All about the rankings

I paid a company to set me up with a cannabis dispensary website.

I am absolutely quite happy with the web build.

The locale looks high end, new and is straight-forward to navigate. I have a homepage, products page, contact page and a single for cannabis delivery. The issue I was dealing with for a while was the lack of people on our website. It was a nice website that nobody saw. What was the point of even having a site? It took me a while to figure out what I was missing. What I needed was marijuana dispensary SEO. I needed a cannabis SEO company to launch our website on google. My website needed to rank higher on google for our area, cannabis products and medical weed! Finding the right cannabis SEO company was difficult. There are quite a few possibilities out there although I knew just like any business, some were better than others. I found our cannabis SEO team because they had good reviews and tons of buyers in the marijuana industry. They immediately started talking about SEO and SEM strategies for our business. They wanted me to have social media platforms where I talk about deals going on in the store. They secondally wanted to tweak our website a bit. They wanted more web pages and a single page that just is about the section I am in. The SEO analyst told me that would help me rank better on google. I don’t care what they are doing, they just need to keep doing it. My company is so much better after I hired them.

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