We gave away halloween candy with every purchase

Halloween is always a fun time of the year.

It is one of my favorite holidays, so my family and I usually celebrate by decorating the house and wearing costumes.

At work, I encourage everyone to dress up on Halloween and get into the spirit. I have been managing a small cannabis dispensary for the past year. I have a small crew of 12 employees, but each one of them works hard and is a valuable part of the team. I wanted all of the crew members to get into the spirit of Halloween, so I asked for lots of ideas. One of my employees suggested giving away Halloween candy with every purchase. I honestly thought that was a fantastic idea, because stoners love candy. Every stoner gets the munchies. During the first week of October, we gave out a free candy bar with every single cannabis purchase. During the second week of October, we gave away free stickers, lanyards, and hats with every single cannabis purchase. During the third week, we gave away discount coupons for a future purchase. During the last week of October, we gave away an entire bag of Halloween candy with each purchase of an eighth or a gram of concentrate. The cannabis dispensary was busy throughout the entire month and a lot of people asked for their free candy with purchase. Word of our fun Halloween giveaway spread throughout the community very quickly. Next month for Christamas, we might have to do something similar. A Christmas gift giveaway would increase our sales, and that doesn’t hurt at the end of the fiscal year.


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My first paycheck was short 20 hours

My friend got me a job working at a cannabis dispensary.

It’s one of the most fun and exciting jobs I’ve ever had. My friend and roommate has been an employee for the past 4 months. When she found out that her boss needed to hire a few new people, she suggested my name. The boss needed me to fill out an application and then the lady brought me into the store for an interview. My friend and I were both excited when I got the job. The manager gave both of us the same schedule each week, so we can ride to work together and save on gas. I thought that was really helpful and supportive. My friend and I work every weekend. When I started working at the cannabis shop, I was really excited to get my first paycheck. Unfortunately, my first paycheck was short 20 hours and there was a significant chunk of money missing. I was really upset, because it was my first check and I was due to pay my monthly rent. My friend told me to call the store manager immediately. The manager double-checked my hours and contacted the payroll department. There was an issue with the system computing and they agreed that my paycheck should have had 20 more hours. It was simple to fix the error. The payroll department agreed to issue another check for the rest of the time, but they couldn’t get it to me until several days later. Thank goodness that was the only time my check was ever messed up.
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I like the dispensary with the free fifth item deal

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state where my friends and I live.

There are several dispensaries in the city and each one of them has a different special throughout the week. On Mondays, the dispensary down the street from the apartment building always has 20% off everything in the store. Sometimes that store doesn’t have a lot of stock after the weekend, so it’s 20% off everything isn’t a great deal. There is another dispensary about three or four miles away from my apartment. That particular recreational marijuana shop has a sale every Wednesday. They call the sale weed Wednesday, because all of the dried marijuana flower is on sale that day. Everything in the store is 15% off, but the top shelf flower products are 20% off. A new dispensary just opened up by the airport. It’s a seven-mile drive from my house and it takes about 20 minutes because of traffic. I like the dispensary, because you get a free fifth item every time you buy four things in the store. It doesn’t matter what items you purchase. Everything is included in the sale. The dispensary budtender gives you the fifth item for free. I went to the dispensary for the first time a few weeks ago. I purchased two eighths of marijuana flower and 2 grams of concentrate. Since all of my products were $30 each, I qualified for a free $30 item from the dispensary. I got to choose any product or accessory. They even included the t-shirts and posters. I decided to get a new glass bong as my free item.


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The delivery times were a lot longer than usual

My friends and I were hanging out at home on Friday night.

