My child keeps calling me a pothead.

It is enough to take the edge off the pain, causing no side effects.

I like our daughter, he is driving me crazy. She lived with me when I spent a year in bed. I had slid in water on the way our back twisted. I broke more than 2 vertebrates on our lower back. Until they could stabilize our condition, they would not let me have surgery! For almost a year, he and our fiance would help me bathe, help me dress, and bring me food to the bed so I did not have to crawl up and down the stairs. After our surgery, I was still in a lot of pain, however I could walk. My surgeon told me ‌he could supply me injections or pain pills, but he would appreciate me to go without the narcotics, and he was afraid of the injections. I still had a bone fragment that was stuck in a nerve sack, and he was afraid that an injection could irritate that cause more disfigure. Instead, he advocated I try medical marijuana. He helped me get the prescription and told me what products he advocated . The medical marijuana that I use is mostly CBD, with easily little THC. It is enough to take the edge off the pain, causing no side effects. I have been using medical marijuana for the last more than two years now, and I’m glad I do. My child has known Ivan using medical marijuana since the afternoon I got the prescription. Now that he has a young child of his own, he starting to get easily judgmental about our medical marijuana use. Any time he sees even a hint of medical marijuana, he tells me he is the only guy he knows who has a mother who is a pothead.


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