We all got a dab cap.

Until I moved to a state that had legal medical and recreational marijuana, I didn’t realize just how much fun the 420 celebration could be.

420 is a celebration for stoners and pot smokers. Now that I live here, my friends and I celebrate 420 by taking the day off work so we can shop. Along with a lot of great deals on marijuana and our supplies, we also get goodie bags at every marijuana dispensary we go to where we spend money. During 420, we went to five different marijuana dispensaries. The first two dispensaries were where we got lanyards, glass bowls, stickers, and packets of gummies and other edibles. When we went to our regular marijuana dispensary, they were handing the coolest tote bags, and they were full of fun things. I received a ⅛ bag of marijuana, two packets of gummies, a really cool t-shirt with the name of the dispensary, and this little silicone sleeve. I had no idea what it was, or why it was in the bag. All of my friends received the same thing. One young man told us it was a dab cap. He explained that if we put the dab cap on our vape pens, we could use the vape pen with our bongs without using the distillate. If we kept the distillate in the vape pen while using the dab cap, we would get the best high we could ever imagine. We were all anxious to go home and try our new dab caps. He was right about how good the high was going to be.

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