Some medical marijuana doctors aren’t great

I am shocked and appalled by the quality of health care in my home state.

My grandmother was passed around from one oncologist to the next until she died from his sleep one night from concerns surrounding his cancer diagnosis. The only problem is that my grandmother died before she could absolutely get a cancer diagnosis to see if she would improve. I was irrationally angry when I learned about this. How are you supposed to trust your country’s healthcare when atrocities like this are happening at large. My own family physician would never string me along like that. Someone from his office calls to check on me if I have been around a while for a checkup appointment. I know that they’re just trying to make money on me, but it’s still nice to feel cared for from time to time. I have a separate physician who writes my “recommendation” for medical marijuana in this state. This recommendation is like a prescription for medical marijuana. Some medical marjuana medical professionals are just eager to see you out the door so they can make money on the next patient after you. My medical marijuana professional understands my health concerns as well as why exactly I’m using the substance to treat them. He said that since I’m treating a complex case of PTSD, I should embrace using immense amounts of THC. Unlike some wayward cannabis medical professionals, mine is of the opinion that a patient with deep emotional pain needs a strong cannabis product to keep themselves functioning on a day by day basis.

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