Bored and smoking a lot

I have a few roommates, & 1 of them has a live-in partner.

Well, she wasn’t initially a live-in partner, but then the COVID quarantine hit & she just ended up staying here with us.

The first few weeks were kind of great, & then the home fever set in. Watching entire runs of TV series & movies franchises got stale, & all of us played out every board game & card game in the house. I am not certain who came up with the system first, but it came about in the center of a smoke session, & all of us spent all night planning it out. All of us called it the Cannabis Games, & would be a hardcore type competition with multiple different marijuana-based contests between the more than three of us. The first event was called the “dirty weed pick & roll” which used locally grown cannabis that was tacky & full of seeds. The goal of this event was to scrub the marijuana, break it down by hand, & roll it into a perfect cigarette. The hour leg of the event is to puff & pass, & smoke all more than 3 marijuana cigarettes at once in a circle. For the next event all of us got out the massive few chambers glass bong & stuffed it full of Orange kush. This 1 was an endurance test, & the bong went around the circle, each of us hitting more & more Orange kush until all of us tapped out 1 by 1. These events went on for days, until all of us realized all of us had smoked up a whole week’s worth of cannabis!
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Their dispensary was so much better

I spent an hour walking around this amazing cannabis dispensary, which wasn’t like ours back at home

Have you ever visited the place you grew up, & found it to be not what you thought? This has been happening to me a lot lately, because I have had a lot of time off from work & decided to do some driving. The COVID quarantine made me miss driving around new locations, so I decided to hit a few of my old haunts across the country. The first place where I got drunk with a fake ID is now a phone store, & what was once a 1 story building is now 6 stories. I tried to track down the old pizza joint I used to enjoy, & found that it was now a cannabis dispensary. Never 1 to waste a trip, I went inside to see if they would honor my medical weed card from my condo state. Where I live there are legal weed dispensaries for medicinal use, so they are love pharmacies & require a state sponsored card as well as an insurance card. It turns out this state has allowed recreational marijuana use, so they didn’t give a crap about my stuff. Any legal adult with the money to spend can walk into a cannabis store & buy what they want. I care about it, that here cannabis is treated the same as pain reliever or cough syrup, & doesn’t have to be such a large deal. I spent an hour walking around this amazing cannabis dispensary, which wasn’t like ours back at home. This was warm, tidy, with chairs to sit in & relax, a coffee cart, & a smokers lounge for sampling cannabis.

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Ended up getting more weed

The system was easy, but attractive.

The tunes festival was a few days worth of live performances, & it was being held at a site that had a camp grounds. All of us decided to take a trailer, have a party on the road trip there, & then sleep in the trailer for the entirety of the long weekend. It was going to be epic, & with travel time forth & back all of us would be gone for an entire week. Five people in a trailer for a whole month required some drastic supplies. All of us would need food, bottled water, booze, & a whole lot of weed. As it turns out, our supply of cannabis was pretty small, & all of us had smoked most of it by the time all of us even got to the festival. That wouldn’t be a problem, she figured, because so several people smoke marijuana at these events someone there would have some to sell. It turns out all of us didn’t need to buy any marijuana, because that trailer gave us a good place that all the people didn’t have — privacy. For the right to have some privacy while getting stoned, all of us found a lot of people who were unquestionably generous with their cannabis. Whenever you light up at a festival, the cannabis crew starts to swoop & ask you for a couple of hits. The privacy to smoke cannabis undisturbed proved to be unquestionably lavish, & all of us entirely drove back home with a lot more marijuana than all of us had initially. Not only did people smoke us out, they also left cannabis buds as a “thank you” gift.
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She has me get her cannabis

I can’t tell you my first name, or where my rental property is, because that would be an ethical violation of my occupation, but I have to tell someone about this occupant! Ruth is an older lady, & has some amount of wealth.

