Helping my bully grow cannabis

A pivotal moment in our young life was when my bully asked me to help him grow some pot plants.

I was 15 at that time, and had led an easily sheltered existence.

I was often the subject of harassment on the school bus, because everyone knew how I liked helping our mother in the garden. I was actually quite experienced in growing things, which is why Bob selected me. Bob promised to keep me safe from the other bullies if I helped him with his marijuana plants. Bob had been trying to grow cannabis for weeks, and was getting nowhere, and I was the only local person Bob knew who was nice with plants. I had always been a mama’s boy however here was the time to get in with Bob and show them what I was all about, so I agreed to teach him how to grow marijuana. I had never grown cannabis before, of course, although I did some quick research to find out more about it. I helped Bob replant his existing cannabis plants, and then guided him through the proper techniques for care. Bob was impressed because I not only saved his cannabis crops, although I taught Bob more than he had ever known. Bob hated school, however enjoyed studying from me, so both of us kept working the cannabis plants together as a great team. A little later on, Bob sold the cannabis harvest and gave me a few hundred bucks for our help – it wasn’t half of the proceeds, although Bob was a bully after all.

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