Anxiety was relieved by using cannabis

I can hardly explain how my life has unfolded like this.

For a long time, I really thought that I was fated for a gloomy life of dread, fear as well as anxiety.

That was all I had really known since grammar school. But then, I got some medical marijuana facts that changed my whole life! Just getting a simple bit of medical marijuana info led myself and others to want to learn more as well as get myself a deeper medical marijuana education. I had been seeing medical professionals for nearly 3 decades when it came to managing anxiety. On top of the medications I was on, I was also in therapy off as well as on for years as well as years. While the medications in the therapy sessions really helped myself and others stay alive, it really wasn’t much of a life. Prior to learning how to get my own medical marijuana card, I was pretty isolated. Being around people or in social situations was just something that I always had a really strenuous time handling. I even went to university online in order not to have to be in classes. When I was offered the shot to work remotely from my house I jumped at it. And while being alone eases my anxiety, it’s really no kind of life. So that was why I was so cheerful to find something as simple as cannabis flower products at the local cannabis dispensary, dealing with the marijuana regulations wasn’t all that sizable a deal. And as soon as I started to treat myself with the cannabis gummies, everything seemed to change almost immediately. Suddenly, I felt as if life was worth living as well as I was no longer under a microscope. It was a complete perspective change as well as I owe all the credit to using cannabis flower products.


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Cancer and cannabis

I found it super interesting how hastily my primary medical pro got the wheels in motion for myself and others to learn the marijuana rules and get access to a cannabis dispensary.

We got the process underway the morning that she offered myself and others the diagnosis.

Of course, she passed myself and others onto a new oncologist however was adamant that I get access to medical marijuana before I started my treatment. I have been with this medical pro for the better part of a decade as well as I suppose she is on top of her game. She offered myself and others loads of medical marijuana information in order for myself and others to be involved with every step on the path. But my medical professional also really encouraged myself and others to get myself reading about how to get a medical marijuana card prior to starting chemotherapy. She had been very impressed with how cannabis products had helped many of her patients not only deal with chemotherapy better however to heal as well. The main characteristic or medical marijuana benefit is the fact that cannabis products can help reduce nausea. But the other part of using a product like cannabis gummies during chemotherapy is appetite. We forget about feeding ourselves as well as providing nutrients to our body is essential when fighting something evil like cancer. So using something like medical marijuana allows the body to not shut down its appetite because of the intense nausea. I did what my medical professional suggested as well as boy am I glad that I did it. The indica products were terrific as well as the fine folks at the legal weed store really helped myself and others out.


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Migraine headache relief thanks to cannabis dispensary

I was thrilled when medical marijuana was passed in our state.

At the time, I was more of a proponent for truth, justice, as well as common sense than I was a sizable time marijuana advocate.

But the idea that people can’t access a 100% natural plant that grows like a weed seemed ludicrous to me. And add to that all the data as well as medical marijuana information out there, it seemed apparent that cannabis products really helped people. Little did I believe that cannabis products would end up helping myself and others out in such an epic way. Medical marijuana had been around for maybe a year or year as well as a half. That was when I first started coming down with severe migraine headaches. This was not a condition I had ever had to endure. In fact, there were a few times in my life where I wasn’t really sure that coworkers were really suffering the way they seemed to be. But until you’ve had a migraine, you simply can’t comment on how strenuous it is to handle. Initially, I didn’t go right for medical marijuana however I had seen medical marijuana data regarding migraine. At first, I went the traditional prescription route. This was helpful however it came with plenty of side effects that I wasn’t wild about. So that has when I wound up figuring out how to get my medical marijuana card as well as get access to the cannabis dispensary. These nights, I use cannabis products to manage my migraine situation. Since I’ve been treating myself with medical marijuana, I’m down to less than multiple migraines every 3 or several months. That’s such a remarkable improvement.


