My muscle shakes

I could not be more thankful than to have found medical weed.

Well actually, it was more that the medical cannabis sort of came on to me.

After my spasms got to the point that I had to take a leave from my job plus the muscle relaxers weren’t working, my kid took myself and others to cannabis events. This is sort of ironic given I spent a lot of time telling him about the horrors of cannabis products. How retarded do I look now? But I’m just so glad that he got me to the cannabis dispensary events so I could get wonderful cannabis knowledge. A cannabis education entirely helped me to learn that this medical marijuana is entirely a natural medicine used for this age. This got me motivated to get through the medical marijuana rules in my state in order to get to the legal weed shop. The staff at the cannabis dispensary were so wonderful about asking me all the important questions regarding my case. And they were able to get me started with some cannabis flower products. We ended up going with the same strain however in vape products as the smoking was not going so hot. I’m just not all that wonderful at inhaling smoke it seems to be. The vape products worked almost right out. It was amazing that after just a few afternoons of treatment the spasms were greatly cut back in intensity. After a few weeks, the spasms weren’t even going every day plus I was getting my range of motion back. I’m entirely so glad for my child for getting me to a cannabis dispensary.


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Cancer and my weed

If I had to get cancer, I’m just excited it happened to me while I was living in a state where medical cannabis is allowed.

Had that not been the case, this situation would be a whole lot tougher plus I’m not just talking about physically.

Honestly, I hadn’t entirely given much thought to medical cannabis plus the fight to get it allowed in this state. I remember hearing about it but was too stressed with work, kids plus all that to entirely deal with it. Medical marijuana was something that I was neither for nor against. Now that I’m getting all the good points of having the cannabis product that are helping me manage my cancer, I’m so thankful it passed. When I heard the word cancer come out of the doctor’s mouth, I was incredulous. That didn’t last long though as treatment plus the reality of a cancer diagnosis came on hastily. Luckily I was able to expedite the process for how to get a medical marijuana card plus got to the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis flower product I was able to purchase is a single that is identifiably geared toward helping with effects of chemo. And it entirely helped with the stomach pain. Not only that although I was able to have a bit of an appetite as well. However, medical marijuana is also entirely helping me relax plus just focus on getting to remission. I’m not nearly as anxious or as scared now that I’m treating medical marijuana. Once more, I hate that I’m going through cancer treatment however ever so thankful to have access to the legal weed store.



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No more stress

I entirely didn’t guess what life could be like without being constantly plagued by stress. From the time I was a kid until I discovered medical weed, I’ve been in the yearly grip of anxiety plus depression. The depression I deal with is a direct result of the anxiety. One causes the other. There have been several doctors and a whole lot of uncommon medications. And don’t get myself and others wrong, I’m absolutely grateful to have had access to those doctors plus the meds. They probably kept me alive to be frank. But just living was not enough for me. I wanted to experience what it must be to recognize love to entirely anticipate tomorrow with joy plus excitement. Almost at random, I ended up at a cannabis dispensary event at the legal weed store near me. It’s almost as though I was drawn to these cannabis events. There I got the facts on cannabis products. Some of that cannabis information had to do directly with my anxiety condition. The more of a cannabis education that I got, the more I thought this would be a wonderful move for me. With the support of my doctor and therapist, I began adding cannabis products to my anxiety treatment. To my total surprise, the results were almost immediate. It was almost like a weighted blanket lifted from my head after using the cannabis flower products. From the very first day using medical cannabis, I felt better plus experienced much less anxiety. It’s been nearly a year now plus I’m off all the other meds for anxiety. And I noticed a few weeks ago that I naturally started to entirely look forward to what tomorrow would bring. That’s something I never thought I would be able to feel.

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I have fixed my inflammation

When you have your health plus haven’t experienced any sort of health crisis or chronic condition, it’s pretty amazing.

The thing is that I didn’t entirely know just how beautiful that was.

