Author: Ralph

Marketing the cannabis shop is relatively easy

Marketing is a very important part of business and one that can mean the difference between failure and success. I‘ve worked on a number of winning campaigns over the years and I have worked with million dollar companies like coke, pepsi, kelloggs, and vlasic. Marketing is the same no matter what kind of product you […]

My mom smokes cannabis every Saturday night

My mom has been using medical cannabis for the past year. When I started using medical cannabis three years ago, my mom thought cannabis was a horrible drug. She thought I was using drugs and refused to believe that cannabis had any medical value. Then my mom got sick and she needed surgery. She was […]

None of the speakers in the lounge were working

One of the best things about living in a state that has legal recreational and medical marijuana it is the activities. Since marijuana is legal, places like cannabis lounges are popping up everywhere. These places are areas where cannabis users can light up and smoke freely. There is a cannabis Lounge attached to the dispensary […]

We got pizza from Alfredo’s on 420

The entire cannabis shop was busy on 420. It’s not a surprise since it’s the biggest cannabis holiday of the year. People all over the world celebrate the fun day. We had people waiting in line outside the door when we opened the shop and we had people coming in and out of the building […]

Jack took the last delivery of the night

Jack and I were both working the late shift last night at the cannabis delivery service. It was my fourth day in a row and I was really tired and beat. I was hoping to go home at 11 instead of 12. Both Jack and I were supposed to work until midnight, but deliveries were […]