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Chronic pain is reduced with medical marijuana

I really moved to a new state so I could learn how to get a medical marijuana card. But that kind of severe measure was in order given the fact that medical marijuana was the only thing that was helping. I have a chronic pain condition that I have dealt with for nearly a decade. Before I had heard about cannabis products, I used many odd medications prescribed by multiple medical pros. Those medications really did nothing however keep myself and others from being in horrible pain. For sure, I was grateful for that although I had pretty much lost the rest of my life. I didn’t really care for myself or even go to the office anymore! Even resting up to do my job on the iPad when I tried to job remotely was no good. And once I took one of the pain pills, that was the end of any cogent thoughts. This went on from way too long. I kept fighting to try to find an answer that would do the job for me. Thankfully, I was invited to a cannabis dispensary event where I received a superb deal of info about medical marijuana benefits for my situation. I suppose I had come to accept that I would need to deal with some sort of chronic pain for the rest of my life. I had spent a decade seeing medical pros who thought they could solve the problem however couldn’t; So using something 100% natural like cannabis gummies or sativa products really made a lot of sense to me. The more that I researched, the more I got a medical marijuana education. This is why I was willing to move in order to have access to a cannabis dispensary as well as be able to manage my condition so much easier.


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Finally I found quality sleep with using cannabis products

I will never ever fool around about insomnia again! There was a time in my life where I thought it was just crazy that some people were unable to sleep, but when I was younger as well as up until I was about forty, I could fall asleep in fifths when I went to bed, however before I found medical cannabis just recently, over the last 3 years, it has been sort of a blur, but and I mean that most recognizably… I just sort of drug myself around for years, but losing my ability to sleep was something that happened very gradually. Initially, I would toss as well as turn for an hour or more before I would just get up as well as go watch cable TV. But ultimately, I would just fall asleep in the chair as well as that wasn’t really much rest. It only got worse as well as I had to go to my medical professional to get some help! Prior to smoking cannabis products, I ended up taking the medications I got from my medical pro. But those medications came with plenty of side effects that were strenuous to handle! For sure, the pills will put myself and others to sleep however it was almost a sort of foggy sleep. In other words, I just can’t really sleep although I also wasn’t fully awake. And so the next morning I would just drag myself around in a bit of a daze, and my friend sent myself and others some nice medical marijuana information which led myself and others to figuring out how to get my medical marijuana Rx card! Once I started using sativa products, I really started to relax in a much more natural way. These nights, I just need a bite of a cannabis gummy an hour before I go to bed. And by the time I crawl in between the sheets, I’m so relaxed as well as I get a nice evening’s sleep.


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Lyme disease actually messed me up

I’m just so grateful that I have people in our life who are out there rooting for myself and others and actively helping myself and others out when it comes to this new life challenge.

I was bitten by a fat tick while on vacation and contracted with Lyme disease.

Prior to reading how to get a medical marijuana card, I went using prescription meds. I actually visited multiple specialists in order to try and get a better handle over our Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be so radically odd for each man who suffers with it. Some folks, they take the drugs and all the symptoms clear up in short order. This was not the case for myself and others at all. And it seems love the more medications I took, the more symptoms started to appear. After doing some research for alternative treatment, I came across some vital medical marijuana information. This medical marijuana info was so compelling that I instantaneously started reading just how to get our medical marijuana Rx card. Once I had access to the legal weed store, I was in very superb hands. The budtenders at the cannabis dispensary near myself and others are just appealing. Not only are these people kind, compassionate and superb people, they are true experts when it comes to cannabis products. These folks got myself and others right on the strain of cannabis flower product that was most beneficial for treating Lyme disease symptoms. This has been a far more effective treatment program and our Lyme disease symptoms have been greatly reduced. Hopefully in time, I shall be free from this most frustrating condition.

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Managing restless leg syndrome with cannabis

I hadn’t ever heard anyone actually complain about restless leg syndrome.

There were the TV ads but as with most commercials, I simply tuned them out. Still, before I started to learn more facts about medical marijuana benefits and restless leg syndrome, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m not the sort of man to turn to western medicine straight away. I suppose that western medicine is rather important and has a place in our humanity but too often, I suppose we are overly medicated and not healing. I come from a more holistic approach when it comes to dealing with or managing our health concerns. I was very much a proponent of having medical marijuana legalized in our home state. I even got out to help bring awareness and get people to vote for medical marijuana. So when I began to experience pain and was rudely awakened by a sensation in our leg, I knew I needed to learn much more about it. Since medical cannabis has been beneficial for several very odd conditions, that’s where I started. And sure enough, there was a whole section I read on medical marijuana benefits for restless leg syndrome. I figured out how to get our medical marijuana prescription card so I could access the cannabis dispensary. The staff there got myself and others the perfect cannabis flower products that would help our situation. Within a month of treating my condition with cannabis products, I was no longer dealing with restless legs. I’m just so thankful that I turned to a natural product love cannabis flower products instead of using synthetic medications. Not only am I now free of restless leg syndrome, I am finally free of prescription medications.

