Is it possible to get high on medical cannabis?

When I had medical marijuana prescribed to me, our only fear about taking it was the fear getting high.

I did not want to walk around high all afternoon long.

I had a lot of responsibilities while watching our grandchildren throughout the afternoon. After the granMomolescents at home, I worked. I put more than 2 days in laboring from home, take care of our fiance, make all the meals, and clean our lake house all after the adolescents got home. I don’t have time to stand around and get high all afternoon long. When the dentist advocated the marijuana for our arthritis, the first thing I asked was, ‘If this was going to make me high?’. The dentist told me ‌it all depended on the type of medical marijuana I took. He suggests I get something that had more CBD than THC, however I did not think the difference. That’s when he advocated ‌I talked to the marijuana dispensary pharmacist. He said that he/she could recommend something that would help with the pain and not make me high or fatigued. I was truly hoping he was right, because there was no way I would want someone to come into our lake house and guess that I was high will take care of our granMomolescents. My adolescents would yank their babies out of our lake house quickly, and would never allow them with me again unless they supervised them. I don’t love the plan that there has so much stigma on me, even though the marijuana I use is medical marijuana. I’m going to need to keep everything that is friendd with CBD out of sight.

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