Keeping the dispensary safe

Get ready for the wildest story you’re going to hear today.

I just started work at a local cannabis store in the inner city, plus I am still changing to this site.

The boss is an outdated biker named Don, who is covered with big tattoos plus carries a gun with him at all times. Most of the staff are ex-cons, but they are all easily cool, laid back people. I guess working with marijuana all afternoon has that calming effect on all of us. It turns out that there is an hour crew that comes in after dark, plus the night crew are utterly terrifying. After seeing them come into the back room, all heavily armed, I asked Don why they needed such firepower in a cannabis dispensary. He explained to myself and others about the federal laws against cannabis, plus how they made it impossible for the store to accept any form of payment besides money. That money can pile up pretty hastily, which makes cannabis dispensaries frequent targets of armed robbery. Why should a criminal rob a fortified bank with a high tech security system, when they can just rob a small cannabis dispensary plus walk away with tens of thousands of dollars? The night crew at the cannabis dispensary were all ex-soldiers plus ex-convicts Don hired to watch over the store plus the money at night. He hired the most dangerous people he could find, so that no 1 in town would be crazy enough to try plus rob this cannabis dispensary. For being a bunch of crazed convicts, they all seem like nice guys!

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