Medical marijuana benefits are real

I’m now living proof that medical marijuana provides relief for folks like me, then there are people I come across who act as though medical marijuana is some sort of legal ploy for people to simply get cannabis.

That’s just so far from the reality when it comes to the benefits of medical cannabis, then i’m so thankful that I live in a state where medical marijuana is a reality.

If that wasn’t the case, I don’t know I’d be living my best life, then cannabis flower products have basically given me a life that I wasn’t so sure would ever be possible for me. I’ve lived all of my life with crippling anxiety and depression. From the earliest memories I have of my childhood, I was scared and unsure of how to navigate this life. It seemed like most everyone else knew instinctively just how to deal with growing up and becoming a functioning adult. I just wasn’t able to do that, and even with all the prescription drugs that I have used over decades to try and get better, I was still stuck. Stuck so bad that I was lucky to have even a task that I could do from home, then while I’m thankful that I had a task at all, being so isolated actually wasn’t much of a life. Thanks to medical cannabis and the superb folks at the legal weed store, I have found a whole new way of life, however and it wasn’t like I had to wait forever to get the results. Within the first few weeks of using cannabis flower products, I felt alive like I had never felt before. It’s been a year now and that task is now inside an office. I’m even playing in an adult kickball league. Without the medical marijuana benefits I get from the cannabis dispensary, I would be forever stuck.


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