She laid out such a nice cash deposit for the rental, several weeks paid in full, that I didn’t even give her a difficult time about not giving me any ID or credentials. She claims to be a good writer who wants anonymity, & hasn’t left the grounds in multiple weeks. She pays me an added bonus to get her supplies, so I go to the grocery store & a cannabis dispensary for her whenever needed… & she needs a ton of cannabis it turns out. It makes me wonder if all writers use this much weed, because she claims it is a sizable help with her writing. In fact she even calls it the killer of writer’s block instead of cannabis, which I have been told is a reference to some kind of song. She writes on an old typewriter, doesn’t have a computer which means I need to look up what cannabis is available on the web & tell her, then get her order & her money & drive to the cannabis dispensary. She could save so much time & money by doing all of this on her own, however if she prefers it this way I will regularly take the extra money & spend it at the cannabis dispensary myself! I haven’t paid for any of my own marijuana since she moved in.


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Visiting my buddy

They had a special on orange Kush, which I haven’t smoked in a long time, so I got some of that, as well as a homegrown Sativa strain

I took a break, & my pal Seth was so far away that I had to fly. I undoubtedly hate flying, however in this case there was no other way to travel. There are many good reasons to hate airports, from the long lines, invasive searches, & high costs to the horrible way people act while traveling. Also, you can’t bring alcohol or weed with you. I would much love driving, however as I said, that wasn’t possible this time. I made sure my buddy Seth had a sizable supply of cannabis & whiskey for me at her house. Seth tried his best, however his plan of a “sizable supply” of cannabis is not up to my standard. I usually have at least multiple different kinds of cannabis on hand at any 1 time, because I smoke a lot of it & I love variety. I thanked him for her hospitality, & then got on my cellphone to find the closest cannabis dispensary with delivery. I really didn’t want to leave again after so much work, so I got the cannabis delivered to his house. They had a special on orange Kush, which I haven’t smoked in a long time, so I got some of that, as well as a homegrown Sativa strain. I finished off my order with some edibles, & then went back to hanging out with my friend. It took a few hours for my delivery to arrive, & in that time I smoked the entire supply of cannabis Seth had picked up for my visit.


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Making it a fun game

I suppose it sounds odd, but give me a break, the cannabis dispensary delivered, & all of us literally had nothing else to do but smoke.

How did you pass the time in social distance? Of course you smoked a lot, all of us all smoked a lot, but what else did you do? There was only so much TV I could watch, you know what I mean? I watched all multiple seasons of The Bodyguard, then the whole run of Peaky Blinders, & topped it off with Sons of Anarchy & then every episode of Better off Dead. After that I just didn’t want to even look at the television for a while, so I had to get creative. I live with my acquaintance Pat & her girlfriend Mary, & all of us hatched the system of a cannabis “olympics” type event. All of us created a few different games based around smoking marijuana, & then would go head to head & see who came out on top. I suppose it sounds odd, but give me a break, the cannabis dispensary delivered, & all of us literally had nothing else to do but smoke. All of us started off with the blunt races which used lower quality marijuana in blunts, & all of us each smoked a whole blunt to see who did it the fastest. Next was the Gravity Bong Hurdles, which used orange Kush in our sink-based gravity bong, & this was an endurance challenge. All of us actually should have used lower quality marijuana for that, because it knocked us all out… but I was the last 1 standing! The cannabis games lasted for the better part of a week, mostly because all of us would smoke ourselves unconscious by the middle of the day! It was an amazing way to pass the time.

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Don’t waste the cannabis

I took my first boating tour last week! It wasn’t anything large, just a few day back-and-forth trip over to 1 of the caribbean islands.

I had a really fun time, & was celebrating pretty good even before all of us left port.