I simply assumed that this would be the case forever. Of course, I found out differently due to chronic inflammation. But with help from the cannabis store, I’m studying how to manage my condition. The inflammation sort of came out of nowhere. At the start, I was just sure that I was over doing it plus needed to dial back the task plus exercise. Being in my 40s, I knew that I wasn’t quite as hardcore as I had been in my younger afternoons. However, the inflammation just got worse plus all I was getting from the doctors was higher doses of prescription meds. It wasn’t entirely working for me plus I entirely didn’t want to go the pain pill route. So I looked into how to get my medical marijuana card plus then got to the legal weed store. There, I found employees who were so well versed in the benefits of uncommon cannabis products. They helped me with the cannabis gummies plus my life has been changed since that first visit. The first week that I started using the cannabis products from the legal weed store, I found that I felt so much better. My range of motion was so much better plus I wasn’t dealing with so much horrible pain. And it’s only gotten better from there. I’m now quite the medical cannabis proponent. I even carry cannabis information with myself and others all the time in case I come across another who is suffering as I was.

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No more migraines for me

I’m back at my job plus haven’t missed a full day in over 4 weeks.

This is a remarkable turn of events and it’s all due to medical weed.

For years, I have been dealing with migraines that have gotten progressively worse. The doctors have particularly given it every effort to find the right combination of meds. But while there were good points to the meds, it just wasn’t keeping myself and others free of headaches for any length of time. This was causing drastic issues at task to the point that I was afraid I would lose my job. In turn, this stress would trigger a migraine. It was a horrible circle. I did some research to learn that medical cannabis had shown to entirely be beneficial for migraine sufferers. This seemed to work out perfectly as I was addressing everything from diet plus exercise to my rest cycles. Once I was in compliance with the medical marijuana regulations, I was on my way. Getting access to the cannabis dispensary was the key to me being in the shape I am this week. While I have no proven medical science to showcase my point, I guess much of my migraine situation was stress related. I could trace most episodes back to some stress cause. With cannabis flower products, I’ve totally checked the stress in my life. As a result, I’m looking at over 90 days without a migraine day. I guess that statement pretty much speaks for itself with regard to the efficacy of medical weed as it relates to migraines.

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How my PTSD is a little better

I’m for sure still figuring it all out however the group therapy and medical marijuana are sure helping. Struggling with PTSD has been the most difficult challenge of my life thus far. Trying to overcome the trauma of combat is almost tougher than the combat on its own. At least when the fighting plus carnage was over, it was over. But what I experienced ended up staying with me plus just wouldn’t relent. Once I got home, it was even worse. How was I supposed to just transition to typical life after having experienced some of the worst that human beings can heap on a single another? Until I figured out how to get my medical marijauna card, I wasn’t sure that this was a life that I could continue with. That persistent thought was what kept myself and others motivated to find a way to manage the PTSD. The first step was reaching out to support networks for help. Thankfully in this day plus age, help with PTSD is bountiful plus people don’t have to suffer in silence. I belong to a group of veterans dealing with much of the same issues I am. This is where I learned about how to get my medical marijuana card. And that was an extravagant addition to my life. The folks I dealt with at the legal weed store were so helpful in getting myself and others to the right cannabis products for my condition. I use cannabis flower products plus something about the ritual of smoking medical marijuana, but I’ve never been a smoker or a weed user prior to getting access to the cannabis dispensary. But I have to say that medical marijuana has been an actual lifesaver for me.


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It comes full circle

There is something about the full circle range of motion of life that is not lost on me as I care for my dad.

He’s at the end of his life plus is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

We’re still at the period where he can live at the house with me. I’m separated plus my kids are grown. So, it’s just me, dad plus my old dog. I work from the house so I can look after dad. Not too long ago, the people I was with and I figured out how to get him a medical marijuana card. This was suggested by a single of his doctors. Dad’s transition into dementia has been a hard one for him. He gets absolutely afraid and emotional when he gets all disoriented. This has led to some pretty intense reactions that have required myself and others getting him to a doctor for sedatives. But the drugs have their own reactions as well. That’s where medical marijuana comes in. The doctor thought that cannabis products might help him be at peace a bit plus not have such intense reactions to the effects of dementia. I went to the legal weed store for help on just what sort of cannabis products would work best. The folks at the cannabis dispensary were just so compassionate plus helpful. The plan of using cannabis flower products was sort of problematic with the smoking element. So instead, we decided to go with cannabis gummies. I provide a bit to dad a few times throughout the day. And the results from medical marijuana have been awesome. There is no longer that terrified look in his eyes. He’s much more calm plus almost seems to better understand the dementia he’s suffering from.

