The human resource department handles all employee problems

The owner of the marijuana dispensary where I work has three separate shops.

One is located near the beaches, one is up north near the lake, and the other is down south near the desert.

All three marijuana dispensaries are owned by the same person and run by the same company. When the third store opened, the owner hired an HR business partner. The HR business partner handles a lot of employee related responsibilities and tasks. They help us with employee retention and turnover. They help us with recruiting and hiring. They also help us with training and career development, employee relations, benefit plan selections, and enforcement of policies and procedures. I manage the marijuana dispensary that is located near the beaches. It is easily the busiest of the three locations due to our access to the beach and foot traffic. Even Monday for us is busy, especially during the summer when there are thousands of people on the beach. The HR business partner helps me find employees that are going to be valuable to the company. I don’t have a lot of time to waste interviewing 10 or 15 candidates every week. The HR business partner helps with hiring and training. By the time an employee reaches the marijuana dispensary, they are familiar with our business, payroll system, employee timekeeping software, and all of the policies and procedures they must follow as an employee. It’s very valuable to have the HR business partner on our side and it definitely helps keep all three companies on the same standard.

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