I suffer from terrible PTSD symptoms

During my time in the military, I had two separate tours of duty in the Middle East.

During that time, we were constantly in fear for our lives.

We went out into the streets to patrol and people tried to kill us while we were there to help. I watched several of my friends get blown up right in front of my eyes. I didn’t want to return for a second tour, but I was basically given no other options by the military. During my second tour, things were much worse and I contemplated suicide several times. I really wanted to get out of the military and away from the mass murder. After I finally got out of the military, I realized that I was suffering from PTSD symptoms. I met with a psychologist to talk about the feelings that I was experiencing. The psychologist suggested using recreational medical marijuana products. Medical and recreational marijuana products are legal in this state and they have been for about 5 years. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the state that use recreational or medical marijuana products everyday. I joined a program for Wounded Warriors and I started receiving medical marijuana supplies for free. Each month I drive to a different marijuana dispensary and they stop me up with marijuana products that can help with the symptoms that I feel each day. Products like marijuana edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrate are free in this program and that means that I can save all of my money for visits to the mental health clinic instead. Since starting marijuana, I am generally feeling well and I am hopeful that the long-term effects will be even better.


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