We gave away halloween candy with every purchase

Halloween is always a fun time of the year.

It is one of my favorite holidays, so my family and I usually celebrate by decorating the house and wearing costumes.

At work, I encourage everyone to dress up on Halloween and get into the spirit. I have been managing a small cannabis dispensary for the past year. I have a small crew of 12 employees, but each one of them works hard and is a valuable part of the team. I wanted all of the crew members to get into the spirit of Halloween, so I asked for lots of ideas. One of my employees suggested giving away Halloween candy with every purchase. I honestly thought that was a fantastic idea, because stoners love candy. Every stoner gets the munchies. During the first week of October, we gave out a free candy bar with every single cannabis purchase. During the second week of October, we gave away free stickers, lanyards, and hats with every single cannabis purchase. During the third week, we gave away discount coupons for a future purchase. During the last week of October, we gave away an entire bag of Halloween candy with each purchase of an eighth or a gram of concentrate. The cannabis dispensary was busy throughout the entire month and a lot of people asked for their free candy with purchase. Word of our fun Halloween giveaway spread throughout the community very quickly. Next month for Christamas, we might have to do something similar. A Christmas gift giveaway would increase our sales, and that doesn’t hurt at the end of the fiscal year.


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