I took the wrong turn on the interstate

I work for a marijuana delivery service in the city. The two of us service all of the areas around the city. The delivery service section is quite large. I leave the company in the day with a case full of products to deliver. Occasionally I drive 150 miles in 1 day making deliveries. Throughout the day, clients can call to make additional orders. If I have those items in my vehicle already as well as I am close to the address, then all of us swing by as well as make the delivery. I had various deliveries busy on Thursday as well as the weather was rainy as well as dreary. It was hard to see with the windshield wipers on high. I ended up taking the wrong exit on the interstate as well as I got lost while trying to make a delivery. I had to stop at a gas station as well as park under the awning so I could look at my cellphone as well as figure out why I was lost. When I realized that I was on the wrong exit, I got back on the interstate. It was much easier to find the address for the marijuana delivery after I got off the interstate as well as was on the right road. I easily could have found my way to the address from the other exit, but it would have taken a lot longer as well as I would have been forced to drive through all of the residential as well as company areas. It was much easier as well as quicker to get back on the interstate as well as go back to the exit that I should have taken in the first locale.
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Delivery services have been free since May

In March, the marijuana dispensary near myself and others started to offer free delivery services, then before March, the marijuana dispensary near myself and others used to charge a $4.99 fee on every single order… A lot of people started to complain because they were not getting a penny refunded on the delivery fee as well as all of us wanted to think where that cash was going… The owner of the marijuana dispensary decided to start offering free delivery services after the complaints, then i care about the fact that marijuana delivery services are now free.

  • $4.99 is not a pressing fee, but I do not like to spend money for a service that others do for free.

There are lots of weird marijuana shops in the section as well as several of them offer free delivery services, none of the shops have the same low prices as this locale, as well as I guess that is why they waited so long to drop the delivery service fee. Now that there are no fees, I guess that the dispensary is getting a lot more business. It easily takes a lot longer to get the items delivered to my front door. A few nights ago I ordered a couple of top shelf marijuana flower thirds as well as a half gram vape pen cartridge. It usually takes about 45 minutes for delivery but on that day it took 3 minutes. I tried to call to complain but the manager didn’t answer the cellphone as well as there were not any voictext services either. I gave the driver a good tip, but I told him that I wasn’t easily pleased with the service that I gained.


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Getting familiar with dabbing

I waited until I was quite comfortable and experienced with cannabis consumption before moving onto dabbing.

There’s a learning curve involved with the process, and it includes high temperatures and extreme THC potency.

I not only wanted to be confident in my own knowledge but have someone with experience show me how it’s done. I am fortunate that my cannabis dispensary includes a dab bar. I am able to rent the necessary equipment and take advantage of the expertise of the budtenders. Dabbing uses a concentrated form of cannabis that offers somewhere between sixty to ninety percent THC. It only takes a very small amount to achieve the desired effects. It’s important that the nail isn’t too hot so as not to scorch the terpenes. The dab rig is a water pipe that looks a lot like a bong. It has a chamber that holds water for cooling vapor, but rather than a bowl to hold dried flower, a dab rig features a nail for concentrates. There are lots of styles of nails available. The one that I prefer and the most common is a banger that is made of quartz and resembles a bucket. For the dabbing process, the nail of the banger is heated with a torch and then allowed to cool to the perfect temperature. Cannabis concentrate is placed in the nail. The high heat vaporizes the concentrate. The consumer places a carb cap over the nail to control airflow while inhaling. Vapor travels from the nail into the main chamber of the rig. It is cooled by the water before being inhaled and reaching the lungs. There is a great deal of equipment required for dabbing. I’ve gradually invested into buying the banger, nail and carb cap. I also use a kitchen torch for heating nails and need to keep an inventory of butane cans on hand. Eventually, I hope to purchase an e-nail, which would eliminate the need for a torch and provide consistent heat. However, an e-nail is a considerable investment. Because dabs are sticky, it’s helpful to have a tool that works to remove the concentrate out of the container and onto the hot nail. The nail is extremely hot and the concentrate can easily make a mess.



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Trying all different consumption methods

I learned to be very careful about consuming very small doses and waiting several hours before eating more.

