Growing cannabis isn’t exactly easy

I did not even believe it would be very challenging to grow marijuana, however it’s not as straightforward as I thought it would be previously! I’ve run into a number of serious issues.

The plants do not enjoy the lighting in our dwelling in the least.

They do not enjoy the amount of moisture either. Every time I make a small change, the plants go crazy it seems. I’ve already lost a number of seedlings and I’m trying not to let the concern happen once more. I went to the farm store and I purchased special lighting and soil. The soil is made for growing marijuana. The lights are also supposed to be helpful for growing marijuana, however they aren’t truly made for cannabis. They are made for Greenhouse plants and vegetables. I went through a dozen seeds fairly quickly without any true results, so I made the choice to buy seedlings this time. The seedlings are due to come to the store in a couple of days or so. The supervisor of the cannabis store knows that I want a good amount of the seedlings and he is supposed to be keeping those items in the back of the store for me. I let him know to call me as soon as the plants arrive. I’m pretty happy to see what the seedlings will look like. They are supposed to be 12 to 18 in. I haven’t been able to get a plant to make it to that healthy size. If I actually get started with a plant that is a little bit older, I am genuinely hoping that I will have far nicer results. If I fail again, it might be time to reconsider the greenhouse options entirely.

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