I did not want my iPhone to die

I use my iPhone a lot at work, so I tried to make sure that it is constantly charged and ready to go, and plugged my iPhone into the charger before I went to sleep on Sunday, and i knew it was going to be a busy afternoon of marijuana deliveries on Friday, then when I woke up in the afternoon, my iPhone was only at 17%.

I looked down and realized that the charger was not blocked into the wall! One of the cats or the dog must have hit the charger when they were moving through the house. I was totally sad that my iPhone did not charge overnight. I grabbed the motorcar charger and headed out the door to work, but as soon as I walked into the front door I blocked in my iPhone and charger. I went to the boss to check in and get my schedule for the afternoon… There were already six marijuana deliveries waiting to leave the store, then my iPhone was only blocked in for a minute or two before I had to leave. I blocked my iPhone into the motorcar charger, but it does not work and the actual home charger. It kept my iPhone from dying, but it did not charge it. I was at 22% when I came back to the store. I told my boss that I needed to take a moment to charge my iPhone and he told me it was too bad because I had six more marijuana deliveries ready to go. I stopped anywhere for dinner while I was out on the set of marijuana product deliveries. I sat inside of a diner next to an outlet and I charged my iPhone while I ate a burger and fries.

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