I really didn’t want to be here.

For the first time since I had been working for my company, I wished I could quit.

I couldn’t believe how unfair they were in forcing me to go to a work seminar.

I had been to many seminars and I couldn’t believe this one would be any different. My boss made it clear that I either went to the seminar and earned my promotion or I may not get the promotion. He knew I had recently become a father, but he didn’t care. I went home and told my wife about the unfairness of needing to go to this seminar. She smiled and told me to pull up my big girl panties and do my job. Her mother would come over and stay with her for the week. I couldn’t believe how good she was about this. She even helped me pack my suitcase. When I got to the hotel, I checked in to let the venue know I had arrived. I needed to get my syllabus for the week. I stood there looking out the window and I spotted a marijuana dispensary across the street. I took a leisurely walk across the street and walked in to check out the dispensary. We didn’t have legal medical or recreational marijuana in our state, so this was new. I couldn’t believe how many marijuana products they had in the store. Within ten minutes the budtender had me convinced that I could benefit from marijuana gummies. She said they would help me to relax and enjoy the seminar without worrying about my wife.



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I forgot to bring my vape pen in from the car.

I can be quite forgetful at times.

I don’t do it on purpose, but I get so busy that some things get forgotten. Last week it had nothing to do with being forgetful, but that I had a lot on my mind. I had been backing out of a parking space, and I backed right into a state police officer. He was not a happy cop when he got out of his car. He had to crawl across the seat and get out on the passenger side. I had caved in his entire driver’s side door. Not only did he read me the riot act, but he gave me a ticket for reckless driving. He checked my sobriety, and he told me I was lucky he didn’t take me in for assaulting an office. I knew my insurance company was probably going to drop, or at the very least, they were going to raise my rates so high I couldn’t afford to buy insurance. I finally got home and all I wanted to do was grab my groceries and go into the house. I filled my arms with groceries, and walked inside. I grabbed out a bowl and packed it with my favorite marijuana. By the time I was done putting away the groceries and smoking my bowl, I was ready to sit down and just vegetate. I wanted to forget about my day. I did forget about my day, and I also forgot about the vape pen that was on the car seat. When I got up in the morning, it was already hot and humid. I looked in the car and I was ready to scream. The cartridge from the vape pen had leaked all over my seat.



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They had a broken link.

There is nothing better than getting a good deal on cannabis supplies.

Our local cannabis dispensary has some great deals every Thursday, but you have to order online, and early, so you can get the sales.

I get up every Thursday morning, and the first thing I do is look online to see what the sales are. If it is something I want to purchase, I make a list. I get my shower and then I go online and place my order for marijuana products and supplies. This Thursday’s routine started out just like always. They had some great deals on marijuana flower and vape pen cartridges. I wanted to purchase two cartridges in different flavors and I was planning on purchasing some marijuana flower. I started to put the marijuana flower into the cart, but nothing happened. I then tried to put a vape pen cartridge into the cart. I got this AWWW SNAP message and an explanation that there must be a problem. I knew I had done this properly, but I tried it again. There was a broken link on the website. I called the cannabis dispensary, in hopes of being able to place my order over the phone. I was told it was online only. I wanted to know how I was supposed to place an online marijuana order when their website wasn’t working. After a few moments she came back on and apologized for the website, and she took my order over the phone. When I picked up my order after work, there was a bag of gummies and a thank you note for letting them know about the snafu on their website.

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You can’t have fun when you don’t have air conditioning.

Over the last ten years, I have done more jobs than I can remember.

I worked at a local big box store for about six months. I also worked in a factory and at a campground. Not one of those jobs made me happy. It wasn’t until I answered an ad for a job at a local marijuana dispensary. In order to get the job, I had to take a month of classes. I had to learn about the different strains of marijuana and the effects they would have on people. I also had to learn the rules, law and regulations regarding both medical and recreational marijuana in our state and surrounding states. Once I completed the course, I had to take a test. If I passed the test, I would get my certification to work at the dispensary, and I would be a budtender. Needless to say, I passed the test, and I have been working at the dispensary for the past four years. I have never had a complaint about the job. Even now, I’m not complaining about the job at the marijuana dispensary. What I”m complaining about is the awful job the HVAC tech did on the air conditioning. If it hadn’t been for the cooler we had in the back room, many of our vape pen cartridges would have melted and gone all over the shelves. The cartridges don’t handle heat very well. The manager called the HVAC company and they sent someone out to work on the AC unit. The guy told me the AC was repaired when he left. If it was repaired, why were my cartridges still oozing sticky goo whenever I brought them out of the cooler, and why was it 85 in the dispensary?


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A grand opening sale is hard to resist.

I have often looked at the vacant storefront across the street and wondered if it was ever going to find someone to make it a thriving piece of property.

Different businesses have tried to go into that spot, but no one has lasted. I didn’t know if there was something wrong with the property or if the people just didn’t know how to run a business. I had a business directly across from it, for the last ten years. I was walking into my store one morning when I saw a sign on the door across the street. I walked over to see what it was. It was the announcement of a new store coming to the area. The name of the business was written boldly, and there was a date for the grand opening. I took down the name of the business and looked it up on the internet. I was shocked to find out that it was a cannabis cafe. They served both breakfast and lunch and they had a really good menu. I also read where everything on the menu was infused with marijuana. I read that the cannabis cafe was a franchise business, and there were about ten of them across the state. I knew there were cannabis dispensaries, but I never heard of a cannabis cafe. I was kind of anxious to taste some of their marijuana recipes. The day they opened, I wandered over to the cannabis cafe and picked up a few goodies to take home with me. I don’t know who was more excited; my wife or me.



Everybody loves a good sale.

Last week, I received a text from the local cannabis dispensary, about the 420 specials.

