Author: Ralph

Love my new cannabis cafe

I have a new spot that I really enjoy eating at. As soon as the city started to open up again, I went to eat at as many places I could. This was partially for my own stomach, however also to help support the local businesses. So multiple places went out of business for good, […]

Why was it illegal?

When I was a young man, I made some pretty terrible choices. That I made it through school, in addition to finishing, separate from being expelled or going to jail is a wonderful thing! For a while I had a small drug problem, in addition to that I ran with a crew of older kids […]

Things are back to where they should be

I am so happy that things are finally back to what they should be, and there are still a few stores in the area that require everyone to wear masks, but to me that isn’t a sizable deal. As long as I can get out and to live my life, wearing a mask is a […]

So many CBD stores but I don’t trust their products

I’m really surprised to see so much real estate development cropping up in our section over the last few years. After the 2008 economic recession, this venue became a ghost town pretty much. A huge amount of the shops on Main Street closed plus there were little to no new corporations opening in the years […]