I decided early on that I was going to be open-minded about the products available at the cannabis dispensary. They are all plant-based remedies, with each one offering different timing, longevity and intensity of effects. I started with smokable flower, because it’s the most traditional and popular method. There are thousands of strains of dried flower that can be packed into pipes or bongs or rolled into joints, blunts or cannagars. It took some practice to learn how to roll a decent joint. However, I really enjoy the process and effects of smoking bud. There is also the convenience of pre-rolls that are sold in singles and packs. Some are infused with kief for an added boost of flavor and potency. From flower, I moved onto vape cartridges. They are much easier, requiring little more than a battery and the push of a button. I like that vapes are more discreet. I get the same benefits as old-school smoking but without the odors, smoke and ash. I found that tinctures are especially convenient. The compact package fits into a pocket and includes a dropper that provides precision dosing. I place a few drops under the tongue, let the cannabinoids absorb for a minute or two and then swallow the remaining liquid. I get the quick onset of effects with outstanding simplicity. Edibles took some adjustment, because the effects are delayed and intense. I learned to be very careful about consuming very small doses and waiting several hours before eating more. I have just started to experiment with concentrates. Because they include such high THC levels, I’ve been cautious. However, they offer incredible flavors.

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Cannabis helps with plantar fasciitis pain

I developed plantar fasciitis in both of my feet because of running in cheap shoes. I was newly married and had very little money. I bought a pair of sneakers at Walmart. They lacked arch support. I ran eight to ten miles nearly every day of the week. The bottoms of my feet eventually felt as if they were ripping open from the ball to the heel. I could barely walk. I had to give up running for several years. When I was finally able to afford inserts for my shoes, it was a big improvement. I learned how to properly stretch and warm up prior to a run. I also started utilizing cannabis, both as a painkiller and as an energy boost. Prior to setting out on a long run, I like to hit a vape. I choose a mild sativa strain with just enough THC to clear my head. All it takes is a couple of puffs, and the effects set in within a few minutes. I find that I am better motivated for the run. The cannabinoids work to alleviate the stress and help me to appreciate the scenery, fresh air and overall enjoyment of a run. The effects of a vape don’t last all that long, so I am clear-headed for the rest of the day. At night is when I typically suffer potential cramping in my calves and the pain of plantar fasciitis in my feet. Before bed, I massage a cannabis infused topical into my skin. I purchase ointments, roll-ons or lotions with high CBD and CBN content to treat the inflammation and pain. Topicals don’t cause any psychoactive effects, allowing me to apply them multiple times if necessary. If the discomfort is especially severe, I might eat gummy. The effects take a while to fully take effect, but edibles provide more intense and longer-lasting effects.

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Treating torn trapezius muscle with cannabis

I enjoy home improvement projects.

Over the years, I’ve invested into a large collection of power tools.

I’ve read books and blogs and taught myself how to properly install new windows, replace plumbing pipes, lay floor tiles, put up drywall and more. I’ve gone through my house room by room, gutting them down to the bare studs. I’m now in my fifties and still tackle big jobs. As a smaller woman, I struggle with some of the heavier materials. About a year ago, I decided to tear out the laundry room, add insulation, update the pipes and purchase new appliances. The most difficult part of the project was putting up the drywall on the ceiling. Although I cut the sheets in half, they were still far too big and heavy for me. I needed to stand on the top step of the ladder, support the drywall with the top of my head and left hand while I maneuvered the cordless drill with my right hand. While it was uncomfortable, I didn’t realize that I was damaging my back. A few hours later, I was in so much pain that I could no longer stand or even sit up. I eventually learned that I’d torn my trapezius muscle. For three straight weeks, I had no choice but to lay flat on my back on the couch. I couldn’t drive, make it up the stairs or even wash my hair by myself. I needed something more than ice packs to treat the pain. Since I’m unwilling to take prescription drugs, I was fortunate that the cannabis dispensary provides delivery. From my spot on the couch, I could use my laptop to shop for cannabis products with a high CBD to THC ratio. I chose tincture for fast acting effects, edibles for long-lasting effects and topicals that I could apply directly to my trapezius muscle. CBD is helpful for treating pain and inflammation.
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I suffer from horrible PTSD symptoms

During our time in the military, I had several separate tours of duty in the Middle East! During that time, both of us were consistently in fear for our lives, but the people I was with and I went out into the streets to patrol and people tried to kill us while both of us were there to help, then i watched several of our friends get blown up right in front of our esure.

I didn’t want to return for a hour tour, but I was basically given no other chances by the military.

