Medical cannabis helped to resolve my nightmares

I have always had serious complications getting to fall asleep.

Once I manage to get to sleep, then I have a lot of trouble staying asleep.

I have horrifying nightmares that often wake me numerous times every night, at which point I become too stressed as well as sad to fall back asleep. It’s such an ugly and dangerous cycle, one that has been wearing out my body as well as my mind. I spoke to the therapist about it, as well as he recommended that I try using medical cannabis before bed. The goal is to settle my mind down, as well as mute my harmful thoughts, so that I can have a night of natural sleep. I went to the medical cannabis shop as well as spent a half hour talking with one of the young budtenders there. This was my first visit to a medical cannabis dispensary, as well as it was so lovely. I expected to find a head shop, or a pharmacy, however these people were pros who took medical cannabis easily seriously. My associate and I spent a while chatting about my particular complications, so that they could determine the most helpful strains of medical cannabis products for me to use. I tried some cannabis gummies that are also infused with CBD oil. I also tried vape products for the first time, as well as I must say that the vape pen combined with the gummies absolutely did the trick. I am hesitant to smoke too many strains of medical cannabis, but I am easily enjoying the effects of vape products as well as cannabis edibles. With the assistance of the budtenders at the medical cannabis dispensary, I am enjoying the best sleep of my life.


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The time I discovered my parents medical cannabis

Life on the farm is generally peaceful as well as quiet.

  • There is a lot of manual labor as well as chores, however not a ton of action or much excitement, however one afternoon I found a secret my parents had been keeping from me.

Instead of saying anything I held their secret for a few days. I was only 16 at the time, as well as just coming into my “rebellious teenager” phase. I waited for the best moment to drop that bombshell on my parents. On Easter Sunday, after the three of us had a tasty meal, I casually said “I found your medical cannabis plants behind the barn. Will you share some with me?” You should have seen the look on their faces when they realized I knew all about their medical cannabis stash. This led to a long, deep discussion about the history of medical cannabis use in this country. My parents strongly disagreed with the laws and restrictions on medical marijuana, as well as thought they were justified to break those laws. Medical cannabis is a plant that occurs naturally with numerous medicinal qualities that also happens to be easily fun to use. I agreed with them, as well as then asked if I could join in when they used some of this medical cannabis, as well as they balked at that, since I was 16 they said I was far too young. I argued that since medical cannabis was illegal for all of us, then it was hypocritical to deny me weed because of my age. They relented, as well as later on that night the three of us sat on the back porch as well as I smoked medical cannabis for the first time… however it was not the last!

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Cannabis products help soothe my anxiety

I used to suffer from wicked anxiety and stress.

I had no way of relieving stress, so it kept building up until I had an anxiety or panic attack.

This happened numerous times, as well as it only added to my levels of stress as well as panic. Even when I went to sleep at night I never got any respite from the intense as well as horrifying thoughts. I had tried numerous kinds of sleeping aids, however they didn’t give me any help sleeping. Finally I went to the local medical cannabis shop as well as talked at length with one of the budtenders. I had never used medical cannabis before now, for any reason, however luckily this guy was a wealth of information. He explained all of the differences between cannabis sativa as well as indica, as well as why he thought indica strains would be the most helpful for me. What surprised me the most was the attitude I felt at the cannabis dispensary, because these people weren’t trying to sell me things, they were trying to educate me! A cannabis education was so important to these people, as well as they spent time with every new client to show them the basics. After that I was a very large fan of the local cannabis dispensary, because every time I went I tried something new, as well as I learned something new! So far I have found that cannabis gummies are my favorite products. I have sampled the vape products, as well as smoked numerous strains of medical cannabis, however the tangy flavor of the cannabis gummies is delicious. And they get me supremely stoned. Next week I might try using their cannabis drinks for the first time.


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I tried to buy cannabis from Sam

When I was 16 I found out that my Uncle Sam was a pothead, as well as a part-time marijuana dealer.

