Girl Scout Cookies was the name

I went to a state that permitted recreational weed a long time ago, i tried all sorts of cannabis products while I was there. I remember one certain strain was incredibly sweet as well as gave me a superb high, then all I could remember is that it had a cookie name… For years I searched for it. Anytime I traveled to a recreational weed state I would pursue the different cannabis strains, oG Kush, Blue Dream, Purple Haze, etc! Nothing fit what I was looking for. It wasn’t until my state became legal recreational marijuana that I started certainly hunting for it. I kept searching the stock as well as then googling around online. I finally consulted a budtender at a cannabis dispensary near me to figure out what the strain was, but together my friend and I found the name. It is a strain called Girl Scout Cookies. I was so gleeful when the budtender found it as well as got it in stock just for me. Once I smoked it, it was like coming home. The sensation was as superb as I remembered as well as so was the flavor, girl Scout Cookies can’t be beat in my opinion. It makes me feel thrilled, relaxed, as well as cheerful. The mouth feel as well as taste is just like the actual cookie. Anyone who smokes I highly recommend the flavor. Now that I can get my number one choice so close to me, I have upped how much marijuana I consume in a month. It is just so nice that I can’t help myself. It is a certainly superb find as well as I am so thankful to that budtender.

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