I only use it for non fun reasons

When it comes to the scope of cannabis, I am not truly fun.

When my friends found out I had a medical marijuana card they immediately thought it was so I could get cannabis in order to get high.

Nope, I am an actual medical weed patient. I rely on medical cannabis to reduce my anxiety. I don’t even have any cool cannabis components either, much to my friends’ disappointment. I don’t take flower or even oil. So no bong, water pipe, hookah, rolling papers or vape. What I do is an edible form of cannabis. I have CBD infused gummies that I eat in the morning plus a couple at night. I only eat a couple of them plus I then recognize relaxed. They help me be calmer plus focused during my work morning. The CBD edibles help me sleep easier at night. My friends at first thought that I had a product that could get them high; Everyone wanted to come over, eat some gummies plus be high. I hated to disappoint them that my CBD edible isn’t nearly that cool. I choose a product that has no traces of THC, the chemical that gets you high. CBD is the medical component of the cannabis plant that helps with all sorts of complications. So I could eat that whole tote of gummies plus only recognize relaxed at the end of the night. That is all that it will do for me. I am happy as well. I genuinely don’t want my friends eating my gummies that help me with my anxiety.



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