Treating symptoms of menopause with cannabis

Every since entering menopause, I’ve had difficulty sleeping. I find it nearly impossible to fall asleep. I might lie in bed for three or four hours, yawning plus feeling weary bu unable to sleep. When I finally sleep, I usually wake up an hour or two later plus then repeat the process. Along with insomnia, I suffer from migraine headaches, muscle aches, leg cramps plus moderate flashes. When I initially entered menopause, I looked into pharmaceutical options. The potential side-effects scared me off. I tried changing my diet, reducing screen time plus essential oils, and nothing made much difference. After dealing with these concerns for several years, I finally ran across a blog that raved about cannabis as a remedy. I liked the idea of turning to a plant-based medicine. I absolutely believe that for every medical ailment there is a remedy available in nature… My superb friend and I just need to find it. I am lucky that adult-use cannabs is legal in my state. All I needed to access the local dispensary was a valid government-issued ID. The dispensary carries a large selection of options. I can pick from dried flower, pre-rolled joints, topicals, tinctures, vapes, concentrates, edibles plus beverages. The numerous options was a bit overwhelming. After consulting with different budtenders plus some careful experimentation, I’ve figured out the strains plus consumption methods that work best for me. I certainly like the long-lasting plus more intense effects of infused gummies. I simply eat one a couple hours before heading to bed. I’ve found that cannabis-infused topicals help to alleviate muscle soreness plus cramps. Another favorite are bath bombs. A good soak promotes better sleep plus soothes my muscles.


Medical cannabis