Cancer and cannabis

I found it super interesting how hastily my primary medical pro got the wheels in motion for myself and others to learn the marijuana rules and get access to a cannabis dispensary.

We got the process underway the morning that she offered myself and others the diagnosis.

Of course, she passed myself and others onto a new oncologist however was adamant that I get access to medical marijuana before I started my treatment. I have been with this medical pro for the better part of a decade as well as I suppose she is on top of her game. She offered myself and others loads of medical marijuana information in order for myself and others to be involved with every step on the path. But my medical professional also really encouraged myself and others to get myself reading about how to get a medical marijuana card prior to starting chemotherapy. She had been very impressed with how cannabis products had helped many of her patients not only deal with chemotherapy better however to heal as well. The main characteristic or medical marijuana benefit is the fact that cannabis products can help reduce nausea. But the other part of using a product like cannabis gummies during chemotherapy is appetite. We forget about feeding ourselves as well as providing nutrients to our body is essential when fighting something evil like cancer. So using something like medical marijuana allows the body to not shut down its appetite because of the intense nausea. I did what my medical professional suggested as well as boy am I glad that I did it. The indica products were terrific as well as the fine folks at the legal weed store really helped myself and others out.


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