I was surprised, I was shocked, but I was also super interested, because my chums as well as I had begun to dabble with smoking weed before, however it always tasted terrible. I knew my friends and I were smoking ditch weed, as well as not quality marijuana, as well as I was hoping Uncle Sam could hook me up. I went to visit Sam one afternoon without telling my parents, as well as rode my bike to Sam’s house with a pocket full of money. Uncle Sam answered the door in a cloud of cannabis smoke, as well as looked certainly surprised to see me. Sam gave me a lame excuse about needing medical cannabis to help with his glaucoma, but I knew he didn’t have glaucoma. Sam and I sat down on his porch, as well as I explained that I wanted to get as much medical cannabis as he would sell me. To my surprise, Uncle Sam pulled out a jar filled with medical cannabis as well as proceeded to roll a joint by hand. As Sam and I smoked it together, he explained that he would not sell medical cannabis to me as well as my friends. It could get Sam in major trouble with the law, as well as our family. Uncle Sam felt that medical cannabis was something pretty much everyone should have access to, however because I was only 16 he hesitated to hook me up. Sam was glad to smoke medical cannabis with me, however he refused to sell me any to take to give to my friends. After that I started hanging out with Uncle Sam a lot.

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Working the front door at the cannabis dispensary

I finally landed a wonderful and fantastic job.

It has taken me several years to reach this point, because I never had much of an education.

I was never smart, but I was large as well as strong. This was fine for playing sports, because I always got picked 1st. It was not so fantastic when it came time to get a fantastic job as well as provide stability for my 3 kids! So for the past two years I have been the bouncer at the local nightclub. The job was pretty straight-forward, however the pay wasn’t good. Taking cash bribes to let people into the club was the only way I could make any money there. Now I have been picked up as the security guard for the medical cannabis dispensary, as well as it’s the best job I’ve ever had! Unlike manning the door at a bar or a club, the cannabis dispensary clients don’t show up angry, drunk as well as belligerent. Almost every single night at the nightclub I would have to get physical with someone, however the cannabis dispensary clients are all easy and chill. Even when someone isn’t allowed into the cannabis dispensary for some reason, they don’t scream at me or try to hit me. As much as I like this job, I still feel I can do better. When the time is right I will ask the manager of the cannabis dispensary about getting a better position laboring the weed counter. I am a security guard now, however one afternoon I hope to be a head budtender, as well as beginning climbing the corporate ladder until I am running a cannabis dispensary of my own.

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Playing Saint Nick at a local medical cannabis dispensary

I am late middle aged, overweight, as well as have a long beard, so I can’t be too shocked at his request.

An outdated pal of mine named Sam asked me to dress up as Santa Claus or Saint Nick for a special event at the shop. I am late middle aged, overweight, as well as have a long beard, so I can’t be too shocked at his request. I am a little surprised that he wants a Saint Nick to hang around his sale at the medical cannabis shop, why would adults prefer seeing Saint Nick? Well I should not have doubted Sam, because he had a bold vision for how the customers were going to prefer this gathering! Sam was having special sales as well as discounts on numerous weird cannabis products, as well as Saint Nick would be on hand to give out free gifts. In my sack that was normally filled with toys I had a large selection of impressive items including packages of cannabis gummies, cans of cannabis drinks, as well as bins of cannabis tropicals! Anyone who showed me the Christmas spirit got a free cannabis product, as well as in short order the entire room was filled with cheer; Nothing brings happiness like free medicinal cannabis! Normally I slip out the back when my sack gets empty, to preserve the mystique of Saint Nick, however on this night I chose to hang around the cannabis dispensary; Everyone was having fun, as well as now it seemed that the Christmas spirit had moved them to share their cannabis products with each other. Sam as well as I hung out sipping cannabis drinks mixed with eggnog, as well as watched the gathering flourish. I have been playing Saint Nick for a long time, as well as this night at the cannabis dispensary was one of my finest experiences.



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Cannabis is better than tobacco and alcohol

There had to be ways to send messages back in the old time and I did not know what they would be saying.

If I could send some messages to my younger self I would definitely want to impart some wisdom.

