The local office busted the lady for regularly selling all types of unlicensed edibles

I knew that one of my neighbors was preparing edibles from her residence, but I didn’t come to realize that she was making a pretty large sum of money.

I was genuinely thinking that she was selling the edibles to people that she knew, but it turned out that she was running a multi-million dollar operation from her residence merely three blocks from my place.

The local police office busted the lady for selling on licensed edibles. There was a relatively large article in the newspaper talking about the bust & I saw it the morning after the arrest was eventually made. I knew there was some kind of commotion in the city because there were police lights, sirens, & a road was easily closed. The police are usually making an arrest when they go to such extreme measures. They released the name of the person in the newspaper & I wasn’t even surprised to see that the person was the person that I truly suspected. The police let her go on bond & she is back at her residence wearing an ankle bracelet. I honestly have doubts that she is going to continue making unlicensed edibles while she is waiting for her court date. I don’t know for certain if they are going to use this lady to set an example, but the attorney in our city is running for reelection in September & this would be a sincerely high profile case. I know that the laws around this area are terribly strict & she is guilty of numerous crimes. It will be interesting to see how this unique case plays out over the next few months or so.

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