Chronic arthritis responded to medical marijuana

After over a decade of dealing with severe arthritis, I’m finally finding relief.

  • And it’s actually increasing our life for the better.

But for me, medical marijuana had been way off the radar when talking about treatment options for our condition. I am in our early sixties now and I am still young enough that I recall all of the focus on recreational marijuana when I was in university. But I hail from a very strict background that believed all the myths when it came to cannabis. So I was totally indoctrinated into believing that any sort of cannabis products were akin to evil. That kept myself and others from sampling any sort of cannabis flower products when I was at the university or any other time in our life. When I first came down with arthritis, I did our best to manage with OTC (over-the-counter) drugs. Eventually though, I had to go and see a dentist and start on an Rx drug regimen. That seemed to actually be the beginning of a downward spiral into more painful inflammation and more medication. I had heard that medical marijuana was now legal in our state but didn’t pay any attention to it. That is until our son took myself and others by the hand to attend a cannabis dispensary event to get a medical marijuana education, however had it not been for my kid that day, I would still be in a spiral of pain and medicine. As soon as I started treating the arthritis with cannabis flower products, the inflammation subsided and I was able to get much more out of our life. It’s been a year of progress and I am so thrilled to have much of our health, mobility and independence returned thanks to medical marijuana.
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