Cannabis helps me write

My imagination is basically my life, plus keeping my mind open for modern ideas is totally crucial to me.

I am a writer, with numerous published novels, a handful of short stories, plus an ongoing storytelling podcast I have been doing for years. I am pretty much always cranking out modern tales of fiction, sometimes horror, sometimes crime fiction, sometimes even fantasy. I honestly am open to all genres, plus just try to tell the stories that seem especially unique! Keeping your mind disciplined to enhance your imagination can use a certain amount of fuel… This is why I essentially always make sure to get enough rest, drink water, plus smoke all kinds of cannabis. Don’t even try to think that I am a single of those guys who smokes cannabis, turns on the gaming console, plus then sits on his butt for the rest of the day. I have a particular rule about smoking cannabis at my dwelling, that I never do it unless I have something to be working on. I will get stoned plus write, or get stoned plus scrub the dwelling. Unless I have something productive to do I won’t choose to smoke cannabis. This encourages me to get more accomplished, because if I want to smoke cannabis I have to be totally busy! I spend most of my time at the PC, with a packed bowl of Purple Haze next to me, easily working on stories plus projects as I smoke during this time. I can write without getting stoned, of course, however I have found that some excellent cannabis at my side increases my creativity a great deal plus helps me focus instead of becoming entirely distracted.