I like the specials at the dispensary near me

The dispensary near me has lots of sales and specials.

  • On Mondays, the place has 20% off all of the edibles in stock.

You can buy tinctures, gummies, and hard candies all for 20% off. On Tuesdays there is a sale on top shelf marijuana flowers. All of the top shelf flower products, including single grams, eighths, quarters, halves, and ounces are all 20% off. The store is usually busy on that day because our top shelf flower products are expensive. 20% off is a pretty good sale and you can stack a 10% discount with that. If you’re military or a senior, 30% off is a pretty good deal. Friday is my favorite day to go to the marijuana dispensary because that is the one day of the week when all of the concentrates are on sale. I prefer shatter or something that is hard, but I also like live resin, sauce, batter, and sugar. When concentrates are on sale at the dispensary, I am first in line. Another great thing about the marijuana dispensary near me is the fact that they offered delivery services. If you order at least $50 worth of merchandise from the store, then you can qualify for free delivery. It only takes about 30 minutes to receive all of the items from the marijuana shop, even when I order from the other side of town. The shop is super fast and the drivers are friendly and capable. I’ve never had an order that wasn’t completely accurate and I have ordered from that shop numerous times.



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I felt really ill after consuming too many edibles

The recommended dosage for marijuana edibles is 10 mg. Each one of the marijuana edibles in the dispensary come in 10 mg doses. There are a couple of edibles that are 20 mg, but the bag says you should cut them in half before you take them. 10 mg might be the suggested dosage from the FDA too, but I’m not really sure about that. I what’s hanging out with some friends on Saturday and we went to a nearby marijuana dispensary. I decided to buy a couple of bags of edibles and I got a free 10 mg dose with the purchase. The 10 mg edible that I got for free was flavored like strawberries and I decided to eat the marijuana candy when I got out of the car. I wasn’t really listening to the budtender when she was telling me about the edible and I completely missed the fact that it was a 100 mg edible. The pie shaped candy should have been broken into 10 pieces. I did not realize that when I put it into my mouth and I consumed 100 mg of THC at once. I thought about throwing up, but I knew that was an awful idea. I was hoping that the large dose of cannabis would not affect me much, but it made me really sick. About 30 minutes after I consumed the edibles, I started to feel faint and dizzy. After that I threw up everything that I had eaten that day. I was miserable after consuming too much THC.



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I lost track of time in the shopping mall

My friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary on 420 and we picked out a lot of really cool products.

I bought some items that I might not purchase usually because they’re really expensive. One product that I purchased was an infused marijuana pre roll. The marijuana pre-roll was free with any purchase. I decided to smoke the marijuana pre-roll on Saturday before I went to the mall. I had to find a gift for my mom for her anniversary and I also had to find a gift for my sister. Her birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. I smoked all of that marijuana pre-roll before I went into the mall. I sat in my car and smoked all of the contents of the one gram joint. I was supposed to spend about an hour in the mall and then meet my boyfriend for lunch in the food court. Unfortunately, I lost track of time and completely forgot about my boyfriend. My phone was in my purse and I did not answer any of his calls or text messages. He was really aggravated when I didn’t show up on time, but there was simply nothing that I could do. After I smoked the pre-rolled marijuana cigarette, I lost track of time. I wandered in and out of all the different shops and time was the last thought on my mind. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten about my boyfriend and lunch until it was nearly an hour past the time we were supposed to meet.


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My mom simply enjoys the modern edibles

My mom uses cannabis edibles every single afternoon to help her sleep at night.

  • She was convinced in the past that cannabis edibles would never be able to help her sleep.

I tried to tell my mom how much cannabis helped me, however she believed that it was a terrible thing to use cannabis and did not want to be one of those people. I got my medical marijuana card a year ago and I started buying little things here and there for my mom. I started getting her edibles every once in a while and it took some time for her to try them in the first venue. After she did, she was convinced that I was official about medical cannabis and the great benefits. She still has not registered to get a medical cannabis card on her own. She is sad that everyone in town will know her company if she has her name on a state registry for marijuana. I know that my mom is being paranoid, but I am blissful that she will still let me buy things for her, but just recently there was a pressing sale on 420 and I picked up a couple of potent edibles that I thought my mom would love. One of the items is a tincture that has CBD and THC. The tincture is normally a $50 product, but I got the only item for only $1 when I bought 2 grams of live resin concentrate. The shop had a lot of particularly great deals on 420 and I found a lot of great deals on several of the products that I love.

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I did not know I was going to be able to simply finish my work on time

Every week I have to worry about finishing up my work on time.

Since I work from home, I have a truly lenient schedule and I can work whenever I want.

As long as I finish all of my projects by the end of the week, my boss does not care how long it takes or when I work. Sometimes I work at night when everyone is sleeping because it is the quietest time of the afternoon. Sometimes I work in the afternoon when the adolescents are taking a nap. It depends on my schedule and my partner’s schedule too, and he has a 9 to 5 task and that means that I have to work around his schedule and take care of the adolescents. One of my friends from university came to visit on Wednesday and we decided to go out for breakfast. I planned to get all of my work done in the afternoon when breakfast was over, but Cheryl wanted to smoke a marijuana joint with me. At first I said no, because I knew that I had to work later that afternoon. Cheryl insisted that she brought the marijuana joint to smoke with me so we could remember the aged times. My friend and I entirely smoked a lot of marijuana when the two of us were in university. I truthfully do not know how I managed to graduate with honors when half of the time I was totally blitzed while in class. I agreed to smoke the marijuana joint with Cheryl and I regretted the decision all afternoon. I could not get any work done at all.


We are having a company explain how the marijuana software works

Last month a brand new owner bought the marijuana dispensary where I work.

