Author: Ralph

Need a cannabis cafe nextdoor

The key to succeeding in business is to make the right moves before anyone else does. You need to be ahead of the curve for long enough that you finally set the curve. Take Google, for instance — Google no longer has competition. There is no more bing, yahoo or any other platform trying to […]

My thoughts on a new marijuana business

I suppose this is an odd idea, but hear me out! Food trucks are super new and cool right? I personally don’t like going to food trucks. I find them costly, but the point is that people enjoy them. When a bar has some food trucks set up outside, all of a sudden it’s a […]

The farm also had weed on it

I was raised in a farming community, on a farm that had everything. My parents grew crops plus had animals, all the regular farmyard happiness. It wasn’t until I started going to university that my parents told myself and my brothers not to talk about particular parts of the farm. I had no idea what […]

Trying to keep it fresh

I have to say that life has been going pretty decent lately… or it had been, anyway, until last week. To me the work was great, I enjoyed what I did plus hadn’t made any major mistake I was aware of. Then the word dropped, plus while I was in a staff meeting the boss […]

Plans for a new cannabis dispensary

My idea was a simple one — to create a custom shopping area with several different kinds of shops all clustered together around a central courtyard. I know this is not a new concept, but in this area ,with these kinds of stores, it is new! The downtown area is very hip and trendy, and […]

Cannabis and art supplies in one store

Art is my life, and it always has been. Thanks to the pandemic I was locked up inside, trapped with myself, by myself, for months on end, and it provided me the solitude I needed to take my work to the next level. I am an artist of the visual mediums, I like to sketch […]