Couldn’t find a way to tell my mother about my new cannabis job

My mom is from a time when marijuana was a drug & a gateway to harder drugs such as crack, cocaine, & heroin.

When I was being raised, my good pals & I were caught smoking marijuana & my mom lost her mind.

She grounded me for the length of a month & I wasn’t even permitted to speak with my friends or go to various places. It was entirely miserable to be completely honest. I came to the realization that my mom wasn’t going to understand when I started working at a medical marijuana dispensary nearby. My mom made an attempt to talk to all of her friends about marijuana & she wanted all the people to vote against the law. She legitimately tried to make sure that medical marijuana was not legalized successfully. She was horrified when the state ended up passing the law with 68% approval. When the medical marijuana dispensaries started to open in the region, all types of places were looking for workers. I was able to land a job at a weed store after I attended a budtender & education class. I never found it in me to tell my mom that I applied for a job. I didn’t want to tell her anything until I knew for sure that I was able to acquire it. Unfortunately, I have been working at the marijuana dispensary nearby for approximately a month & I still have not told my mom about the current job. She thinks that I am still working at the restaurant. I’m sure glad that the restaurant is on the other side of town, an hour from my mom. Until I figure out a way to tell her about my job at the medical weed store, I want her to guess that I am still working at the restaurant.



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I unfortunately had to work late at the weed store

I was supposed to be entirely finished with my work at the marijuana dispensary at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday & I had plans to meet my girlfriend at a restaurant that wasn’t too far away. She finished working at 5:00 & she was waiting for me to finish with work so the two of us could prefer an elegant dinner together before going back to our residence. My girlfriend texted me at 6:15 & I was still working at the dispensary. I told my boss that I was supposed to meet my girlfriend at the restaurant, however he was not interested in letting me go in the least. The weed store was filled with people & there was still a line outside of the door. Wednesday is the one day of the week when everything in the marijuana dispensary happens to be 25% off. My boss said I could not leave until the line outside was much smaller. Of course, getting in line & the outdoor line did not ease up until almost 8:00 p.m. My girlfriend texted me a great deal between 6:00 & 8:00 but there was nothing that I could do to get out of there. When I eventually was able to contact her at 8:00 p.m., she was already at our residence. She told me to simply get some takeout & come back to the residence. She entirely sounded bothered on the iphone. I knew that she was looking forward to a nice dinner out, but I couldn’t leave when my boss needed me to stay & help out at the weed store.

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We accidentally dropped a lit marijuana joint in the canyon

I was not able to see where it landed & we couldn’t walk back down to find it

The weather was predicted to be elegant on Wednesday & I was looking forward to enjoying the day outdoors. I got in contact with my good pal Bobby to see if he was trying to go hiking at the canyon. On the weekends, the canyon trails are a little too busy but Bobby & I like to take the rougher trails that aren’t traveled by as many people. I stopped at a weed store before I met Bobby at the canyon. I picked up a package of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The five pack of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes were infused with some of the finest distillate, top shelf flower, & live plant terpenes. When I eventually made it to the canyon, Bobby was already there. The two of us sat inside of my vehicle & my good pal and I smoked one of the marijuana cigarettes. The flavored joint tasted like strawberries. It was a sativa strain called strawberry cough & it was fantastic. After my good pal and I finished smoking one of the marijuana cigarettes, my friend and I started off on our journey. My associate and I had three or four miles to the top of the canyon. When my good pal and I made it all the way to the top, my friend and I thought it would be nice to have another joint. Unfortunately, my good buddy and I dropped a lit marijuana joint down into the canyon. I was not able to see where it landed & we couldn’t walk back down to find it. I was bothered about the possibility of a fire, but Bobby told me I was being paranoid. I didn’t hear about any wildfires or concerns in the canyon after my good buddy and I left. I know the marijuana cigarette didn’t cause any accidental forest fires, at least I’m pretty sure.
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I have a major issue with restless legs that keep me awake most days

Restless leg syndrome is a completely debilitating & horrible disease that affects your legs & lower extremities.

Restless leg syndrome is undoubtedly unpleasant & strenuous to live with.

