We got some free rolling papers

My boyfriend & I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary on the weekend.

There was a worker in the front office of the business that sells cannabis rolling papers.

The representative was giving away free papers of their new line of joints. In order to qualify for the free paper, I had to spend $25 on any of their other flower products in the store. I browsed the selection of flower items they had available. I found a couple of strains that looked interesting. I bought some Blue Dream plus Purple Haze. I spent enough cash to qualify myself and others to get a free rolling paper from the dealer worker. My boyfriend decided to buy some products as well. He bought some cannabis oil that he could vape on the go. Since they had a couple of new products to choose from, each one of us chose a new strain for our free product. That allowed us to try many products from the same vendor. My boyfriend & I were impressed with the products from the distributor. The new rolling papers are going to be a large hit. They have a wonderful feeling. There were colored papers, softer papers, thinner and ones that roll much sleeker or thicker. I ended up choosing more of a thicker paper while my boyfriend stuck to a colored paper. We then bought some flower strain to roll in it. There were all sorts of mint, pine and fruity flavors available. I never realized how diverse rolling papers are. There particularly is something for everyone.



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