I like the dispensary with the free fifth item deal

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state where my friends and I live.

There are several dispensaries in the city and each one of them has a different special throughout the week. On Mondays, the dispensary down the street from the apartment building always has 20% off everything in the store. Sometimes that store doesn’t have a lot of stock after the weekend, so it’s 20% off everything isn’t a great deal. There is another dispensary about three or four miles away from my apartment. That particular recreational marijuana shop has a sale every Wednesday. They call the sale weed Wednesday, because all of the dried marijuana flower is on sale that day. Everything in the store is 15% off, but the top shelf flower products are 20% off. A new dispensary just opened up by the airport. It’s a seven-mile drive from my house and it takes about 20 minutes because of traffic. I like the dispensary, because you get a free fifth item every time you buy four things in the store. It doesn’t matter what items you purchase. Everything is included in the sale. The dispensary budtender gives you the fifth item for free. I went to the dispensary for the first time a few weeks ago. I purchased two eighths of marijuana flower and 2 grams of concentrate. Since all of my products were $30 each, I qualified for a free $30 item from the dispensary. I got to choose any product or accessory. They even included the t-shirts and posters. I decided to get a new glass bong as my free item.


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