I went to a super dope party in the hills

On the two of us went to the party, the two of us thought we were in disbelief.

The two of us saw a whole punch bowl that was filled with green cannabis buds that were fluffy and lightly colored.

There was absolutely a ton of weed on the table as well as no one was seeming to act like this was any big deal at all. Once in a great while there was a person to approach us as well as get a juicy nugget as well as step outside. People were thinking that this cannabis Bowl was something that everyone saw each day. My very first thought was to believe that I needed to have friends enjoy this. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time and there was also people that brought their own cannabis Supply. I circulated around the party as well as noticed everyone enjoying the cannabis treats. Many people were passing out cannabis Edibles and then there were a handful of people vaping or doing dabs. The two of us had not experienced doing a dab as well as thought that could be something fun. It’s nice to hang out with other people in the mirror who want to communicate when they are particularly civil as well as classy people. We can go to a dope party in the hills as well as have a lot of fun and not have to worry about the people that we are spending time with. Luckily I found out that the party host is a guy that owns part of a local cannabis shop. The guy gets crucial quantities of killer weed so he can try the products ahead of time.


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