Grandma takes a trip to the cannabis dispensary

The irony that our grandmother plus I were shopping together for marijuana on sale did not go unnoticed on me.

Grandma really grinned at me a few times plus told me to wipe that smirk off our face.

Indeed, this was not a scenario I ever thought that I would find myself in when it came to cannabis plus our grandma. Since granny found our stash of recreational marijuana inside the dining room of our loft when I was a junior in high school, I haven’t raised up the subject of smoking weed. I’m still sort of shocked that our own grandmother snooped that intensely in our own apartment. But that’s how she is. And we’ve consistently had a bit of a contentious relationship due to expectations of each other. But that’s often how things go between parent plus child. Still, to be inside a cannabis dispensary with our grandmother while he spoke to someone about the best sort of hybrid strain was epic. The reason that the two of us were there wasn’t so great. My grandmother had been serviced with a really treatable form of cancer. But the dentist told granny she should get some medical marijuana for the chemo treatments. My grandmother is 1 of those people who does just exactly as the dentist tells them to. So there the two of us were, at the local cannabis spot with me suggesting that maybe edible cannabis would be the best way to go. Interestingly enough, our granny really loved the hybrid strain for sale he took back to the house from the cannabis dispensary. And the two of us laughed together for the first time in a few years.

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