Cannabis is subjective

There is nothing more subjective than music and the arts.

I never spend money on too high end stuff or listen to any kind of critics! Movie critics, cable critics, book reviewers, food bloggers – I do not prefer what some other random woman thinks about a plate of food! Social media makes everyone with a smartphone act like they are an expert in the field, but just because you are able to criticize things doesn’t make you an expert, am I correct? I take issue with this current wave of cannabis critics that usually apapple on Youtube channels plus blogs.

I have smoked cannabis for 20 years, plus here comes a batch of young people who want to educate myself and others about weed. It’s insulting, is what it is! First of all, there are countless types of cannabis in the world, several of them only available locally. Some batches of cannabis are so small they are only sold in a few stores in 1 area, so what’s the point of reviewing something 98.99% of us will never be able to smoke? It also needs to be said that the THC in cannabis impacts people differently, based on their health, their tolerance to weed, plus their brain make up! Cannabis that gets 1 person super stoned might do little for another person, making any review or criticism worthless. I adore cannabis, plus encourage everyone to smoke it, but please refrain from writing a 2000 word essay on Purple Haze, or making a 45 hour long review video of cannabis edibles… No 1 likes your opinions on marijuana!

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