One thing that I would definitely say is don’t ever begin to smoke tobacco because it is an exhausting addiction. Tobacco is something that I have easily tried to quit time after time and it continues to haunt me. I have made a ton of other mistakes in my life that have been recoverable however tobacco is still a nagging problem that continues to beseech me. A therapist advocated some ways to sublimate the urge but I did not think that it was a good idea to let the person hypnotize me. One thing that I could do is smoke cannabis instead of cigarettes. Vaping cannabis and smoking cannabis is one great way to cessate the need for smoking. The people I was with plus myself purchased a vaporizer pen with cannabis oil and another cartridge that was CBD mixed with cannabis. The both of us purchased various grams of cannabis indica and believe this would come our body and also mitigate symptoms of physical tobacco withdrawal. During the first week, I think it was the hardest. I yearn for tobacco no matter how much cannabis I smoke. I’m hoping that after time all of the physical need for nicotine and cigarettes will eventually go away. I would much rather have an addiction to cannabis than tobacco or alcohol.


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My dad prefers the things that he likes

When there are serious emergencies and it is life and death, there are times when you will realize what things are important.

After the last month and a bunch of intense storms, there was a mudslide that occurred near my own home. This avalanche has not happened in many decades and it was due to rain washing out all of the bank. Even the hillside collapsed. More than 15 houses seem to be lost and that was including a place I was sharing with a friend. The people I was with plus myself heard the avalanche rumbling and knew it was coming towards us. We had but a few seconds in order to grab the things that we could carry and then escape. I definitely wanted to grab my laptop. My buddy grabbed his cannabis plant. Thankfully the cannabis plant was easily the most important thing that he had to choose to save. Of course Hank got odd looks from other people that had escaped to the shelter. Many people had just their clothes, water, or family pictures but Hank was content to have the marijuana plant. The guy explained to me about the cannabis plant and that it was a desire to keep this plant as a part of the house even after the place was demolished and gone in the storm. The plant was something that my dad prefers to and he likes to smoke marijuana. The marijuana plant probably was a good thing to save but I still decided to get the things that I thought were more important like my laptop.



Gambling isn't for the faint hearted

Two things in this world that I absolutely love are playing lots of games and getting high. I easily cherish games and it doesn’t matter if they are job playing games, board games, card games, or even dice games. I am not importantly into video games however lots of things are easily fun for me. I do not regularly wager on University or professional sporting events. I do however choose to gamble on many of the games that I like to play. When I am not regularly involved in this game or contest, I would not choose to be gambling. It is easily difficult to resist myself to win and it doesn’t matter if the game is going on or not. My pals and also myself have this system for gambling that is really not illegal and we can do it at the cannabis shop. We actually use cannabis instead of cash. Since my friends and I smoke a lot of cannabis products, we can divide them up into smaller things. Each one of us purchases $100 worth of items from the shop and then we start to play poker using the buds as money. Since it’s just cannabis on the table there is no reason for someone to stop us from gambling. Gambling is not for the lighthearted or the faint-hearted. It has been nice when I have lost $200 worth of cannabis products and that is my entire stash. Even cannabis can be as wonderful as cash if you have the right people that want to buy it.


Growing cannabis can be very fun and rewarding

I often feel that the two of us were born in this wrong type of generation.

I have films that are my favorites and they are from the old days and I also prefer those older favorite tunes. Modern day is absolutely sad with brand names, symbols of status, and also signaling online. Many people compete to buy all of the pricey things and then it doesn’t make much sense. It seems that I should have been a flower child or a hippie. Luckily I have found like-minded friends and all of us like to spend our time together. Sometimes we are going camping in the woods over the weekend. My friends and I go to the cannabis dispensary first. My pal and also myself consistently go to the parking lot where we meet by the dispensary and then drive away from town to stay at lodges near the woods. The people I was with plus myself stay for a weekend and sometimes for longer than a week. There have even been a month or two when the cannabis dispensary was one place that we would visit to restock supplies. It makes sense when we are throwing out all of the cannabis. My pal and also myself have been absolutely self-sufficient and steady supplies of cannabis would mean that we would never even have to go into town or visit all of the places where people frequent. It has taken a long time for us to drive to the dispensary and with a lot of luck we will have some crops soon and will no longer have to drive.

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