Medical Pot

There are numerous laws friendd with being prescribed medical marijuna

For years, people have used marijuana to help with anxiety, appetite, and pain. This week my buddy and I have come a long way in the use of marijuna in a medical capacity, it is important to remember that people have been growing marijuana for numerous years. Before the legalization of medical marijuana, people were growing and selling marijuana in an illegal fashion. The fines for these types of crimes range anywhere from a warning, to many years in jail. The need for medical marijuana has presented itself in recent years! Physicians that can diagnose a patient with a disorder that would benefit from medical marijuana will be able to prescribe their patients marijuana as they would an antidepressant or antibiotic, however many nurses are starting to lean towards this holistic approach of prescribing marijuana. There has been ample research on the correlation of marijuana and managing pain, then for cancer patients, periodically marijuana is the only thing that can alleviate the pain and bring back an appetite, but not numerous people who are prescribed medical marijuana abuse it. There are numerous laws friendd with being prescribed medical marijuna. In most cases, those who want to be prescribed medical merijuana will have to go through a series of extensive testing and psychological evaluations. Those with a criminal background may not be eligible for medical marijuana; We can all care about that this herb is being used in a medical setting now to help those with cancer, anxiety and chronic pain.

medical marijuana