We ordered the fight on pay-per-view and we had two 12-packs of beer. Jason mentioned getting some cannabis from a local dispensary. I thought it was a great idea and it sounded like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my friends and I had already started drinking and we were over the limit. Getting in the car and driving to the dispensary was a dangerous idea. Jason said the cannabis dispensary offered free delivery, so my friends and I went online to look at the product menu. The product menu was updated in real time, and the dispensary had a lot of items available. We decided to get some pre-rolled cannabis joints and Jason purchased a gram of concentrate. We had to purchase $100 worth of cannabis items in order to qualify for free delivery. We knew it was going to take a while to get our items, since it was Friday night. After all, it takes at least an hour just to get a pizza or Chinese food. My friends and I were not surprised that it took 2 hours for the delivery driver to arrive. The delivery times were a lot longer than usual, but none of us minded the wait. We were completely and totally engrossed in the fights and time flew by very quickly. We watched a welterweight champ get knocked out in the first round. The guy went down like a sack of potatoes and didn’t get up again. The heavyweight fight went eight rounds and ended with a knock out too.

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BOGO sale is a serious letdown

The second product was not of equal value.

My wife and I moved to a new location every couple of weeks. We live in our RV and we travel all over the country. One thing that is particularly nice about being mobile, as being able to travel and states that have recreational marijuana laws. We tend to spend more time in these areas. Both my wife and I use medical marijuana regularly. When we moved to our last location, the first thing we did was look for local dispensaries. There are a few online apps that can help with this process, but many local dispensaries do not advertise online. My wife and I were looking at the local places and one cannabis dispensary in particular caught our attention. They had a lot of items that were listed BOGO. They had BOGO sales on flower, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates. The cannabis shop was 15 miles from our home, but a good buy one and get one sale was a great reason to make the drive. When my wife and I arrived, we looked at the sales sheet that was hanging on the door. All of the BOGO sales were actually buy one and get a second product for a dollar. The second product was not of equal value. It was a pre roll of a free gram of weed. The sale was a serious letdown. Instead of buying a product and getting the same product for free for a dollar, we ended up with a parting gift for a dollar. After driving 15 miles to the cannabis dispensary, I didn’t want to spend a single dollar inside of that shop.
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$13 eighths is a great deal on weed

Before my wife and I went back home, we visited the dispensary again so we could look at the sales and stock up on products

My wife and I went to a recreational dispensary when we were on winter break. We went to a state with recreational cannabis laws and we were there for a week. My wife and I decided to visit a recreational dispensary so we could enjoy the benefits of marijuana while we were on vacation. We purchased a couple of different items from the dispensary. They had a great deal on dried flower. They had several different eighths of weed that were only $13. $13 for an eighth of marijuana is a great deal. My wife and I usually have to pay the higher prices at a medical marijuana clinic. The average price for an eighth of marijuana from the medical dispensary is around $40. When we found the dried flower products for $13, we stopped up on a couple of different items. One of the products that my wife and I found was a sativa dominant strain called blue dream. Blue dream is a great morning strain, because the strain produces an uplifting and energized feeling. When I use blue dream in the morning, I always have a ton of energy. I can tackle lots of chores in the morning like mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, and trimming the hedges. Before my wife and I went back home, we visited the dispensary again so we could look at the sales and stock up on products. It was only a 2-hour drive from the recreational marijuana dispensary back to our home. We might make the drive once a month so we can get cheaper cannabis and weed products.

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Out of town trip for cannabis dispensary weekend

We live so far out that we can’t even get the paper delivered. And yet, we still don’t dare grow the marijuana we use. Friends mock us for driving hours to the cannabis dispensary for our marijuana products. The odds are that we would never be found out were we to grow our own cannabis. But were we to get caught, that could destroy our lives so it seems totally worth it to make the trip to the cannabis dispensary. It just wouldn’t be worth the consequences otherwise. Plus, we make sort of big deal out of the whole thing anyway. About once every six weeks or so, we plan a weekend getaway to the city. There are several marijuana businesses there and we are determined to visit them all one day. So on every trip, we pick out a new cannabis dispensary to visit. And thus far, we have yet to be disappointed. Actually, the opposite is closer to the truth. It’s just stunning the amount of new cannabis strains that we keep discovering. And my wife and I have been recreational marijuana users for more than 2 decades. So you’d think we’d have tried them all. Yea, not even close. What’s more, we like to do the whole weekend in the city. Staying at a nice hotel, seeing sights we have seen before and treating ourselves to a great dinner is also on the docket. And it’s just a blast for us. Our next trip is coming up soon and we’ve been making the list up of the marijuana edibles we hope to find on this trip.

