Lyme disease actually messed me up

I’m just so grateful that I have people in our life who are out there rooting for myself and others and actively helping myself and others out when it comes to this new life challenge.

I was bitten by a fat tick while on vacation and contracted with Lyme disease.

Prior to reading how to get a medical marijuana card, I went using prescription meds. I actually visited multiple specialists in order to try and get a better handle over our Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be so radically odd for each man who suffers with it. Some folks, they take the drugs and all the symptoms clear up in short order. This was not the case for myself and others at all. And it seems love the more medications I took, the more symptoms started to appear. After doing some research for alternative treatment, I came across some vital medical marijuana information. This medical marijuana info was so compelling that I instantaneously started reading just how to get our medical marijuana Rx card. Once I had access to the legal weed store, I was in very superb hands. The budtenders at the cannabis dispensary near myself and others are just appealing. Not only are these people kind, compassionate and superb people, they are true experts when it comes to cannabis products. These folks got myself and others right on the strain of cannabis flower product that was most beneficial for treating Lyme disease symptoms. This has been a far more effective treatment program and our Lyme disease symptoms have been greatly reduced. Hopefully in time, I shall be free from this most frustrating condition.

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