Restless leg syndromes is a neurological condition that causes my legs to move on their own. Sometimes it feels like there is tingling & itching even though there is nothing actually wrong with my legs. The sensations genuinely become worse at night & that causes me concerns when I am working hard to sleep. My mom & my Grandma both suffered from this particular illness & it is part of our family genetics. I tried lots of different things to help alleviate the symptoms. The healthcare worker told me that I should exercise & work out more in the night before bedtime. I tried that & it made the RLS symptoms considerably worse. One thing that entirely helps is recreational marijuana. I smoke recreational marijuana at night before I go to sleep & it helps me rest more easily. Of course, when I don’t smoke recreational marijuana before going to bed, my restless legs keep me awake most days. I smoke a little bit of recreational marijuana & that seems to help quite a bit. I started going to the marijuana dispensary near me & I have found a pretty good amount of different products that help. One product that I like the best is a tincture that is undoubtedly straight-forward to dose. I take 20 mg of the tincture at night & I don’t even have to smoke a bowl or a marijuana joint. Of course, there are times when I just want to hang out on the patio & appreciate a joint.

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Marijuana works to relax our body & mind

Marijuana contains compounds that are called cannabinoids.

These cannabinoids help play a pressing position with how marijuana will affect our body & mind.

Cannabinoids such as THC & CBD affect our pain, appetite, sleep, & our mood also. THC is absolutely one of the most well-known marijuana cannabinoids in the world. It has an undoubtedly psychoactive effect. CBD is also fairly well known, but it does not have any psychoactive effects in the slightest… Marijuana can help with lots of medical conditions like anxiety, depression, ptsd, & chronic pain. Chronic pain is a strong reason why I decided to get started with using marijuana. The healthcare worker was giving me a pain pill & I was taking a good amount too. The pain pills legitimately were not getting rid of the pain though & I found myself taking far too many! Eventually I was anxious that I was going to develop a very serious problem. I decided to talk to my healthcare worker about marijuana. At the time, marijuana was merely legal for medical purposes in the state. I pretty much had to jump through a huge amount of hoops to get my medical marijuana card. It’s been 3 years since I started using medical marijuana & during that time recreational marijuana has been legalized as well, however prices have dropped & there are way more products on the market that can help with my pain. I have not had to take any narcotics or over-the-counter pain medications since I started using a medical marijuana product on a regular basis. If chronic pain, anxiety, or depression are getting you down, I would strongly recommend talking to your healthcare worker about the considerable benefits of medical marijuana.

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Edible cannabis treats are 10mg most of the time

Edible cannabis treats in the dispensary are usually 10 mg when I end up buying them.

10 mg seems to be the recommended dosage for edible cannabis treats, so each one of the items in the weed store is usually 10 mg, and there are a couple of packages & products that contain 20 mg.

I have never had any other edible cannabis treats that had more THC than that until this weekend to be honest. I went to a weed shop in the city & they gave me a couple of free samples which was awesome! One of the free samples was a 10 mg THC edible. At least, I thought the package was a 10 mg THC edible. The package turned out to be a 100 mg THC edible. I ate the entire cannabis product before I looked at the package information especially closely. After I ate the 100 mg candy, I came to realize that I was going to be undoubtedly high. That is a much higher dosage than I would usually have. I was meant to go to the films with some good buddies, but I was afraid to drive. I told my friends that I was going to stay at my residence, and someone offered to supply me with a ride, but I thought it was best if I just stayed home. About 40 minutes after I ate the edible, I started to feel really hot all over my body. I could tell that the THC edible was starting to work for me. About 10 minutes after that, I started laughing & wasn’t able to stop. I was high for roughly 3 hours & I slept 12 hours. The high dosage candy was absolutely too much for me to deal with.
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I may have a bright future selling medical cannabis

Getting this position at the weed dispensary has totally changed the way I suppose about marijuana.

Of course I have never been a rookie to cannabis, it’s been a factor in my life for as long as I can remember.

My parents and grandparents all got stoned, although they tried to keep it a secret from me plus my siblings. At the university most of my chums were always smoking something, be it cloves, tobacco or cannabis. The point of this story is that I have always considered weed to be very normal, plus have never thought about it as medical. Now that I work at the medical cannabis dispensary I have gotten a fresh perspective on this beloved plant. There are numerous brave patients who frequent this cannabis dispensary who depend on our weed products to keep their lives tolerable. My friends only smoked to get high, but these people need medical cannabis products to relieve aches plus pains, plus allow them to sleep at night. With that fact in mind, I started taking my task at the medical cannabis shop much more seriously. These folks deserved respect, plus they deserved the best purchaser service any cannabis dispensary can provide to them! My bosses noticed my newfound enthusiasm, plus privately told me that within a few months I could be the senior budtender for the cannabis dispensary. They liked how I treated all of the medical cannabis patients with such respect, plus the patients had noticed it, too. The cannabis dispensary had gotten numerous glowing reviews online, thanks in part to my excellent purchaser service. I suppose I might have a future selling medical cannabis.