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Took my dad to the cannabis dispensary

It’s funny all the things a father and his only son can share.

But a trip to the local cannabis spot was not on that list for me.

However, my dad and I accompanied one another for a trip to the cannabis dispensary in town. It was not just some sort of fluke either. Dad and I planned this shopping trip together. It all came about when my dad opened up to me about using recreational marijuana back in his college days. This is a man who just retired and was recently widowed. He also told me that my late mother would enjoy marijuana as well. But when they got of college and started family and a career, the marijuana days appeared to be over. He said that since he was in college he’d only enjoyed some sativa products a friend of his provided a few times on visits. With the advent of recreational marijuana use being legalized, he wanted to see about getting some sativa products again. He was just so forthcoming about the whole thing that I let him know that I also have used recreational marijuana and still do. He wasn’t all that surprised but was glad that it was legal so he didn’t have to bail me out of jail. So we planned a trip to the local cannabis spot and I wasn’t sure he’d go through with it. But he did and we ended up having a great time. Dad got the sativa strains for sale that he was looking for. And I got myself a little sampler pack. We went home, tried them out and ended up cooking dinner together and having one of the best nights of our lives together.

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Somebody left two twenties in the ATM at the dispensary

The medical and recreational marijuana dispensary does not take credit cards or debit cards.

  • They only accept cash for purchases.

I hate paying the $4.50 fee that the marijuana dispensary charges, so I usually stop at my bank ATM before going to the store. Last time I went to the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, the ATM was not working at the bank. I could not withdraw any money for free. I had to use the ATM at the marijuana dispensary. I was bummed out about paying the fee, but I didn’t have any choice. I waited in line behind three people before I had the opportunity to use the cash dispensing machine. As soon as I walked up to the ATM, I noticed two $20 bills in the tray. I quickly scanned the room to see if anyone was looking at the machine. The people in front of me we’re already talking to a budtender about their order. I grabbed the two twenties and shoved them in my pocket. I withdrew $100 from my bank account. I quickly left the ATM and walked to the other side of the room to wait for my cannabis pickup order. While I was waiting for my order, I didn’t notice anyone else at the ATM. Whoever left the money must not have realized they were $40 short. I quickly paid for my items and got out of the dispensary before someone decided to check the video tape. I didn’t want to get accused of stealing, even though someone left the money in the machine.


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I found a dime bag in the parking lot

Every Tuesday, the dispensary downtown has a sale on everything in the store.

From noon until 6 p.m, everything is 20% off. The dispensary has a large selection and they offer many different types of cannabis products. They have dried flower cannabis, concentrate, tinctures, edibles, and vape supplies. I actually prefer to purchase vape supplies. I like vaping more than smoking, because there is less stress on my throat and loans. I’ve been vaping cannabis concentrate for the past year and I physically feel better. I went to the dispensary on Tuesday so I could purchase a couple of grams of cannabis concentrate. One of the best strains that the dispensary carries is called fat banana. Fat banana is an Indica dominant strain made from mixing Fatso and 33 bananas. The flavor is sweet and piney and full of taste. I picked up two one gram cartridges of fat banana and I also grabbed a one gram jar of cannabis concentrate called papaya. Papaya is one of my favorite Indica strains and it always tastes great. I paid for my order and left the dispensary. While I was walking through the parking lot, I stumbled across a dime bag. The small bag of marijuana was still sealed from the distributor. The eighth of marijuana was sitting in the middle of the parking lot, so I picked it up and put it in my bag. Even though I don’t prefer smoking dried flower, I wasn’t going to walk past the free weed. The eighth was probably $30 in the dispensary.
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