The side effects of using medical marijuana were extreme at first

When I first started using medical marijuana, I experienced a lot of odd side effects.

It was definitely taxing to get used to the side effects, but I knew that medical marijuana was going to help with my muscle spasms plus extreme pain.

The doctor told me that I should expect a lot of odd possible side effects like dizziness, rapid heartbeat, slow reaction times, increased appetite, plus impaired concentration. The doctor told me that I should not operate any heavy machinery like my motorcar if I was going to be using medical marijuana products. I did have a lot of extreme side effects at first plus there were times when I thought that it was better for me to take some tylenol. After a week, the side effects went away plus I definitely began to feel the pain relief acquaintanced with medical marijuana. I used a tincture every single morning with 25 mg of THC plus 25 mg of cbd. It was a high dosage, but it worked for a long time. Only recently have I had to up my dosage. Now I am on 50 mg of THC plus 10 mg of cbd. I sleep well at night plus during the morning I have increased flexibility, range of motion, plus higher serotonin levels. I am glad that I decided to stick with the medical marijuana products. After a year, I have been able to get rid of most of the medications from the doctor. I certainly don’t need a lot of those things now that I am using medical marijuana to help with my mental plus physical ailments.

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