit card. I started working at a cannabis lounge and dispensary on Friday and Saturday nights. The Lounge is only open on the weekends, but it is a great place for people to hang out and smoke weed. When the lounge is open, the cannabis dispensary always has something on sale. It is usually a pre-rolled marijuana joint. Last Friday night it was a pre-rolled marijuana joint and the strain was OG Kush. OG Kush is an older strain, but it still packs a punch. Most OG Kush strains are 30% THC or higher. The pre-rolled marijuana joint was sitting at 31.9% THC. We sold out of the pre-rolled marijuana joints in the first 2 hours that the cannabis lounge was open. I don’t mind working nights at the dispensary on the weekends. I still have the whole day to myself on Saturday and Sunday and I get a nice discount on all of my recreational marijuana supplies. I used to spend almost $100 every week on recreational Cannabis supplies. With my employee discount, I have cut that bill in half.

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I got $17 grams of live resin concentrate last week

The average price for a gram of live resin concentrate is around $35, but I found a great deal at a local dispensary and I picked up eight grams of live resin concentrate for $17 each.

I bought three grams of live resin indica. I got a papaya, a gorilla glue, and a strain called forbidden fruit. It tastes and smells exactly like tart apples. I also got three grams of sativa concentrate. I found blue dream and picked up two of those. Blue dream is really difficult to find in live resin and this stuff looked like taffy. I also purchased a gram of Super Lemon Haze. The stuff has a THC percentage at 90%. The other two grams were hybrids of Girl Scout cookies. I don’t mind any hybrid that has girl scout cookies. It’s one of the best strains on the market. It has a high yield and low flowering time and it can be bred with practically anything. Cereal Milk is one of my favorite girl scout cookies hybrids. It is made by crossing cookies with cherry pie and then adding another strain called Snowman. It hits like an indica but it makes you feel like a sativa. At $17 each, I wanted to buy fifty different flavors, but the dispensary has an eight gram maximum according to state law. I got as much as I was legally allowed. Next time I need cannabis concentrate products, I know where I can find them for cheap. I might not even tell my friends about the great deal.


I got $17 grams of live resin concentrate last week

We save $35,000 a month just by changing the packaging

He met with me for a few hours one day and called me the following day to offer me the job.

I love coming up with new marketing and advertising ideas. When I was a kid, I made up fake commercials for the products in the kitchen. My mom video taped some of the commercials and one of them impressed the director of family funny videos. I earned a heap of cash for college when the video won first place. I decided to go to college to study marketing and advertising. I was successful in finishing at the top of my class, even in the masters program. I got a job working for a makeup company right after school ended and I worked there for five years. I was getting bored doing the same job over and over again every day, so I started to look for other opportunities. I found out that a local medical cannabis shop was looking for a marketing manager and I applied immediately. I didnl;t get called for the job, but someone saw my resume online and contacted me about a different job in the cannabis marketing industry. The guy owned a packaging plant for recreational and medical cannabis supplies. He met with me for a few hours one day and called me the following day to offer me the job. One of the first changes I implemented was regarding the packaging of cannabis concentrate. The guy was using a pretty box with a glass jar and he was spending more than a dollar on each package. I knew we could save a ton of money using different packaging. My idea suggestion saved the guy approximately 35 grand each and every month going forward.


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Marketing the cannabis shop is relatively easy

Marketing is a very important part of business and one that can mean the difference between failure and success.

I‘ve worked on a number of winning campaigns over the years and I have worked with million dollar companies like coke, pepsi, kelloggs, and vlasic.

Marketing is the same no matter what kind of product you are selling. I thought it might be fun, interesting and challenging to take a job in marketing for a cannabis dispensary. I didn’t know much about the medical and recreational cannabis industry until I started the job, but I learned very quickly. Cannabis sales make up for a billion dollars every year. In states where medical and recreational marijuana are legal, there is competition to stay on top of the business. One dispensary owner called me with a unique job offer and I accepted. I moved my entire family to the west coast so I could start working for the company. Marketing is relatively easy, especially since the business has a great product. The owner of the cannabis shop handles all of the cannabis cultivation process from the seed to the shelf. There are a lot of ways we can cut costs and that will help as well. The business owner has a ton of great ideas and I’m there to help him implement everything. We’ve had a lot of success in the short amount of time that I have been working for the business. I look forward to future projects that will help bring the dispensary to the top of their game.


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My mom smokes cannabis every Saturday night

My mom has been using medical cannabis for the past year.

When I started using medical cannabis three years ago, my mom thought cannabis was a horrible drug.

She thought I was using drugs and refused to believe that cannabis had any medical value. Then my mom got sick and she needed surgery. She was in a lot of pain and I offered her some cannabis to help. She was willing to try anything at that point, so she smoked a joint with me outside on the porch. The next day my mom wanted to talk about medical cannabis. She got her prescription card a few months later. Now my mom smokes cannabis every Saturday night. She doesn’t smoke it all throughout the rest of the week unless she has a lot of pain, but she smokes every Saturday night for recreational purposes. That is the one night during the week when my mom also has a drink. I think it’s great that my mom has one night each week when she absolutely relaxes and takes it easy. She smokes a little bit of cannabis and drinks a bottle of wine and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. My dad doesn’t love my Mom’s new method for relaxing, but he hasn’t said anything out loud to her. He just rolls his eyes and mumbles under his breath from time to time. He spends most of his time outside in the garage. He doesn’t mention cannabis when they are together. Sometimes it seems like they are living two separate lives.

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None of the speakers in the lounge were working

One of the best things about living in a state that has legal recreational and medical marijuana it is the activities.