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I can fix my pain levels

I remember when medical marijuana was trying to get permitted in our state.

It took a couple of times on the ballot before finally passed.

Sadly, I didn’t vote for the passage of medical cannabis at any point. This was due to the fact that I was still a bit negative when it came to cannabis products plus medical weed. I recognize this was a residual effect of how I was raised. When I was growing up, there was no such thing as medical cannabis. Any sort of cannabis product was illegal plus thought to be an early on drug. In our home, my parents still fought against it. Of course, they also spent every night of their lives drinking liquor. Still, I recognize all that stayed in my brain over all those years. And I’m ashamed that I voted against medical marijuana. This guilt is compounded by the fact that I’m getting the plus sides of legal weed stores. I’m now in my mid 50’s plus suffer from chronic pain. The doctors have never come to an idea on what is going on. There have been numerous diagnoses however none have stuck. Instead, I was just given more plus more pills. And the efficacy of the meds continually waned. That’s when I turned to a more holistic method. I changed my diet completely, began exercising typically plus learned how to get my medical mairjuana card. Along with the lifestyle changes, medical marijuana has simply changed the way I live my life. The improvement in my chronic pain condition is remarkable. I’m living life again thanks to medical cannabis.

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Cannabis helps me write

My imagination is basically my life, plus keeping my mind open for modern ideas is totally crucial to me.

I am a writer, with numerous published novels, a handful of short stories, plus an ongoing storytelling podcast I have been doing for years. I am pretty much always cranking out modern tales of fiction, sometimes horror, sometimes crime fiction, sometimes even fantasy. I honestly am open to all genres, plus just try to tell the stories that seem especially unique! Keeping your mind disciplined to enhance your imagination can use a certain amount of fuel… This is why I essentially always make sure to get enough rest, drink water, plus smoke all kinds of cannabis. Don’t even try to think that I am a single of those guys who smokes cannabis, turns on the gaming console, plus then sits on his butt for the rest of the day. I have a particular rule about smoking cannabis at my dwelling, that I never do it unless I have something to be working on. I will get stoned plus write, or get stoned plus scrub the dwelling. Unless I have something productive to do I won’t choose to smoke cannabis. This encourages me to get more accomplished, because if I want to smoke cannabis I have to be totally busy! I spend most of my time at the PC, with a packed bowl of Purple Haze next to me, easily working on stories plus projects as I smoke during this time. I can write without getting stoned, of course, however I have found that some excellent cannabis at my side increases my creativity a great deal plus helps me focus instead of becoming entirely distracted.

I nearly lost my marijuana products during a locker heist at work

Somebody at work broke into our locker plus stole everything inside, and it’s impossible to know who it was, because there are no cameras inside of the locker room, and there are cameras outside, but the security footage doesn’t provide any answers.

I have a job as a mechanic plus I wear proper clothes to the task site… When I get to work, I change into our job clothes.

They get laundered for free as long as I change at work. I usually keep a spare change of clothes in our locker, along with shower supplies like body clean plus deodorant; last year there was a large sale at the cannabis shop plus I stopped in the afternoon to option up a few items. I did not want to wait until the end of the afternoon, because I was afraid the sale items would be gone plus I wanted to take the fortune of the BOGO sales. I had $200 worth of marijuana supplies in my personal locker, but I wasn’t sad because of the combination lock. I had the marijuana supplies inside of a paper bin plus then they were wrapped up inside of a thin plastic bag. I did not guess anyone would be able to detect the odor coming from the bag; somehow, someone knew what was in our locker plus it must have been the odor. I do not share our business with anyone at work, but the combination lock was split with a heavy duty bolt cutter. Thankfully, the boss has a camera in the section where the lockers are plus he caught the crime on video… My coworker was fired the same afternoon after he was caught…

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