Author: Ralph

Anxiety was relieved by using cannabis

I can hardly explain how my life has unfolded like this. For a long time, I really thought that I was fated for a gloomy life of dread, fear as well as anxiety. That was all I had really known since grammar school. But then, I got some medical marijuana facts that changed my whole […]

Cancer and cannabis

I found it super interesting how hastily my primary medical pro got the wheels in motion for myself and others to learn the marijuana rules and get access to a cannabis dispensary. We got the process underway the morning that she offered myself and others the diagnosis. Of course, she passed myself and others onto […]

Lyme disease actually messed me up

I’m just so grateful that I have people in our life who are out there rooting for myself and others and actively helping myself and others out when it comes to this new life challenge. I was bitten by a fat tick while on vacation and contracted with Lyme disease. Prior to reading how to […]

Managing restless leg syndrome with cannabis

I hadn’t ever heard anyone actually complain about restless leg syndrome. There were the TV ads but as with most commercials, I simply tuned them out. Still, before I started to learn more facts about medical marijuana benefits and restless leg syndrome, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m not the sort of man […]

Back pain management with using medical cannabis

Isn’t it ironic that our back concerns actually are related to an old football injury. Just saying that out loud seems so trite and hackneyed. But it’s the even-handed truth. And before I discovered medical marijuana, my old football injury was taking a real toll on our life. The injury itself wasn’t that terrible when […]

Chronic arthritis responded to medical marijuana

After over a decade of dealing with severe arthritis, I’m finally finding relief. And it’s actually increasing our life for the better. But for me, medical marijuana had been way off the radar when talking about treatment options for our condition. I am in our early sixties now and I am still young enough that […]