I was really excited to see the text and I went through the entire sales list.

Edible marijuana treats were all listed at 15% off. They had several types of marijuana flower for 20% off and vape pen cartridges were also on sale. My favorite vape pen cartridge was listed at BOGO. We were waiting for the doors of the cannabis dispensary to open on 420. We didn’t want to miss any of the sales. Our favorite cannabis dispensary actually had the best sales of all of them. They had great sales, and we could stack the discounts. I was able to save 30% off all marijuana flower. I picked up some kush that was purple and black. It had the prettiest flower I had seen in quite some time. I would never have spent $65 on a ⅛ of marijuana, but the 30% discount was too big to resist. When we got home, the first thing I did was bring out the kush. I wasn’t sure how it was going to affect me, so I only took a small bowl. I had such a great high that I was wishing I had bought more of the mairjuana. They had so many different quality strains of marijuana, that I was wishing I had bought several of them at 30% off. Next year, when they have the 420 sales, I know exactly what I will be buying. I won’t let those marijuana strains sit on the shelf when I can get such a great price.

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I was glad they had medical marijuana.

Over the past several years, doctors have been finding more uses for medical marijuana than anyone had ever imagined.

I found out they were using marijuana to treat PTSD, pain, seizures, and anxieties.

When I was told they used medical marijuana to treat eating disorders, I chuckled. I had known this years ago, before the use of medical marijuana was totally legalized. When I turned twelve, I began to hate who I was. All the kids in school were making fun of me because I weighed more than anyone else my age. I wanted to be just like all the other kids, and I quit eating. I didn’t know this was unhealthy, but I also didn’t know how to lose the weight without having mom and dad tell me I had to eat. I would pretend to eat dinner, and throw up as soon as I left the table. When my sister realized what was happening, she told mom, who came upstairs to lecture me. Instead of a lecture, she took me to a therapist. She said she knew all about eating disorders and she was hoping a therapist could help me. I talked honestly to my therapist and told her how much I actually ate, and that when I ate, I would also throw up immediately after. Eating was making me sick. She wrote me a prescription for marijuana pills, which was the only way you could get medical marijuana at that time. She told my mom that marijuana would increase my appetite and help with nausea. I never gained my weight back, but I have been able to learn new habits, and I no longer need the marijuana for my eating disorder.



We all got a dab cap.

Until I moved to a state that had legal medical and recreational marijuana, I didn’t realize just how much fun the 420 celebration could be.

420 is a celebration for stoners and pot smokers. Now that I live here, my friends and I celebrate 420 by taking the day off work so we can shop. Along with a lot of great deals on marijuana and our supplies, we also get goodie bags at every marijuana dispensary we go to where we spend money. During 420, we went to five different marijuana dispensaries. The first two dispensaries were where we got lanyards, glass bowls, stickers, and packets of gummies and other edibles. When we went to our regular marijuana dispensary, they were handing the coolest tote bags, and they were full of fun things. I received a ⅛ bag of marijuana, two packets of gummies, a really cool t-shirt with the name of the dispensary, and this little silicone sleeve. I had no idea what it was, or why it was in the bag. All of my friends received the same thing. One young man told us it was a dab cap. He explained that if we put the dab cap on our vape pens, we could use the vape pen with our bongs without using the distillate. If we kept the distillate in the vape pen while using the dab cap, we would get the best high we could ever imagine. We were all anxious to go home and try our new dab caps. He was right about how good the high was going to be.

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She had to have been new to the city.

Last weekend, my friends and I headed out of town so we could go to a concert.

We had to drive almost four hours, so we decided to leave early and stay at a hotel.

The hotel we chose was only ten miles away from the venue where the concert was taking place. The concert didn’t begin until 9PM. We had almost five hours from the time we checked in, to eat and get in a nap. When we got into the hotel, the first thing we did was check the local directory for take-out food. We found one better when we saw the first page in the hotel directory was pizza delivery. The second thing we saw was a delivery menu for the local cannabis dispensary. We put in an order for a half ounce of Blue Dream and then we ordered a large pizza with all the toppings and fifty of the hottest wings they could make. We thought the cannabis dispensary would deliver before the pizza, but we were wrong. Not only was the pizza and wings there, but they were pretty much devoured before the cannabis dispensary called about our marijuana order. They asked if the delivery driver had arrived yet and I told them no. She asked me to give them five minutes. Two minutes later, we got a call from the cannabis delivery driver. She said she couldn’t find our address. She had to have been new to the city, because she was right across the street from the hotel, trying to find our room number at the apartment building..

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My friend is crazy about cannabis farming

I caught up with my friend, the former small time pot farmer, to see what he thought about the marijuana growing industry

I still sort of don’t believe myself some days when I walk into a cannabis store and legally buy marijuana. It’s just not something that I thought would easily happen in my lifetime. But it was a good success. Now pot farming is a very real, super lucrative way to make a living. I have enjoyed cannabis much of my adult life. To know that all of us now have commercial grow rooms right down the road is crazy. There was a time when I felt just so actually fortunate to assume where my pot was coming from. I had an acquaintance who was also into pot farming however on a much littler scale. However, this man had a very nice grow room that would rival most cultivation facilities out there today. I was so fortunate to know him because I didn’t have to skulk around to find the marijuana I desired. Well that man has gone from a grow room that was easily impressive to a full on commercial grow op. There is state of the art grow room ventilation in addition to high performance lights. This warehome grow room is easily the envy of most commercial grow ops. I caught up with my friend, the former small time pot farmer, to see what he thought about the marijuana growing industry. She told me that all of us are right at the moment when there will be a deluge of legal weed in addition to it’s time to get well positioned for that situation. He said that he’s seen this coming since the first medical grow room was established all those years ago.

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