Medical cannabis helped with my horrible sleep troubles

I have always had a lot of trouble getting to sleep.

Once I manage to get to sleep, I have even more trouble staying asleep.

I endure spine-chilling nightmares that often wake me numerous times each night, at which point I am far too stressed plus upset to fall back asleep. It’s an ugly, dangerous cycle, one that has been wearing out my mind plus my body. I spoke to my therapist about it, plus she recommended that I try out medical cannabis before bed. The goal is to settle my mind, plus mute my evil and harmful thoughts, so that I can care about a night of natural sleep. I went to the medical cannabis spot plus spent a half hour chatting with one of the young budtenders there. This was my first visit to this medical cannabis dispensary, plus it was particularly attractive. I expected to find something like a head shop, or a pharmacy, but these people were professionals who all took medical cannabis particularly seriously. My pal and I spent a while talking about my current troubles, so that they could determine the most helpful kinds of medical cannabis products for me to try. I tried some cannabis gummies that were also infused with CBD oil. I also tried vape products for the very first time, plus I must say that the vape combined with the gummies particularly did the trick. I am still hesitant to smoke strains of medical cannabis, even though I have been enjoying the effects of vape products plus edibles. With the assistance of all the budtenders at the medical cannabis dispensary, I am getting the best sleep of my entire life.


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I discovered a secret stash of cannabis

Medical cannabis is a naturally occurring plant with numerous medicinal qualities which also happens to be particularly fun to smoke

Life on the ranch is particularly tired plus usually very quiet. There is a lot of manual toil plus chores, but not a whole lot of action or excitement, but one afternoon I found a secret my parents had been hiding from everyone. Instead of saying anything I kept the secret for a little while. I was fifteen at the time, plus just coming into my “rebellious teenager” phase. I waited for just the right moment to drop my bombshell on my folks. It was on Easter, after the three of us had a big meal, I casually said “I found your medical cannabis plants behind the old barn. Will you share with me?” You should have seen the look on their faces when the realization hit that I knew about their medical cannabis plants. This led to a long, deep discussion about the history of medical cannabis in this country. Both of my parents strongly disagreed with the laws restricting medical marijuana, plus thought they were well justified to chop those laws. Medical cannabis is a naturally occurring plant with numerous medicinal qualities which also happens to be particularly fun to smoke. I agreed with them, plus then asked if I could join along when they smoked some of this medical cannabis, plus they balked at that, but since I was fifteen they said I was too young. I argued that since medical cannabis was illegal for all of us, then it would be hypocritical to deny me because of my age. They finally relented, plus later on that night the three of us sat on the porch plus I smoked medical cannabis for the 1st time… but not the last!

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Cannabis products helped relieve my anxiety

And they get me supremely stoned

I used to suffer from such exhausting anxiety. I had no way of truly relieving stress, so it kept building and building until I got a panic attack. This happened numerous times, plus it only added to my levels of stress plus anxiety. Even when I go to sleep I couldn’t get any respite from the intense plus aggravating thoughts in my head. I had tried numerous kinds of sleeping pills, but they didn’t provide me with much quality sleep. Finally I went to the local medical cannabis shop plus spoke at length with one of the lead budtenders. I had never used medical cannabis before, for any reason, but luckily this guy was such a wealth of information. He explained the differences between cannabis sativa plus indica, plus why he believed indica would be the most helpful for me. What surprised me the most was the feeling I got at the cannabis dispensary, because these people weren’t trying to sell me stuff, they were trying to educate me! A cannabis education was crucial to these people, plus they spent a lot of time with every up-to-date purchaser to show them the basics. After that I was a major fan of the local cannabis dispensary, because every time I went I tried using something new, plus also learned something new! So far I have found that cannabis gummies are by far my favorite product. I have sampled the vape products, plus smoked numerous strains of medical cannabis, but the strong fruit flavor of the cannabis gummies is simply delicious. And they get me supremely stoned. Next week I might try their cannabis drinks for the 1st time.



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I wanted to buy some weed

When I was sixteen I found out that my Uncle Dan was a pothead, plus a part-time marijuana dealer.

I was surprised, I was shocked, even though I was very interested… All of my university buddies plus I had dabbled with using weed before, but it always tasted terrible.

