Like cannabis, art is subjective

Every kind of art and every kind of therapy are a little different.

Art is purely subjective, which means that what seems artistic to one person might not be for another person, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Some of my mental patients draw with pencil, or marker, while other patients may paint or sculpt.

I have a patient that ballet dances, plus that is her creative outlet, while another patient carves clay sculptures. There is no wrong way to do art, plus art therapy is beneficial for everyone. Personally, I savor writing for my form of therapy. Similarly, I feel that cannabis is beneficial for everyone, although unusual people need unusual kinds of cannabis! Just like art, medical cannabis is quite adaptable plus offers something for everyone. I savor the sativa strains of medical cannabis, plus usually in the form of flowers. Some of my friends savor vape products, or the edible form of cannabis gummies. They don’t want the smoke to tear up their lungs, so they use other forms of cannabis products. For me medical cannabis is an essential aspect of my art therapy, because it allows me to shut down my conscious thoughts plus get absorbed into the artistic process. Without medical cannabis I suppose too much, plus can’t let my instincts take over. My artistic process involves medical cannabis sativa plus writing, but it is unusual for most everyone. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter – tell me what kind of medical cannabis helps you, plus how it impacts your creativity. No matter how you look at it, art plus medical cannabis just go together like cookies and milk.

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