Author: Ralph

Something is wrong with the thermostat

However, that meant that it must be someone else who was changing the thermostat! My partner said that she wasn’t doing it either, so I was completely confused over the whole thing Something is wrong with the digital thermostat because the temperature keeps going up and down all on its own. I don’t suppose what […]

I got a great new oil furnace

I got such an attractive deal on the new oil furnace that I purchased last week. I like finding unbelievable deals and bargains on things more than just about anything else in the whole wide world. I would rather find an unbelievable deal than anything else, that’s for sure. Whenever I found out that I […]

My partner loves her job as a Heating worker

My partner Ronny particularly loves her new job as an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker. Honestly, occasionally I suppose that maybe Ronny was just born to be an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker. I have never particularly met anyone else who loves their job quite as much as Ronny does. Ronny went to school to […]

The weather has been so weird

The weather is quite unusual right now! Recently, it was particularly cold, and now the temperature is all the way up in the mid 70s again! I know that weather like this is 1 of the biggest reasons that people tend to get sick around this time of the year! Our bodies just can’t understand […]

I bought Three kinds of cannabis

Hurricanes are the single most destructive kind of storm in this hemisphere. Hurricanes can wipe out an entire town, or reduce a country the size of Puerto Rico to trash and rubble. These storms are nothing to be taken lightly, which is why I always prep well in advance when a large storm is coming […]