Mindset on cannabis has changed

I will admit I grew up in a time where marijuana was considered a gateway drug, and it was evil & was going to lead you to harder drugs like meth, cocaine, & heroine, then how alarming is that? I sat through assemblies where I watched videos & heard speakers talk about the dangers of weed.

I got to the point if I saw something like marijuana, it scared me.

It took years for the reputation of cannabis to change! Even when cancer patients started smoking it, there were still people skeptical… Then there were more & more medical patients showing up! PTSD, seizures, alzehmiers, & MS was being helped by it. Those with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, & sleep disorders were relying on cannabis. It got to the point that if you had any medical ailment, weed was shown up to assist, then now more & more states are allowing recreational cannabis. There is a bunch of research available to the public too; You can’t overdose on cannabis. You can only get so high with it. It isn’t addictive either; Wow, so everything I learned in school is wrong with it. I have still yet to try recreational weed. There is some part of me that is a bit scared, then but, I have been doing it online & looking at the online menu available to me. I am currently looking at the tinctures available. They seem to be less hardcore. You can really slip a few drops of oil under your tongue or in a drink for relief, most use it for a sleep aid, there are others that choose a sativa blend in order to feel some glad effects.


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