I knew we were getting low grade ditch weed, plus not quality marijuana, plus I was hoping Uncle Dan would hook me up. I went to visit Dan one afternoon separate from telling my parents, plus rode my bike to his house with a pocket full of cash. Uncle Dan answered the door in a cloud of cannabis smoke, plus looked so surprised to see me. Dan gave me a lame excuse about needing medical cannabis to help with his glaucoma, even though I knew that he didn’t have glaucoma. Dan and I sat down on his porch, plus I explained that I wanted to buy as much medical cannabis as he would sell me. To my surprise, Uncle Dan pulled out a jar filled with medical cannabis plus proceeded to roll a fat joint by hand. As we smoked it together, he explained that he would not sell medical cannabis to me or my friends. It could get him in major trouble with the law, plus our family. Uncle Dan felt that medical cannabis was something everyone should have access to, but because I was sixteen he hesitated to hook me up. He was gleeful to smoke medical cannabis with me, but Dan refused to sell me any to take to my friends. After that I started hanging out with Uncle Dan a lot.


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I was hired to work security for the cannabis dispensary

I finally got a particularly good task.

It has taken me four years to reach this point, because I don’t have much of an education.

I was never too smart, even though I was big in size plus very strong, however this was wonderful for playing sports, because I always got picked first for the team. It was not so wonderful when it came time to get a good task plus provide financial stability for my young kids; For the last two years I was the bouncer at the local nightclub. The work itself was pretty easy, but the pay wasn’t good. Taking bribes to let people into the club was the only way I would make any money there. Now I have been hired as the security guard for the medical cannabis shop, plus it’s the best task I’ve ever had! Unlike working the door at a bar or a club, the medical cannabis dispensary shoppers don’t show up drunk plus belligerent. Almost every single night in the club I would have to get physical with someone, but the cannabis dispensary clients are all particularly chill. Even when someone isn’t allowed into the cannabis dispensary for some odd reason, they will never scream at me or try to hit me. As much as I like this task, I still suppose I can still do better. When the time is right I’m going to ask the manager of the cannabis dispensary about earning a better position working the counter. I am a security guard now, but one afternoon I want to be a budtender, plus start climbing the corporate ladder until I run my own cannabis dispensary.

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Playing Santa for the cannabis dispensary

Max, a seasoned pal of mine, asked me to dress up as Santa for a special event at his weed shop! I am middle-aged, a bit overweight, plus have a long beard, so I can’t be too surprised at his request.

I am a little startled that he wants a Santa Claus to hang around his sale at the medical cannabis shop, then why would adults cherish meeting Santa Claus? Well I should not have doubted Max, because he had a very bold vision for how the customers were going to care about this party, and Max was having sales plus discounts on numerous unusual cannabis products, plus Santa Claus would be on hand to provide out free gifts.

In my sack that was normally filled with toys I had a vast selection of impressive items including packages of cannabis gummies, bottles of cannabis drinks, plus tubes of cannabis tropicals, then anyone who showed me the Christmas spirit got 1 free cannabis product, plus in short order the entire room was filled with cheer, but nothing brings happiness like getting free medical cannabis! Normally I slip out the back when my sack is empty, to preserve the mystique of Santa, but on this night I wanted to hang around the cannabis dispensary, everyone was having fun, plus now it seemed that the Christmas spirit was moving them all to share their cannabis products with each other. Max plus I hung out sipping cannabis drinks mixed with eggnog, plus watched the party flourish. I have been playing Santa Claus for a long time at this point, but that night at the cannabis dispensary was one of my best experiences.


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I have a future in the medical cannabis industry

Getting a job at the local dispensary has totally changed the way I see marijuana.

Of course I have never been a stranger to smoking cannabis, it’s been a minor factor in my life for as long as I can recall.

Both of my parents got high, although they tried to keep it a secret from me as well as my siblings. In college most of my pals were always smoking something or another, be it tobacco, cloves, or cannabis. The point of the story is that I have always considered weed to be normal, so I have never thought about it as medical. Now that I work at the medical cannabis dispensary I have a brand new perspective on this plant. There are so numerous brave people who frequent this cannabis dispensary who rely on our products to keep their lives tolerable. My friends only smoked weed to get high, however these people rely on medical cannabis products to relieve legit aches as well as pains, as well as allow them to sleep at night. With that in mind, I started approaching my job at the medical cannabis shop much more seriously. These patients deserved respect, as well as they deserved the best purchaser service and repair that any cannabis dispensary could give them! My bosses noticed my newfound enthusiasm, as well as privately said that within 6 months I could be the senior budtender for the cannabis dispensary. They liked how I have been treating the medical cannabis patients with such respect, as well as the patients have been noticing it, too. The cannabis dispensary had received numerous glowing reviews on Google, thanks in part to my purchaser service. I feel I might have a future in the medical cannabis industry.