The company was sold for $25 million.

It sounds like a lot of money, but it is actually a very low price for a marijuana dispensary that is still open and functioning. The owner of the marijuana dispensary wanted to retire and move down south. The guy sold the marijuana dispensary for pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately for everyone that works at the marijuana dispensary, the new owner is all about business. He doesn’t seem to care at all about the employees. He already took away the employee benefits program that gave us 30% off all of our purchases from the marijuana dispensary. I also heard that the rate for our insurance was going up because the boss was not going to be paying any percentage. The marijuana dispensary has brand new software to keep track of the sales in the store. The new software is confusing and hard to understand, so there is a company coming to the marijuana shop on Saturday to explain how the software works. I have to go to the store on Saturday, even though it is my day off. I have to sit there from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. I get paid my normal hourly wage, but I lose all the benefits of having a Saturday off. I’m really bummed out about the meeting to talk about the marijuana dispensary software, because I was supposed to hang out with my friends and go to the bay for the day.


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I was easily dumped for a guy that works in a weed store

My girlfriend & I were together for around 2 years & I thought we had a great, solid relationship.

  • I thought that my friend and I were absolutely blissful & I was planning to propose to the lady.

I did not know that my girlfriend was totally disappointed & I entirely didn’t know that she was having an affair with someone for a little while. I found out in such a brutal way. I was hanging out with some good pals & my friend and I were at a bar. I told my girlfriend that my good pal and I were going to be seeing the draft at the residence & after that I decided to go to the interests bar instead. My associate and I went to a bar that I have never been to in the past because they were supposed to be streaming the draft live. I saw my girlfriend with a guy & it was just the two of them. I watched them & after that I finally went to say something to my girlfriend. She tried to tell me that the guy was basically a friend, however he looked offended & I knew that they were on a date. I had to tell my girlfriend that I would see her later at the residence. I thought that she was going to apologize for what she did & provide me a story, but she dumped me unexpectedly. She told me that she met a guy that works at a local weed store. I cannot easily believe that she dumped me for a guy that works at a marijuana shop. I have a job, goals, & a university education. She chose a guy who actually smokes pot all day & resides in his van.



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Laundry day is definitely more exciting when I have recreational marijuana

Laundry day used to be a chore that was fairly tough.

I have lots of clothes, so I usually wait a week or two before I pile all of my clothing into a couple of bags & go to the laundromat.

There are a couple of washing machines & dryers in my actual building, but there is constantly someone using them. I choose to go to the laundromat that is a couple of miles away from my building. The laundromat is relatively costly & they have large washing machines. I can usually put all of my clothes into one machine. It saves a pretty good amount of time, energy & money. Many weeks ago I was hanging out at the laundromat waiting for my clothes to dry & I ran into a guy that I knew from a previous job! He was washing clothing at the laundromat just like I was. My associate and I talked outside at a table for a short while & then the guy asked if I wanted to smoke a marijuana joint. I had not smoked marijuana since I was in university, but it sounded like a fairly fun way to pass the time. I only had two hits from the recreational marijuana joint & I was too high after that. I sat inside of the building while the washing machines & dryers were doing their thing & I completely forgot what I was doing. I lost track of time & I totally based out. Laundry day is certainly fun when I have recreational marijuana, but I have to pay close attention to my personal limits. I suppose I smoked a little bit too much that day.
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The local office busted the lady for regularly selling all types of unlicensed edibles

I knew that one of my neighbors was preparing edibles from her residence, but I didn’t come to realize that she was making a pretty large sum of money.

I was genuinely thinking that she was selling the edibles to people that she knew, but it turned out that she was running a multi-million dollar operation from her residence merely three blocks from my place.

The local police office busted the lady for selling on licensed edibles. There was a relatively large article in the newspaper talking about the bust & I saw it the morning after the arrest was eventually made. I knew there was some kind of commotion in the city because there were police lights, sirens, & a road was easily closed. The police are usually making an arrest when they go to such extreme measures. They released the name of the person in the newspaper & I wasn’t even surprised to see that the person was the person that I truly suspected. The police let her go on bond & she is back at her residence wearing an ankle bracelet. I honestly have doubts that she is going to continue making unlicensed edibles while she is waiting for her court date. I don’t know for certain if they are going to use this lady to set an example, but the attorney in our city is running for reelection in September & this would be a sincerely high profile case. I know that the laws around this area are terribly strict & she is guilty of numerous crimes. It will be interesting to see how this unique case plays out over the next few months or so.

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I actually chose to buy a nice cannabis plant on sale day

Sundays are the one day of the week when all of the cannabis plant seedlings are on sale.

Each week the weed store has a different type of cannabis plant seedling that they commonly offer for $25. On Sundays, the cannabis plant seedlings are only $15. It’s a fairly large amount of savings & a fairly nice time to get a plant that is already through the hardest part of the growing process. During this past Sunday I went to the marijuana dispensary & I did not plan to buy a cannabis plant at all. They basically had a strain that I entirely love referred to as Granddaddy purp. This indica dominant marijuana strain has greater terpenes for long-lasting flavor & a mighty strong smell. This was the first time that I have ever seen the Grand Daddy Purp plant at the weed store so I thought I should buy one of the small seedlings. I didn’t legitimately have any lights or grow equipment at my residence, so I stopped at the farm & feed store to see what they had available. I was not especially happy with the equipment, but I did see a small portable grow room that looked like it could potentially work. I bought the kit which contained all of the things I needed. So far, I have not had any huge concerns with the plant & she is looking mighty tall & strong. If I can get this marijuana plant to a full harvest stage, I will be fairly surprised. I’ve never been especially gifted with plants of any kind, but I couldn’t say no to the wonderful indica strain that was available.
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