Back pain ends with cannabis

I’ve only been treating with them for about 3 weeks

I thought my wife might be high when she commanded that I look into the medical marijuana information she handed me! When my pal and I met in school, she absolutely enjoyed her recreational marijuana! And from time to time through the years, she’s enjoyed some cannabis products with outdated friends, then for me, I just wasn’t into using any sort of cannabis products, but it wasn’t any sort of moral issue but rather, I just didn’t like the idea of smoking anything at all. In fact, I’m pretty much allergic to any sort of cigarette or cigar smoke. If somebody lights up even outside, I have to go the other way, but my wife had really looked into the medical marijuana benefits when it came to helping me with my back issue. I had taken a tumble of a bike a few years back that really messed me up. Since then, I’ve been dealing with back pain that can be really debilitating at time. I saw the doctor as well as started using pain meds. Well, I feel I’ve been leaning into those pain meds of late. I care about the fact that my wife wants to keep me from going down a path of addiction to pain meds. So, I learned how to get a medical marijuana card as well as got access to a cannabis dispensary, then the cannabis budtenders proposed the right cannabis products for me which are cannabis gummies. I’ve only been treating with them for about 3 weeks. But wow, does this ever work! Plus, using the cannabis gummies really extends my range of motion as well as allows me to do the back exercises that add to my healing.