They won't deliver here after dark

When my girlfriend and I moved to this neighborhood, we knew it was filled with crime and trouble.

That’s why the rates are so cheap.

We wanted to move into a place together and this was one of the only affordable apartments. When the two of us moved here six months ago, we were very excited to have three different recreational cannabis services that deliver. One of those recreational cannabis services delivers for free and they have 20% off everything in the store on Saturdays. My girlfriend and I have been ordering from the service for several months, so the two of us were surprised when the budtender called us and told us that they do not deliver to our address anymore at night. My girlfriend and I were very mad, aggravated, and annoyed, but we understood why they were no longer going to deliver at night. A couple of weeks ago, there was a carjacking and robbery in the neighborhood. A cannabis delivery driver was involved and there was a fatality. Now everyone is being super cautious. I think it was a one-time incident, but the cannabis delivery service doesn’t want to put anyone in danger. they will only deliver until the sun goes down until further notice. Since it was already dark, my girlfriend and I had to drive down to the cannabis store to pick up our supplies. It wasn’t a long drive, but we were still disappointed that we couldn’t order delivery at night anymore. I knew choosing to live in this neighborhood was going to have consequences.

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