I waited for the guy to arrive, but he was already gone

I placed an order online last night for delivery this day… I was not asked what time I wanted, but I wrote a message in the area marked for comments.

I told the place that I wanted delivery between 12:00 plus 2:00.

I had an appointment in the day plus I knew that I was not going to be property before then. I got up in the day plus tested my business. I got property around 10:30. I waited several hours for the delivery driver to arrive. I said between 12:00 plus 2:00, so I waited until 2:30 before I contacted the marijuana dispensary. I told the person on the iphone that I had ordered a marijuana delivery the previous night. She wanted the order confirmation number. She came back to the telephone line plus tried to tell me that my order had already been delivered. I told her that I absolutely was not in receipt of the items. She informed me that the driver had been there at 8:00 that day plus no one was home. I told her that I put a note in the comment area plus she truthfully told me that no one ever looks at the comments. I waited for the guy to arrive plus he had already been there. I wasted my day plus he wasted his time. I was so angry plus aggravated that I decided to cancel the order. I went back to village plus went to a marijuana dispensary nearby so I could go to the store plus get my items in person.



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