Author: Ralph

That is what you get for pain

I had tried CBD for the horrible pain in my knees and back. I received a sample roll-on of pain relief cream and used it bi-weekly for a month. I noticed a remarkable improvement in my knee pain and I could lay without bad back pain. I thought I would pay the price for the […]

Have to go to the dispensary for good CBD

I went to the local nurse to get my medical marijuana card. After all the waiting and the sizable sum I had to spend to get a card, he told me I would get more relief from CBD than the actual marijuana. He explained that I would get quality CBD from the marijuana dispensary, however […]

It really was the magic fix

My doctor told me that chronic arthritis pain is just something that happens as you age. The pain increased as the arthritis went on, plus it didn’t go away. They made a lot of pain creams that could be rubbed into the inflicted area. She said that pharmaceutical companies were billion dollar dealers thanks to […]

CBD will help me I think

When I talked to our shrink about using CBD to help mesleep, she thought it was a great idea. The only thing she warned me about was purchasing CBD on the internet. She told me that if I was sure I wanted to use CBD, I should only buy it at a marijuana store, or […]