I love this new dispensary because it is within walking distance

The only aspect of weed that was ever dangerous was getting busted by the police.

  • You cannot overdose on marijuana, nor can you become addicted.

Any cops, lawyers, or politicians that ever declared weed as a danger to humanity should have been looking in a mirror instead. Weed is nothing short of fantastic medicine, and it also unites people and brings them together. Now that legalization has become codified as part of the law, I don’t have to fear the police as much. It’s odd that smoking cannabis is the best way to relieve stress, but trying to buy illegal cannabis is such a major source of stress? It’s all good, those afternoons are behind myself and others now that I have legal access to a cannabis dispensary. What’s even sweeter is that the cannabis dispensary is only a couple blocks away from my apartment, so it’s within walking distance. Even though cannabis is 100% legal now, I still think really odd about driving with it in the car. Am I alone in this, or do you think the same way? For my entire life I had to stress about getting busted with cannabis, so I hated having it in my car with me. If the cops stop you and find marijuana they can take you to jail and impound your car. I know that is no longer the case, but I still think that it’s a lot more comfortable walking to the cannabis dispensary and back! Thanks to many decades of draconian and arbitrary cannabis laws I still have a subtle fear of the law, and I suppose I always will.


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