Since marijuana is legal, places like cannabis lounges are popping up everywhere.

These places are areas where cannabis users can light up and smoke freely. There is a cannabis Lounge attached to the dispensary where I work. The lounge is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. On Friday nights there is an open mic and anyone can perform for the crowd. We don’t have a lot of rules about who can hang out in the cannabis lounge. Most of the people will buy something from the cannabis shop, even if it isn’t marijuana products. We have a variety of snacks in the lounge that are for sale as well. These snacks include chips, crackers, pretzels, soda pop, and sweet tea. There is also a surround system inside of the lounge. The surround system is hooked up to the iPod dock and anyone can use the speakers. Last Saturday night I was working and the sound shut off in the lounge. There was a lot of music playing in the background and suddenly everything was quiet. None of the speakers in the lounge were working. My boss sent me to the lounge to figure out the problem, but I don’t know the first thing about speakers and music. I checked to make sure the system was plugged in, but after that I was just as clueless as the patrons in the dispensary. We didn’t get the sound working until one of the delivery drivers came back to the building.
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We got pizza from Alfredo’s on 420

The entire cannabis shop was busy on 420. It’s not a surprise since it’s the biggest cannabis holiday of the year. People all over the world celebrate the fun day. We had people waiting in line outside the door when we opened the shop and we had people coming in and out of the building all day. A couple of our top sponsors donated free items for the celebration and we gave out a goodie bag to any person making a purchase over $50. I worked on that day from 8 a.m. until 8 pm. The store was filled with people when I arrived. Nobody had time to stop and eat lunch, because the cannabis shop was busy. Around 2, a pizza delivery driver from Alfredo’s arrived. The guy had an armful of pizzas and they smelled so good. Alfredo’s has the absolute best pizza in town. They make their own marinara and they have hand sliced pepperoni from Italy. They are an expensive place to eat and I knew my boss probably spent $200 on pizza. Everyone was excited to see the pizza, because we were all starving by that time. We closed the shop from 2 until 2:30 and put a sign on the door for lunch. We enjoyed a couple of slices of pizza and then we were back to work. When the shop closed at the end of the day, our daily cannabis sales were double the amount of the previous Monday and that was after every person received a 25% discount on their cannabis purchase.

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All top shelf flower was on sale last Monday

By the time I came back to the store, it was nearly time for me to clock out and go home

Work was super busy on Monday, because all of the top shelf flower products were on sale. These products are the cream of the crop. They have high amounts of THC and they are grown locally indoors. Anytime there is a sale at the dispensary on top shelf flower products, the store is busy. I had five deliveries that afternoon. I had to drive all over town to deliver the items. The first cannabis delivery went to the south side of town. The lady was on the third floor of the apartment building and I almost fell going up the stairs. My foot slipped on the stairs and my knee buckled. I caught myself before I hit the ground. The next delivery was only a mile from the first one. The lady was an artist and working on a sculpture in the front yard. She gave me a generous tip of 20%. I had to drive back to the store, before I could finish the rest of the deliveries. I forgot to grab edibles from the cannabis shop. I didn’t have anything I needed for the rest of the orders. My boss was surprised to see me until I told her why I was early. I grabbed the edible cannabis products that I needed and headed back out the door. By the time I came back to the store, it was nearly time for me to clock out and go home. I had enough time to clean the stockroom and restock all of the shelves and then it was time to leave.


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My number one scoring player was too high for the game

I knew it was going to be difficult to keep all of my players under control when the high school varsity team went to the basketball tournament last week.

I took three additional coaches and three parents to keep things under control.

Still half of our team ended up getting drunk on Friday night. I knocked on the doors for fifteen minutes before anyone answered. I was going to get the maid to open the room. The kids looked terrible. They had big bags under their eyes and they weren’t refreshed. They smelled of alcohol and beer. I didn’t have time to scold the boys, because we were running late. I gave them fifteen minutes to get ready and be downstairs in the lobby of the hotel. When Jack and Bill arrived, they no longer looked drunk, but they smelled like marijuana. The boys were laughing and giggling. My number one scoring player was too high to play in the tournament. I found recreational marijuana in the hotel room. I benched both boys and made them sit and watch the game. We lost badly in the first round and the boys had to carry that shame all the way home. I informed both parents that the kids were involved in illegal activities. Neither parent seemed surprised and one actually made a remark that it was just weed. I haven’t talked to the players about their behavior yet, because I honestly don’t know if I am going to keep them on the team. I can excuse a lot of teenage behavior, but their selfishness ruined the whole team’s chance at a trophy.


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Jack took the last delivery of the night

Jack and I were both working the late shift last night at the cannabis delivery service.

  • It was my fourth day in a row and I was really tired and beat.

I was hoping to go home at 11 instead of 12. Both Jack and I were supposed to work until midnight, but deliveries were slow and we only had a couple of people in the store. I asked my manager if I could go home at 11, and she agreed to let me leave at half past the hour. I was ready to get out of the store. We got a late delivery and I was walking out the door when the person called on the phone. Jack took the last delivery of the night and ended the evening with a huge tip. The delivery was way out in the valley, about five miles from the store. The manager only agreed to the late delivery that was outside of our zone, because the customer ordered a lot of items and paid upfront online. Jack left the store shortly before midnight. The recreational marijuana patient turned out to be a minor league baseball player. The guy was having a party at his house and ordered last-minute marijuana supplies from the dispensary. The place was packed with beautiful women and other famous ball players. Jack entered the house and hung out for a couple of minutes. The baseball player gave him a $100 bill as a tip. If I would have stayed late last night, I would have ended up with the tip.

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