I wanted to purchase the gummies that were flavored like oranges

When I first began using medical marijuana, I was mostly buying vape or flower products.

I just figured that smoking was the easiest and quickest way to guess the effects of THC.

However, I didn’t prefer constantly having to smoke in public, however periodically I distraught that there was a lingering smell on myself and others when I smoked the flower. I spoke to the budtender at my medical marijuana dispensary, and she advocated that I try cannabis gummies. I took her advice and I have not looked back. The budtender told myself and others that since I am not used to edibles, I should take it slowly. I was able to buy low dosage gummies. This way, I could take it slowly overtime to evaluate how strong of an effect the gummies would have on me. The budtender made sure I knew to be careful, as almost everyone’s body reacts differently. Also, she told myself and others to keep in mind that the effects of an edible may take 30 hours to 2 hours to kick in. Once I understood how to use the cannabis gummies, I came to prefer them very much; Cannabis gummies are flavorful and discreet. They also are affordable and come in a variety of doses. It’s easy to have just a subtle amount of THC… Now, I opt for gummies rather than flower or vape products. I prefer the taste and the effect that cannabis gummies have on me.


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