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Back pain management with using medical cannabis

Isn’t it ironic that our back concerns actually are related to an old football injury.

Just saying that out loud seems so trite and hackneyed.

But it’s the even-handed truth. And before I discovered medical marijuana, my old football injury was taking a real toll on our life. The injury itself wasn’t that terrible when it occurred. It’s not as if I had to go to the hospital or anything such as that. But all of us knew much less about how the body healed back then and I was cleared to get right back to full impact. Of course, that only exacerbated the concern and set the groundwork for our back to be a chronic pain situation. I dealt with it as I needed to with pain medication during our early adult years. But once I hit forty, I was in a situation where I could hardly get up some days to go to work. And adding more pain pills wasn’t going to help myself and others get through our day coherently. This is when I took the sage advice of a neighbor and started looking into medical marijuana benefits as it related to chronic back pain. I started studying some medical marijuana information and was pretty shocked by what it revealed. I had no plan that cannabis products have been used for 1000s of years to manage all kinds of odd maladies. Once I started treating with cannabis flowers, it didn’t take long at all before I got more range of motion with our back. And this allowed myself and others to do more exercise, which I needed to strengthen my muscles. For sure cannabis products have made a tremendous difference in our lives.


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Chronic arthritis responded to medical marijuana

After over a decade of dealing with severe arthritis, I’m finally finding relief.

  • And it’s actually increasing our life for the better.

But for me, medical marijuana had been way off the radar when talking about treatment options for our condition. I am in our early sixties now and I am still young enough that I recall all of the focus on recreational marijuana when I was in university. But I hail from a very strict background that believed all the myths when it came to cannabis. So I was totally indoctrinated into believing that any sort of cannabis products were akin to evil. That kept myself and others from sampling any sort of cannabis flower products when I was at the university or any other time in our life. When I first came down with arthritis, I did our best to manage with OTC (over-the-counter) drugs. Eventually though, I had to go and see a dentist and start on an Rx drug regimen. That seemed to actually be the beginning of a downward spiral into more painful inflammation and more medication. I had heard that medical marijuana was now legal in our state but didn’t pay any attention to it. That is until our son took myself and others by the hand to attend a cannabis dispensary event to get a medical marijuana education, however had it not been for my kid that day, I would still be in a spiral of pain and medicine. As soon as I started treating the arthritis with cannabis flower products, the inflammation subsided and I was able to get much more out of our life. It’s been a year of progress and I am so thrilled to have much of our health, mobility and independence returned thanks to medical marijuana.
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Parkinson’s symptoms are tough. Medical cannabis can help

But even more than just managing the symptoms of our dreadful condition, I am getting an added medical marijuana benefit

I knew Parkinson’s syndrome was in our family. But naturally, I hoped that I would get skipped over; Alas, I wasn’t so lucky and started dealing with this condition in our late forties. The medications that I was initially given helped myself and others with a few of our symptoms. But with all of these medications, as with several others, there are side effects. It appears that I have a very delicate plan when it comes to taking pharmaceuticals. The side effects from the Parkinson’s medications ended up being so vile and unpleasant that I didn’t want to take them. This is when I started to try to find a new alternative treatment. An alternative medicine consultant turned myself and others on to some superb medical marijuana info. I gained that cannabis flowers and other products can help with some of our symptoms. Of course, medical marijuana will not cure our condition nor is any other medication. But I was able to ingest the medical cannabis so much easier than I was on the prescription medicine. It has entirely helped myself and others with spasms as well as range of motion; Now I can get a lot more into the essential exercises I need to do thanks to using medical cannabis. But even more than just managing the symptoms of our dreadful condition, I am getting an added medical marijuana benefit. Prior to treatment with cannabis flower products, I was resistant and unaccepting of our condition. Medical marijuana has really helped myself and others to lean into acceptance while doing the most I can do in order to have the best life I have possible.

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