Cannabis is better than tobacco and alcohol

There had to be ways to send messages back in the old time and I did not know what they would be saying.

If I could send some messages to my younger self I would definitely want to impart some wisdom.

One thing that I would definitely say is don’t ever begin to smoke tobacco because it is an exhausting addiction. Tobacco is something that I have easily tried to quit time after time and it continues to haunt me. I have made a ton of other mistakes in my life that have been recoverable however tobacco is still a nagging problem that continues to beseech me. A therapist advocated some ways to sublimate the urge but I did not think that it was a good idea to let the person hypnotize me. One thing that I could do is smoke cannabis instead of cigarettes. Vaping cannabis and smoking cannabis is one great way to cessate the need for smoking. The people I was with plus myself purchased a vaporizer pen with cannabis oil and another cartridge that was CBD mixed with cannabis. The both of us purchased various grams of cannabis indica and believe this would come our body and also mitigate symptoms of physical tobacco withdrawal. During the first week, I think it was the hardest. I yearn for tobacco no matter how much cannabis I smoke. I’m hoping that after time all of the physical need for nicotine and cigarettes will eventually go away. I would much rather have an addiction to cannabis than tobacco or alcohol.


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