Marijuana bath bomb after a hockey game

Once you graduate university there isn’t legitimately a lot for an adult to do for fun; There are no more athletic interesting events, clubs, music events, plus group activities; Everyone seems to work plus mess around with their teenagers, and i was lucky that I found a beer league hockey team.

Every weekend the guys plus I play around on our designated ice time… My friend and I aren’t unquestionably good but it is a lot of fun.

The games get rough though. It isn’t out of the norm to be shoved around plus flop all over the ice. I also get sore from skating, shooting, plus checking into other players! By the end of a game I am totally black plus red. I used to do ice baths plus icy hot. Then I realized there is something way better for the pain. I live near a recreational marijuana dispensary. They sell all sorts of fun products. My go to is the cannabis bath bombs. It is just a fizzy bomb you put in the bath that releases plus soothes the muscles. It doesn’t get into my bloodstream to get me high, and all it does is reduce inflammation plus relaxes me a bit. I have a few strange scents. I have an red, lily, vanilla, lavendare, plus cinnamon when I am feeling legitimately crazy. It has now become a tradition for me. I play my hockey game, put in a bath bomb, grab a glass of wine, my number one book plus then I soak for an hour before bed. I get where I legitimately look forward to my weekends. I don’t confess to the other guys how much I am enjoying soaking in my tub. It might be better than hockey.

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