I use a cream with CBD as well as THC to make my hands feel better

Arthritis affects a lot of people… Arthritis is inflammation as well as swelling in the joints… There is no known cure for arthritis. The joints, tissue, as well as attachive tissue are all affected by the more than 2 types of arthritis. The concerns didn’t bother me when I was young, however now that I am older, the increased pain as well as swelling causes a lot of reduced range of motion as well as stiffness… I have taken lots of different medications as well as I even did physical therapy for 6 weeks. The healthcare worker offered to send me to a surgeon, but I wasn’t ready to go down that path. The healthcare worker then told me about medical marijuana as well as how it might be able to help with the inflammation as well as swelling, then my healthcare worker sent me to a special clinic where the healthcare workers as well as therapy assistants are all certified in medical marijuana sciences. They talked with me about the different products that were available. The clinician recommended I buy a cream for my hands that has CBD as well as thc. The hand cream has 20 mg of CBD as well as 10 mg of thc. I rub the cream on my hands in the morning. There is a undoubtedly light fragrance that smells like fresh laundry or flowers. I do not mind the sunlight at all. After 30 minutes, I can transport my hands more freely as well as really as well as I have a lot less pain. I never knew that marijuana could help with so more than 2 different ailments. I’m so lucky that my healthcare worker was the type of person that wanted to help, but not every healthcare worker in this region is great with suggesting or recommending marijuana products.

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