Cannabis is getting more unique

I don’t know if I would ever be a marijuana user

I am not a big fan of cannabis; I remember my sibling in high university getting easily into it, and she basically would smoke whatever flower product she could get her hands on! After she went to university she started venturing into edibles like gummies, candies, and making pot brownies, then now that she is older and our state allows for recreational weed, she is much more picky, however my sibling vapes a cannabis oil that is said to help him sleep at evening, and for a long time I would say no anytime she offered weed. Now that I am older and know it isn’t a gateway drug, I decided to try it, and vaping is a pretty nice way to get weed into your system! With a vape it is easy to load and smoke. I hated that with flowers you needed to light and have almost an artform and quick relaxes duringhaling. It was so discouraging. I hated how intense the edibles got. With a vape, it is much easier, safer, and chiller. I sort of loved vaping the time I tried it with him. My pal and I smoked on New Years and I had a wonderful evening of sleep. I loved that it didn’t get me sick or hungover. I felt the effects and it was fun. I don’t know if I would ever be a marijuana user. It helps now that I could go to that recreational cannabis dispensary near me and just choice up a product. It makes things simple and easy. I like that I could try things out and actually control what I consume, there are so many precautions with medical weed now.

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