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Recently, I moved the normal date to the cannabis dispensary

Once a week I meet with my old friend Cal at the local Dunkin Donuts Latte shop.

I have known Cal for decades, plus now that our kiddos are all grown plus moved out on their own, that friendship is more crucial than ever before.

Cal and I were close when we were young, plus now we are closer than ever as Grandparents. Only another Grandparent can fully understand the stresses plus challenges that come with it. Over the years Cal plus I have both changed in numerous ways, carol got heavily into drinking wine, for example, while I have previously favored using medical cannabis. Cal used to chide me about it, saying that medical cannabis was unbecoming for a Grandma. I had to chuckle at that, because while I subtly enjoyed the effects of cannabis gummies, Cal was staining her lips yellow by chugging wine all afternoon. One afternoon I invited Cal out for coffee, plus asked her to take one of my cannabis gummies, just to see what it was like. I said that once Cal had cannabis gummies she wouldn’t want to drink wine anymore. My prediction was not 100% accurate. Cal did have a wonderful time that afternoon, plus now she likes eating cannabis gummies plus drinking red wine at the same time. For such a seasoned lady, Cal sure knows how to party! One afternoon we want to buy some cannabis drinks from the weed dispensary, plus see how they compare to yellow wine. Now our usual date spot has moved from the local Dunkin Donuts Latte shop to the local cannabis dispensary cafe or the smokers lounge. It’s a lot more fun here.


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Like cannabis, art is subjective

Every kind of art and every kind of therapy are a little different.

Art is purely subjective, which means that what seems artistic to one person might not be for another person, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Some of my mental patients draw with pencil, or marker, while other patients may paint or sculpt.

I have a patient that ballet dances, plus that is her creative outlet, while another patient carves clay sculptures. There is no wrong way to do art, plus art therapy is beneficial for everyone. Personally, I savor writing for my form of therapy. Similarly, I feel that cannabis is beneficial for everyone, although unusual people need unusual kinds of cannabis! Just like art, medical cannabis is quite adaptable plus offers something for everyone. I savor the sativa strains of medical cannabis, plus usually in the form of flowers. Some of my friends savor vape products, or the edible form of cannabis gummies. They don’t want the smoke to tear up their lungs, so they use other forms of cannabis products. For me medical cannabis is an essential aspect of my art therapy, because it allows me to shut down my conscious thoughts plus get absorbed into the artistic process. Without medical cannabis I suppose too much, plus can’t let my instincts take over. My artistic process involves medical cannabis sativa plus writing, but it is unusual for most everyone. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter – tell me what kind of medical cannabis helps you, plus how it impacts your creativity. No matter how you look at it, art plus medical cannabis just go together like cookies and milk.

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Stocking up on cannabis products

The place on the side of the lake is called the Bunker.

That’s the nickname it’s had since I was a wee little kid, however you see, this spot is in a prime location, but it has an exhausting and poor design. My family and I call it the Bunker because it has one door plus no windows. Although it sits beside a gorgeous, picturesque lake in the middle of a lush, dense forest, you can’t see any of that from inside! This makes it such an exhausting place to go for holiday, because the Bunker is so cramped plus dark. However, whenever I wish to retreat from the world with my iPad plus my supply of medical cannabis plus get some writing done, the Bunker is the perfect place. If I am going into full lockdown mode for my writing, I stock up on medical cannabis, usually 1 of the sativa varieties, plus enough food plus water to stay secluded for a few mornings. Normally I will visit a local cannabis dispensary numerous times a week. I like to get an unusual strain of medical cannabis every time, just one or two grams worth. The next afternoon I go back plus get an unusual kind of medical marijuana. This situation was unique , because I would not be able to venture out of the Bunker for medical cannabis for quite some time. I bought a wide assortment of cannabis products for the seclusion, everything from OG Kush plus Purple Haze to cannabis gummies, fruit drinks, plus oil for my vape pen, but variety is crucial to me, plus helps with my work, so having numerous fun and unusual cannabis products on hand was the smart play.


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