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Moving our date to the cannabis dispensary

Once a week I meet with my neighbor Ed at the local diner. I have known Ed for decades, as well as now that our kids have all grown as well as moved out on their own, that friendship is more important than ever before. Ed and I were close when Ed and I were young, as well as now Ed and I are closer than ever as Grandfathers. Only another Grandpa can understand the stresses as well as challenges that come with it. Over the years Ed as well as I have both changed in numerous ways, however Ed got heavily into drinking wine, for example, while I have always favored using medical cannabis. Ed used to chide me about it, saying that medical cannabis was unbecoming for a Grandmama. I had to laugh at that, because while I subtly enjoyed the effects of cannabis gummies, Ed was staining his lips red by chugging wine all afternoon. One afternoon I invited Ed out for coffee, as well as asked his to take one of my cannabis gummies, just to see what it was like. I said that once Ed had cannabis gummies he wouldn’t want to drink wine anymore. My prediction was not 100% accurate. Ed did have a fantastic time that afternoon, as well as now he enjoys eating cannabis gummies in addition to drinking wine at the same time. For an outdated man, Ed sure knows how to gather! One afternoon my friend and I want to buy some cannabis drinks from the local dispensary, as well as see how they compare to red wine. Now our biweekly date has been moved from the local diner to the local cannabis dispensary cafe as well as smokers lounge. It’s a lot more fun here.

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All art is subjective, just like cannabis

Every kind of art style is a little different.

Art is entirely subjective, which means that what looks great to one guy may not be pretty for another person, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Some of my therapy patients draw with pencils, or markers, while other patients might paint or sculpt.

I have a patient that dances, as well as that is his artistic and creative outlet, while another patient carves sculptures in clay. There is no wrong way to do art, as well as art therapy is beneficial for pretty much everyone… Personally, I love writing as my form of therapy. Similarly, I feel that cannabis can be beneficial to pretty much everyone else, although weird people need weird kinds of cannabis… Just like art, medical cannabis is so versatile as well as it offers something for pretty much everyone. I love the sativa strains of medical cannabis, as well as usually in the flower form. Some of my friends love vape products, or the edible form of cannabis gummies. They don’t like the smoke to harm their lung tissue, so they use other forms of cannabis products. For me, smoking medical cannabis is an essential part of my art therapy, because it allows me to turn off my conscious thoughts as well as become absorbed into the artistic process. Without smoking medical cannabis I feel too much, as well as can’t let instinct take over. My art process involves medical cannabis sativa as well as writing, however it is weird for pretty much everyone. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this matter – tell me what kind of medical cannabis you like, as well as how it impacts your artistic creativity. No matter how you look at it, art as well as medical cannabis just go so well together.

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Stocking up on cannabis products

The family chalet by the lakeside is called the Bunker.

That’s the nickname it’s had since I was a little boy! You see, this old chalet is in a prime location, however it has a bad design.

My associates and I always call it the Bunker because it has one door as well as no windows. Although it sits alongside a small but picturesque lake in the midst of a lush, dense forest, you can’t see any of that from inside! This makes it a bad spot to go for a getaway, because the Bunker is so cramped as well as dark. However, when I wish to retreat from society with my laptop as well as my supply of medical cannabis as well as do a little writing, the Bunker is perfect. If I am going into full lockdown mode for my writing, I stock up on loads of medical cannabis, usually of the sativa variety, as well as enough food as well as bottled water to stay secluded for a few days. Normally I will visit the local cannabis dispensary 5 or 6 times a week. I like to get a weird strain of medical cannabis every time, just 1 or 2 grams worth. The next afternoon I go back as well as get a weird strain of medical marijuana. This situation was particular , because I would not be able to leave the old Bunker for medical cannabis for quite some time. I bought a wide variety of cannabis products for the latest seclusion, everything from OG Kush as well as Purple Haze to cannabis infused gummies, drinks, as well as oil for my vape pen, variety is important to me, as well as helps with my writing, so having so numerous weird cannabis products on hand was the smartest play.


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