My friends & I weren’t holding weed initially, so all of us were hitting the booze pretty hard to compensate. Our system was to track down some local stuff in the islands, to try & get high ended white sand turf. Once all of us landed & started walking around, it took us about an hour to find someone with cannabis to sell. It looked wonderful, odored even better, & the girl who sold it claimed it was freshly harvested from her own marijuana field. The deranged section was that all of us paid him, & she handed us the entire bucket of cannabis. It must have been half a pound of this absurdly smelly marijuana, for the price of what I pay for multiple ounces at home! There was a problem, of course — all of us particularly smuggled the cannabis onto the ship, but knew all of us would actually be searched on the way off. That meant the clock was going, & all of us had to power smoke as much marijuana as all of us could before it was time to get off, but someone floated the idea of putting the cannabis in a balloon & swallowing, but I pointed out how the balloon would exit the body, & said nah. All of us ended up rolling a couple of dozen marijuana blunts & running around the decks just handing them out — no use in having quality cannabis go to waste!

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Life is pretty crazy right now

Small city life is pretty vacant, & a lot of people have a desire to make things “the way they used to be.” People use this as a reason to resist change, or even worse get upset about change; When pot legalization came up during the last state elections, this whole town lost its collective mind, but people were angry about it, people put up signs & made a sizable fuss… Of course legalization went through, all of us all knew it would, so then the neighborhood focused on passing a local ordinance to prohibit any cannabis dispensaries from opening within the neighborhood limits.

This is nice with me, because I have been secretly growing & selling marijuana for the last few years, & I don’t need the stress, and it’s funny to me that a few of the people fighting against the cannabis dispensary are buying from me on the sly, no 1 dares be open about using weed, however lots of people do… thanks to me.

I have a small field of marijuana crops deep on my parent’s farmland. This is not an active farm land, thanks to government subsidies. My parents make more money by not growing anything, so I use the land for some marijuana plants. I don’t go crazy with it, I haven’t expanded my marijuana field in over a year, because I don’t want to grow so much that it will draw attention, but even if the cannabis dispensary does open, several of the people won’t want to buy weed in public, so maybe it won’t affect my place at all.


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Living near a cannabis dispensary

When I moved to the city it was difficult finding an apartment to live in.

I decided living in a giant apartment complex would be the best.

That way I would have a pool, a grill, game room, work out space and a business center to work if I needed to. My actual apartment had granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a washer and dryer and a nice bathroom. The apartment complex had everything I needed and was conducive to meeting people. I got quite a deal on rent because the apartment wasn’t near anything. The land around it was all in development. It was exciting to see what businesses would pop up. A few restaurants, a shoe store, bar and a grocery store came in quickly. Last and my favorite business was a cannabis dispensary. Living near a cannabis dispensary and a bar is just amazing. If I feel like going out drinking, I can walk to the bar and get hammered. If I want to smoke a little weed, I can go in person or have it delivered for a ridiculously small fee. Most of the time going to the cannabis dispensary near me is a fun weekend thing I do. I like taking my time looking at all the different strains and trying them out in the vape lounge. It makes a fun filled day that can turn into a wild evening. Every one of my friends wants to come to my place to hang out. With booze, food and cannabis right next door, all our wants are covered.
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I love being a cannabis delivery driver

I love being in the car. It is so relaxing driving, listening to music and just being with my own thoughts. I typically like driving alone because I can just think, daydream or listen to a podcast. Sometimes I find a stand up from my favorite comedian and listen to it while driving. I always knew my profession would be one based in a vehicle. I used to drive the big trucks from state to state with different supplies. The companies I worked for weren’t very good and the other workers were awful. I then did a grocery delivery service that was a bit better, but the customers always complained to me. Now I am in my dream job. Cannabis dispensaries have broadened their reach and responded well due to COVID. Basically every cannabis shop in town offers cannabis delivery for a small fee. It was great in the height of the virus when everyone had to social distance. It then was really nice just for convenience sake. I work for a cannabis dispensary that has a very wide delivery range. I pick up the cannabis products early in the morning and do my driving routes. It is about a few hours five days a week and I make good money in tips. Every customer I hand the cannabis products off to are happy and friendly. Everyone is excited to see me and nobody has a complaint about the dispensary I work for. I could see being a cannabis delivery driver as my long term career. I could work for a larger dispensary and easily do this 9-5.

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