Smoking in the mountains was great

Have you ever been to the Mountains before? I just returned from my first visit to this silent area of hill country, plus I must disclose it spoke to my soul.

I spent a month with my folks plus my younger siblings, who had rented a lodge way up in the fog-drenched peaks.

I am the oldest sibling by a few years, so I drove in from across the country. I brought along all the celebration supplies I would need, because I intended to spend the entire month soaking in nature plus blazing a wicked amount of weed. I brought edibles, my dab rig, as well as a fat sack of Purple Haze, so that there was no way I would run dry. I am not familiar with this area of the country although I have been told they are harshly against cannabis use, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to find any there if my personal supply ran out. The strangest thing happened when I got there, plus I wound up having so much fun I hardly smoked any cannabis at all! Usually I need cannabis to make it through the afternoon, but out here in the beauty of the woods I didn’t even think about getting high. I would take a couple cannabis edibles in the morning for lunch, plus then not even think about smoking a joint until well past supper. I prefer smoking cannabis because it gives me a sense of inner calm plus tranquility, but it turns out that nature can deliver myself and others those same feelings.


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