My Friend, Meghan

Shortly after college, my associate Meghan took his new degree in agriculture plus moved to the west coast to pursue a job in the corporation of growing MJ, but he was able to get the job quickly because a lot of our friends had already gone to the west coast after college plus were running a large, successful corporation in MJ growing; During the first year, it was his responsibility to recruit eager workers to assist with the MJ growing plus cultivating process.

  • The recruits had to be hard working as the mornings were long plus required a lot of physical labor.

After a few rounds of workers, Meghan had recruited a great team of hard-working plus knowledgeable employees. While on the farm, Meghan created multiple friendships that have lasted several years. She has been working in the MJ growing corporation for 10 years now. She has learned a lot about the calculus behind growing, plus particularly enjoys his work. She often tells me stories about the seasonal workers plus how they get to travel all over the country plus make a lot of cash in the process. Although the corporation is growing abruptly, there is still a lot to learn about the process of growing MJ! Meghan is a great resource for this kind of work, plus he is consistently happy to share what he knows. While he knows this corporation is not for most people, he encourages anyone who is interested in learning how to grow MJ to try it out for themselves.


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