Author: Ralph

The natural terpenes make everything taste great

Products with natural terpenes taste better and have more helpful properties Terpenes are natural compounds found inside many different plants. These compounds help to create the floral scent of each plant. Terpenes have many different health benefits to humans. As people began to understand and study cannabis, they discovered that some natural terpenes can actually […]

I got a promotion after stopping a fight

A few weeks ago, there was a huge fight in the Cannabis Lounge and dispensary. I have been working at a cannabis lounge and dispensary for several months. I finally started working as a budtender and then I was moved to the lounge, and the person working in the lounge fulfills customer orders and acts […]

There was a fist fight at work

I also picked up a fire extinguisher from under the counter and threatened to use it if the men didn’t stop fighting A few weeks ago, there was a big fight in the Cannabis Lounge and dispensary. I have been working at a cannabis lounge and dispensary for several months. I started working as a […]

What to bring to the party?

My best friend and I were up to no good last summer. We had returned back to the condo after the virus hit because we got laid off. I had thought of staying alone in our apartment, even though she convinced me to come home. It would be so much fun hanging out together like […]

Took her to the dispensary

I moved away from home when my sister was around 10 years old. It wasn’t simple for me to leave her, however I had to. My dream was to become an actor, and that wasn’t possible in a small town. I worked so many waitressing jobs to save enough money, got on the bus, and […]

Investing in cannabis

I got to grow up in a neat locale. All the houses around were amazing mansions on large plots of land. My father had done well for himself in the business world, and his partner was a top doctor. They were the ultimate power couple, and they wanted us to follow our dreams. My sister […]

A detour to the cannabis shop

Being on a trip turned out to be quite a dull experience for Ron and me. It rained for the entire week, which meant we couldn’t go to the beach. The afternoon the sun came out, it was only for a few moments before the clouds were out again. It didn’t take long for us […]

I sometimes use a CBD oil when I dance

Becoming a professional ballet dancer has been something I wanted to do since I was a small child. My Dad had taken me to a concert, and I fell in love with the dance regimine. I remember getting home that afternoon and heading straight to the computer to search for dance tutorials. It became a […]

She started her own cannabis dispensary

My sister was in for a surprise. Our Grandma had come to visit out of the blue, my sister had to hurry and prepare for her guest room for the weekend. Then she rushed to get a few supplies from the store since she didn’t have any food. Our Grandma insisted on making her a […]

He likes stopping at the dispensary

My Grandpa came to visit during the last hot season. Grandpa was not enjoying staying alone at the farm. My step-Dad had a new baby, and this was his chance to get away and come to see our sister, but father drove to the airport to pick her up and brought her home. I was […]