Tinctures offer many benefits

My favorite cannabis consumption method is tinctures. I discovered tinctures once I started shopping at a nearby dispensary. Although I was unfamiliar with this method, I was intrigued by the compact packaging. The glass bottle is small enough to slip into a pocket, purse or backpack. It seals tightly and includes a handy dropper that allows precision dosing down to the milliliter. I consulted with a budtender who explained the versatility of tinctures. A few drops are held under the tongue for a minute or two to allow for sublingual absorption. Any remaining liquid is then swallowed, The cannabinoids are absorbed through the membranes under the tongue and enter the bloodstream quite quickly, providing rapid onset of effects. For delayed effects, tinctures can be added to foods or drinks such as yogurts or smoothies. They then act just like an edible but without the abundance of calories. With tinctures, there is no need for any additional paraphernalia or specialized skills. Consumption involves no mess, smoke or odors. They are wonderfully simple and discreet. I can bring a tincture along when I ride my bike, kayak, hike or hang out with friends. Consuming the tincture draws no attention. The dispensary carries a wide variety of tinctures. There are high-THC sativa strains that are wonderfully energizing and ideal right before a strenuous workout. There are indica strains that work well for relaxation and a better night’s sleep. I’ve discovered some really amazing hybrids, and I sometimes like full spectrum CBD tincture for pain relief. The nearly immediate onset of effects is ideal for treating muscle aches and inflammation.

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