During our hour tour, things were much worse and I contemplated suicide several times. I particularly wanted to get out of the military and away from the mass murder, but after I finally got out of the military, I realized that I was suffering from PTSD symptoms. I met with a psychologist to talk about the feelings that I was experiencing. The psychologist suggested using recreational medical marijuana products, then medical and recreational marijuana products are legal in this state and they have been for about 5 years. There are hundreds of thoUSAnds of people in the state that use recreational or medical marijuana products everyday. I joined a program for Wounded Warriors and I started receiving medical marijuana supplies for free. Each month I drive to a weird marijuana dispensary and they stop me up with marijuana products that can help with the symptoms that I assume each day, and products love marijuana edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrate are free in this program and that means that I can save all of our currency for visits to the mental health clinic instead, however since starting marijuana, I am generally feeling well and I am hopeful that the long-term effects will be even better.

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I looked all over the village for those edibles

I looked all over the village for the edibles that my mom loves, and she only recently tried marijuana for the first time.

It took a lot of convincing to get her to try it. She was using CBD products for awhile, plus I told her that she would benefit greatly from using medical marijuana products too. She comes from a unusual generation. In her generation, and marijuana was a drug plus she did not want to be labeled as a person that took drugs. I tried to convince my mom to take marijuana supplements for years plus this year she finally said yes. You can imagine how amazed I was when she told me that she finally wanted to try medical marijuana. She decided to try edibles, which I thought was a good place for her to beginning her medical marijuana journey, but edibles are low dose marijuana products that are easy to eat plus digest, however they taste love candy plus come in flavors love chocolate, raspberry, pinepeach, mango, plus red peach. My mom fell in love with the candies that taste love red peachs. I got those for her first plus she enjoyed them. The next time I bought something for my mom, I got her marijuana edibles that tasted love orangeberries plus grapes. She did not like those products as much as the other 1s plus she said that they tasted exactly love marijuana, a flavor she did not enjoy. I searched all over the village looking for those exact candies that she liked. I drove an hour to get them, but I got numerous packages so she won’t run out anytime soon.
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My seedling kicked it numerous afternoons after I brought it home

My wifey plus I were in the town to see a Broadway show.

I wasn’t exactly glad with going to the show on a Thursday night, when I could have been at house watching pigskin with the guys. I went to the show with my wifey because we are supposed to do things together that make each other happy. After we went to the performance plus songsal, I told my wifey that I wanted us to go to a local marijuana shop. My wifey put that address of the local marijuana shop into the gps; He did not want to go downtown where the site was located. It was out of the way plus she was feeling sad about the area. I told my wifey not to worry, because we were going to be together. We drove down to the address of the marijuana dispensary. They had the cheapest prices in the whole city. They were in the middle of nowhere plus they still had the best prices. I got $10 grams of marijuana concentrate plus $10 of marijuana flower. The marijuana shop also had seedlings. They had plans that were 18 in tall plus plants that were only 12 in tall. The 18-in tall marijuana plants were $40 each plus I decided to buy 1. My wifey said it was unquestionably a exhausting idea, because I do not have a green thumb. I thought I could keep the plants alive plus grow my own marijuana. I should have known better. There’s evidently a reason why everyone doesn’t grow weed at home. I couldn’t even keep the seedling alive for 3 afternoons.

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I’m looking for anyone to help with it

It’s tough to find someone that wants to do an tolerable day of labor for a adequate amount of currency.

I have been meaning to do some labor on my home & I have tried to get people to help myself and others with these relatively easy chores.

I had to contact a fencing supplier, because none of my friends would help myself and others put holes in the ground to dig posts. I even had a post hole digger, however they still refused. It’s love manual labor does not exist. They told myself and others to call someone to have the labor done. I have to paint my home before the next summer time or I am going to have concerns with rain. There are locales on the roof where the shingles need to be updated & there are a lot of areas that need to have weather stripping. All of this can be done while I complete the painting. I asked all of my friends to come & help me, however they all made excuses! None of them want to spend their weekend painting my house. I provided to buy pretty much everyone carona & alcohol & I even provided to buy recreational marijuana supplies. I provided to buy marijuana edibles, concentrates, or dried cannabis flower. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get some help! One of my coworkers said that his child would help if I paid him $15 an hour plus a half ounce of marijuana. That’s the best offer that I have gotten so far, so I think I’m going to call the child & offer him a job. I put an ad on Facebook & one on Craigslist too. I do not think if anyone even looks at those locales for jobs, even though I could actually use some additional hands.

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